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This may be because it takes a more dramatic event to cause multiple people to trigger.[34]. We've made it really easy to choose from our huge inventory of balances and weighing scales. It was widely believed that the strongest powers resulted from athletes, great minds, and other such exemplars who broke past some fundamental limit. What comes to mind? Her shard initially limited itself to insects, crabs, arachnids, and other things with simple nervous systems with a range of blocks to start. A study by Garth and Rogers suggests that psychological stress leads to a higher prevalence of mentally driven powers. [37] To experience a second trigger, a parahuman has to experience a situation highly similar to their original trigger. This wasn’t as simple as a hard shove in the direction of a second trigger. If there are additional hosts present during the host's Trigger Event, and they are actively using their powers, then the Shard can "ping" off the others and exchange information. They will remain latent, they will wait for the first crucial moment of crisis and use that to shape their function, to better assist their host. I was pretty sure I didn’t qualify. Afterbirth+'s original trinket count was 29. For more details read the drench resistance section in the WormBoss Worm Control Program. Taylor second triggered while still in the locker in cannon. [31], Multi-triggers tend to have higher rates of PTSD, more difficulty recovering from their triggers, and lower long-term survival rates. [5][6] Not everyone who triggers is given an immediate solution to their problems, and some are killed outright as they trigger. Look at Grue - his darkness is significantly slower and has a much smaller range post second trigger. [3] The way in which people gain powers might hint at why the villains outnumber the heroes two to one, why more women than men have powers, and why third world countries have the highest densities of people with powers (if not 'capes', exactly, as most act either as warlords or mercenaries). During these events, the PRT suspected Taylor Hebert of undergoing a Trigger event, given that the circumstances matched the requirements for it to happen. Second generation capes triggered ‘easier’, but there had never been a second generation cape who’d second triggered. [27][28], No third or later generation capes are shown triggering in the story, although they do exist; Theo is a third-generation parahuman, as is an unnamed child in Toronto,[9][29] along with Fleece III. Miss Militia smothered a snicker. [8] Similar to grab-bag capes, the children of parahumans tend to manifest multiple lesser powers related to those around them. [64], Dismissing clients of Cauldron (and later, Broken Triggers), new parahumans are generally teenagers, although elderly capes exist.[65][33]. Trigger events tend to hit in the teens, so even the oldest parahuman’s liable to be only middle aged (a la Kaiser, Number Man). They must have done something, "Trigger events are a crucial element for study, because the timing, nature and spread of these emerging powers may provide a clue as to where these parahuman abilities come from. Faster & stronger, maybe something else as well. The genetics theory is popular, but has been thoroughly debunked. Here are some dumb ideas I'm just spitballing: She can use the intellect and computing power of her controlled swarm collectively, a biological supercomputer, She can devour parahumans with her swarm, adding their power to her own, Controlled insects can explode with focused energy, maybe different kinds of energy like radiation, electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, She can control all non-sentient creatures that are multicellular, Her multitasking is pushed beyond limits, she can learn, see, operate through her insects to do infinite tasks at once, She can dissolve her body into the swarm and re-emerge, She can spawn limited amounts of creatures that have their own powers, shitty copies/twists of those she has been near, Her swarm can ignore different laws of physics as they choose. Most trigger events occur within the age-range of twelve to thirty; there are some outliers, but those tend to be on the younger end of the scale. A trigger event, also known as a crisis point,[1][2][3] a point-zero or simply a trigger,[4] is the moment a parahuman gains their superhuman abilities. Location: The docks of Brockton Bay. -. I'm well equipped for it and most aren't". This is the least plausible of the three. NBC marked Thanksgiving by rolling out the first teaser for its upcoming “Dr. If Bonesaw causes her second trigger: Taylor's minimum size limit is removed, allowing her to control bacteria and other unicellular organisms as well. “Why are we going to get powers when they won’t?” another kid in our cluster asked me. [7], Although experts understood many of the nuances of trigger events, the details weren't to the general public. Maybe the ability to move her power's "center". Freezing Worm(Worm/Pokemon) Karmic Trigger Taylor: random short stories: To Slay A Different (Worm) (Harry) Reasons why am Superman: Silencio - yet another: Raven: [11][2] This was in part due to a concerted effort to spread disinformation about the process,[11] and seemed to be largely successful given the confusion among the general public. Less effective vs. non-capes. Who Will Use This Most . May 18, 2014 - i just really liked this scene. It expands slightly, veins swell. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Wildbow: So there are theories and sentiments and overall people will hear of trigger events as a concept, but it gets muddled intentionally by some outside parties, especially gov't forces who are eager to keep people from doing horrible things to themselves and each other to create triggers. They are in-character and trying to knock the other person out. Readers who are on the lookout for trigger warnings are advised to give Worm a pass.. Class ended in five minutes and all I could think was, an hour is too long for lunch.

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