which country has the longest coastline in the world

A country's coastline length depends more on the precision used in measuring than on any inherent feature of the landmass itself. Q#4 Which Country Has the Longest Coastline in the World? Its coastline covers 54,716 km making it one of the top largest countries in the coastline. Top 10 Countries With Longest Coastlines. 1 km corresponds to 0.6214 miles. China is the most populated country in the world, having a population of about 1.3 billion, but it is also one of the most developed countries in the world. The Longest Coastline in the World. Canada- 356,000 Km One of the largest country in coastline is the beautiful country of Canada the online coastline typified [&hellip Canada has many islands and is surrounded by water on most sides including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, … Even though it has one of the longest coastlines, most people in China live inland and the coastlines are not densely populated as compared to that of most countries on the list. Moreover, the country also shares the longest land border in the world with the United States of America, which extends to about 8,891 km. 12,5516 miles). Although Canada is only the second largest country by territory, it has the longest coastline in the world. Are you looking for Telenor my app quiz answers? The coastline of Canada measures approximately 151,019 miles long. 9. The country’s 125,567 miles long coastline fronts on the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. The wonderful Indonesia is a top tourist destination in the world as it has splendid and beautiful beaches. Canada has the world's longest coastline, reaching over 202,000 km (approx. Canada country is the longest coastline (152,100 miles) and the smallest coastline (3.5 miles) of Monaco . Just open your Telenor my app and then open the menu “Test your skill” here you will find these questions. Other Information : Canada's coastline is the longest in the world. ...Canada has the longest total coastline in the world. So these are the top ten countries with the largest coastlines in the world. Seas and coastlines structure a vital piece of the topography, culture, and economy of any nation. The coastlines of the military bases Akrotiri, Dhekelia and Guantanamo Bay are not listed. Newfoundland and Labrador Province have the longest coast line in Canada . This country has a population size of around 35.75 million people. Greenland, which has a total coastline length of 44,087 kilometers, is not on the list since it is not a country per say, but an autonomous division of Denmark. Source: CIA World Factbook (2020-05-03) Canada is a large country that has a long coastline. If Greenland were to … The above figures give the total length of the boundary between the land area (including islands) and the sea. 1. I have answered all questions and won the quiz. Having the North Atlantic Ocean to its east, the North Pacific Ocean to its west, and the Arctic Ocean to its north, Canada has the longest coastline in the world. It actually has the longest coastline compared to any other country in the world. Telenor Answers 25 August 2020. The Republic of Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic country in the world, ranks second in the list of 10 countries that have the longest coastline in the world, which is 54,716km. For a country, the coastline has an important function in determining the country’s sea boundary and protection of marine resources. However, the coastline is at risk, with climate change shrinking the country's coast. From different monetary exercises like the exchange, delivery, angling, and the travel industry to social and verifiable effect on the general population, the coastlines have their very own real existence. No information is available for non-listed countries.

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