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Quick question (or maybe not so quick ;)). I will be staying for 6 nights. Thank you so much for the information. Are there any passes that can cover both? The pass is available to locals and also of great value if you plan to take 3 or more rides within a 24-hour period. Update! Tokyo Subway Pass grants unlimited access to 13 different routes with over 250 metro stops covering most of the city Claim your pass at these pick up points: Narita or Haneda airports, Harajuku, Osaka, or Nagoya Just slide your ticket to the machine to enter the subway and have a smooth trip around Tokyo Answer 1 of 2: Hi, I read an article but I don't know how old it was and if it still in effects. If you’re not going to that many places, buying single journey tickets is alright too. I m in tokyo for 4 full days n i m visiting places like sibuya n shinjuku.also visiting places like the Ginza n tokyo.towers. Aweeee boo! It can be settled with a station attendant if you enter with the pass but exit with the suica. Haneda Aiport has introduced a “Welcome Tokyo Subway Ticket” which includes the Tokyo Subway 24-48-72 hour pass and the train travel from the airport into Tokyo. Once you get the ticket, insert it into the gate at the subway. The Tokyo subway (東京の地下鉄, Tōkyō no chikatetsu) is a part of the extensive rapid transit system that consists of Tokyo Metro and the Toei Subway in the Greater Tokyo area of Japan. Seems to be late for me. I.wonder whether should i get thev3 days subway pass or just the jr train pass so.that i take the train using the yamamote line. It is valid for either 24, 48 or 72 hours, which is important to note as it will expire that exact period after it has been activated. Hyperdia shows that I don’t need to change the train even the rough change from Keikyu into Toei Asakusa Line. Validity: Unlimited use for one day of both Toei and Tokyo Metro subways (but cannot be used on JR trains like the Loop Line). * For information on available ticket types, contact the relevant travel agency. Does the 72 hour pass cover the JR line? Yes. Bonus Trivia Info between Haneda and Narita Airports. Hi, Tokyo Subway Pass grants unlimited access to 13 different routes with over 250 metro stops covering most of the city Claim your pass at these pick up points: Narita or Haneda airports, Harajuku, Osaka, or Nagoya Just slide your ticket to the machine to enter the subway and have a smooth trip around Tokyo . Personal blog at The Tokyo Subway pass cannot be purchased at the automatic ticket machine because it is only intended for tourists. 2) I don’t leave the train at Oshiage when it changes into Toei Asakusa line, I stay in it till Shimbashi and I use it on the Keisei-Takasago gate This system is convenient for commuters who don’t have to purchase tickets for every trip, but has no discounts. , Hi, i am going to stay at komae station area which is the odakyu line, i’m wondering if i can use this pass taking the odakyu line? . just wondering if you could give us a quick advice. * We shall confirm with passports that the visitors are foreign tourists. You can insert your ticket up until the expiry time and exit another station after the expiry time. Thank you very much in advance. In Tokyo, passes can be purchased from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, at designated hotels, or the list of vendors below. There is a Keikyu-Kuko Line that directly connects Narita Airport to Haneda Airport. 1. Both are very accessible from Tokyo and your subway pass will cover you until the end of the Tokyo Metro / Toei Subway lines). This pass covers Tokyo’s major subway lines, runn by the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway, but not the JR train and JR Yamanote Line. As it happened ALL the places I wanted to go were easily accessible by TRAIN and not by the subway. Also, with the 72 hours, if we start on say Sept 10 at 11am, are we able to ride till Sep 13th 11am (even if we exit after that time) or do we have the exit from the station by 11am? BIC CAMERA Yurakucho Store, BICQLO BIC CAMERA Shinjuku East Store, BIC CAMERA Akasaka-mitsuke Station Store, BIC CAMERA Ikebukuro Main Store, BIC CAMERA Shibuya East Store, BIC CAMERA Shibuya Hachiko Store, BIC CAMERA Shinjuku East Store, BIC CAMERA Shinjuku West Store, Bic Drug SHIDAX Shinjuku Central road shop, The Ikebukuro east exit. When you return from Kichijoji, you will need to buy a ticket to enter the station, so buy the ticket to Nakano at the ticket vending machine, enter your current station, and don’t bother getting off the train at Nakano (just continue directly to the stop you want) and use your pass to get out of your destination metro station. Show them your pass and tell them where you got on. Yes, I do have a residence card. I’ll go to Mita Station from Haneda Airport. Ok, I will! Save the hassle of hunting for an adult pass extension in the city, or go through passport verifications at the store and be limited to purchase one train pass per tourist in Tokyo. You cannot use the Tokyo Subway Pass alone to enter the gates at Haneda Airport Station because that station is not a part of the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. Let’s say that I want to reach Shinjuku. No. 1- 2- or 3-Day Tokyo Subway Passes For Foreign Visitors The Tokyo subway lines offer limited-time passes that cover all lines, both Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Your pass is valid for 72 hours meaning that you can enter until the 72th hour, not that you have to exit. With the Tokyo subway ticket, connect to all areas in Tokyo and make quick trips to the popular attractions. ), I am sorry if I caused a confusion. Please advise us. Safety and Disaster Prevention Initiatives, Creating Subways that are Easy and Comfortable for Everyone to Use, (3) Narita Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (07:00 - 22:00), For Tokyo Metro Line Customers who transferred from Other Train Companies, Airport - Downtown Tokyo Routes and Tickets, Highway Bus and Tokyo Metro Line Ticket Sets, Chikatoku (Affiliated Discount/Benefit Service), Tokyo Subway Ticket(24-hour , 48-hour , 72-hour), Shibuya Station Shibuya Chikamichi General Information (Dougenzaka area, B1F), Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station Map, Hotel Villa Fontaine(13 hotels in Tokyo), For Customers Transferring Between Tokyo Metro and Other Railway Lines, For Customers Traveling Between the Airport and Downtown Tokyo, Cooperation and Actions for Improvement of Manners on the trains, Haneda Airport (International Terminal Visitor Information Center), Narita Airport (Keisei Bus Ticket Counter), JNTO Tourist Information Center (Japanese culture experience corner), Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku, Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center, SEIBU Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro, Tokyo City Air Terminal (1st Floor Tourist Information Center), Tourist Information Center at Ueno-okachimachi Station, Toei Transportation Information Center “Minowabashi OMOIDEKAN”, SAGAWA EXPRESS SHINJUKU SERVICE CENTER(Busta Shinjuku 3F), Tokyo Tourist Information Center — Myogadani TABIMONOGATARI 旅物語, Visitor Service Center (Narita Airport Terminal 1), BIC CAMERA Ikebukuro East Exit Camera Hall, Sofmap AKIBA 5 Second-hand Digital Store and Trade-in Center, LABI1 Nihon Souhonten(Head Office) Ikebukuro. Hello, can we still use the fare adjustment machine if we have the 72 hours pass? You can purchase the ticket to the stop where the Asakusa line begins. A handling fee of JPY 220 is charged for refunds. to travel to shinjuku and then other places. You can buy your pass(es) and keep them for later use. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. This is like a day-pass subway ticket (with 24/48/72 hour options) for Tokyo visitors. Hi Athena, you mentioned that when using the Tokyo Subway Pass, it is possible to pay a fare adjustment when riding beyond the coverage of the pass. The welcome Tokyo ticket that has a link is the one that covers the whole trip. Please contact the hotel prior to your stay for details. Thank you so much for the quick reply! Why if I want to go from 1 Chome-5-5 Asakusabashi, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 111-0053, Japan to Narita International Airport, 1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba Prefecture 282-0004, Japan? When you exit beyond the subway network, go to a station attendant, show your pass, tell them the last metro station you came from (in your case probably Nakano), and they will tell you the amount. * For the available ticket types, contact each information. Check the Tokyo metro site for child fare. – On Higashi I have a transfer and I take another Toei Metro at Bakuro-Yokoyama till I reach Shinjuku (new line/Toei). Great article and very informative!! Tokyo Metro (formerly known as Eidan) is one of Tokyo's two subway operators. The pass was useless on the train and I wasted my money. This pass covers Tokyo’s subway lines, but not the JR Trains. * Refunds are processed at the sales counter, and are only possible before the bus boards (before departure). No, you don’t. Camera building and Sofmap Akihabara Main Store, Laox Akihabara Main Store, Laox AsoBitCity Store, Laox Shinjuku Main Store, Laox WATCH, Laox Ginza Main Store and Laox EXITMELSA Store, Only select HIS Tourist information centres sell this ticket so make sure you are going to one of the branches below! Correct? For budget travelers who plan to travel Kansai area especially those three prefectures, Hankyu Tourist Pass is highly recommended. Only sold together with other travel products (transportation, accommodation, travel packages, etc.) There are several Subway Pass, but the Mertro Ticket covers Metro but not Toei, while the Toei Pass covers Toei but not Metro, thus you should avoid both of these. The pass can be purchased at the airport in advance and is activated only when you insert the ticket into the turnstyle. In Tokyo, it is entirely possible to ride a single train through tracks owned by 3 different companies at three different parts. It’s the same, except that the Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway costs ¥1000 for one day only. to Kichijoji or Mitaka for the. It’s not a flat rate as prices are calculated by distance, but you don’t have to calculate it. Cannot be refunded after use. From the Q&A I read in this post, I concluded that I can use the Tokyo Metro Pass for Tokyo Metro / Toei lines, and use the Passmo/Suica for the other company’s line. As the two companies are officially separate, walking between the two lines also takes some time. Thank you!! While the nine Tokyo Metro lines provide access to many of Tokyo's city centers and tourist attractions, they alone do not provide the perfect solution for getting around Tokyo. And I also can’t leave the station using 3-day pass, beacuse I did not enter Keisei-Takasago using it… ;D (or can I? As a tourist you can get the pass for 24-48 and 72 hours valid for all subway and metro lines except for JR line. There are various trains that can conveniently take you to and from Narita Airport into Tokyo (please Google as there are many guides), but all of those trains are not the same company as the Tokyo Metro OR the Toei Subway in Tokyo. Hi Athena, I am looking at your updated list of using the tokyo subway ticket from Haneda airport to the city. Thanks so much for this informative post. Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway are the two largest subway companies in Tokyo. When you exit, just use the pass. If the entire ride is not covered by the pass, get a Suica just for convenience…, just wanted to mention i appreciate this insight (wrt combining fares with the free use ticket). I enter the Keisei Main Line train on Keisei-Takasago station. Yes, it is! Depending on how long you want to explore Tokyo, you can avail the 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour metro subway pass. Or is it a must to go to the station attendant. Combined, they have close to 200 stations throughout the city and have access to virtually all of Tokyo’s main attractions. Normally, it would cost around 1300 yen. They become active the moment you insert them into a valid ticket gate. There is a 24, 48, and 72-hour pass, which covers the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines that cover over 200 stations throughout the city. Co-founder of Business 3.0 (, You don’t need to insert the pass into the fare adjustment machine. Coupons that the travel agency has issued can be exchanged at Tokyo Metro Station Offices and major Toei Subway Station Offices (e.g. You will not be able to enter the JR Yamanote line gates. Tokyo’s pretty ticket-mistake friendly. The pass only covers the part of the train that is part of the Toei Asakusa Line and NOT the Keikyu Haneda Airport Line (same train, so you don’t get off, but you need to pay the extra distance). It is located 60 kilometers outside of central Tokyo. You can also pay with bills and they will give you the difference. Information regarding tickets for domestic visitors residing outside of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi as well as overseas visitors. What are the differences? Covers all over Japan and how to reach major tourist attractions.Maps are in English and Japanese. Take a train from Tokyo station. It runs nine of the metropolis' thirteen subway lines, while Toei operates the other four. Only sold to people who use "EXPRESS RESERVATION" (an online seat reservation service for the Tokaido Shinkansen and Sanyo Shinkansen) or "SmartEX" (an online seat reservation service for the Tokaido Shinkansen) for Shinkansen services departing from stations between Atami and Hakata bound for Tokyo and Shinagawa Stations. Also, one IC or Non-IC Express Ticket can only be used to purchase 「Tokyo Subway Tickets」 once. No, it’s a different company. You will need to exit the subway system and buy a separate ticket to the correct train to Narita Airport. They’re slow and have little English support or navigation. But you can just show your Tokyo metro pass to the station attendant and they’ll calculate the difference you owe later upon exit. Stef. All the best! The Keikyu and Toei asakusa line are the same train so you don’t need to get out. Price Adult: 1,590 yen. Valid on the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway Lines, this is the best value travel pass for exploring the amazing city of Tokyo. I will be visiting Tokyo in September. Can be purchased by tourists at various airports, hotels and specified shops. Thanks! Tokyo 1-3 day subway pass If you’re going to be riding the subway several times within a few days, grab yourself a tourist pass for unlimited travel on all subway lines, with choices of a 24-, 48-, or 72-hour ticket. Hello again Thank you for your answer ! For example, if you are staying in Tokyo for a week, then buy two 72-hour ones and a 24-hour one if you want. Which would be better for us? Below is a picture of all the stations NOT covered by the Tokyo Metro Pass ticket (again, why it’s better to just get the Welcome Tokyo Subway Ticket above). This pass covers Tokyo’s major subway lines, runn by the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway, but not the JR train and JR Yamanote Line. Yes. Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists is a free application officially provided by Tokyo Metro to enable users to search transfer information for the Tokyo Subway network (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway). Am i correct to assume the easiest (cheapest) way for us to move around is to dayly pay the ride on the JR train to SHINJUKU and abck…and then use a 72H pass to move around the City? If this post helped you, please share with your friends as well! If you take the subway that turns into a train (i.e. I’m getting in Tokyo in two weeks, first I saw on the tokyo metro’s website that the 72 hours ticket can be purchased in some metro station (here’s the link : ), where do we have to go in the station to buy the tickets? or to odaiba which i need to transfer from the asakusa line and then to the yurikamone (according to google maps) what about the hibiya line etc.? Before buying a subway pass, be sure you can use it. Thank you very much for the super quick response. I’m not sure that they’ll sell it to you all in one go, but you can just pop into another BiC camera to get another one. 1) I buy a single ticket for Keisei that covers my trip to Oshiage Hi there, can this pass get you on the Tokyo-Monorail to get to Shimbashi Station from Haneda Airport International Terminal? We are planning to buy the 72 hours unlimited pass tickets, does it include the Narita express N’EX or do we need to buy a separate ticket for this? I am considering getting the 7 day JR pass and then using the 72 hour metro pass towards the end of my 12 day trip. You can easily tell with the logos. This last piece of info is more trivia and doesn’t work well with the Tokyo Subway Pass. The Keikyu train is part of the Tokyo Toei Subway’s Asakusa Line (red, with the letter A). Please refer to the drawings below for details of the exchange stations. It’s worth it to Google map where you want to go first to see the best routes. The Tokyo Metro 24-hour pass can be bought at automated ticketing machines at Tokyo Metro Stations and they are valid for only Tokyo Metro lines. And then enter Ginza Line gates using 3day pass again. For example, I would have to take multiple subway lines to get from Ikebukuro to Ueno using the Tokyo Metro Pass, but I could also take the Yamamote Line so, how does it figure out which line I used? * For details, please contact the individual hotels. The 24, 48, 72-hours are continuous and are counted the moment you first insert your pass. This means that you cannot use the JR Yamanote Line for Tokyo, which is run by the JR East company. There are two useful passes to consider when exploring Tokyo: Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway. WE are elderly couple and we walk alot. The Limousine and Subway Pass is a set that combines the Tokyo Subway Ticket, which grants unlimited access to all nine lines of the Tokyo Metro and all four lines of the Toei Subway, as well as one-way or round-trip Airport Limousine Bus tickets. I am beside kachidoki station and am going to the Ghibli museum and it says that one of my trains is turning into the JR line. If you are going to the city from Haneda Airport, I suggest you use the Welcome Tokyo Subway Pass instead of trying to buy an extra train ticket. There’s a specific pass for that not just the 72-hour ticket. Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket – Adult: 800 yen, Child: 400 yen. For users of smart travel cards, your Express Ticket will be issued from the Shinkansen ticket gate upon entry. While the subway system itself is largely within the city center, the lines extend far out via extensive through services onto suburban railway lines. If you have a problem, just got to a station attendant, show them your pass, and they will calculate the difference for you. Refunds are only available at the place of purchase and can only be issued in the case of unused, valid tickets with a dedicated envelope that verifies they have been sold at the place of purchase. The 2 logos i showed in the infographic are also on top of every station entrance. The train will continue into Tokyo as the Toei Asakusa Line. Can I use this in conjunction with the JR Pass? I will be in Yotsuya sanchome and will be heading to Shinjuku Station. Available to customers who have reserved/boarded a domestic Peach or Vanilla airlines flight arriving into Narita Airport and who can present a boarding pass or travel itinerary. You can choose to activate the pass whenever you like just by inserting it into the ticket gate. We are staying very close to Shinagawa (The String Intercontinental). The combined ticket just helps you access the Haneda Airport more conveniently as well. May i know whether this Metro pass can be use for Odakyu Line? Cost: 29,110 yen for adult for 7-day ordinary pas… Can I break up the days I use my pass for? The summary point is: use your pass to get into the station. I wonder do I need to pay extra as some part of the route not run by Keikyu. A big thanks if can help. I’m wondering, would it be convenient to get this Tokyo Subway Pass + a Suica/Pasmo pass (for single journeys on JR lines within and a little out of Tokyo)?

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