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Concept artist Ryan Meinerding has shared some of the work he did for movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians Of The Galaxy volume 2 etc. News. The Transformers (G1) Super-Robot Lifeform: Transformers (Takara G1) Generation 1 ReIssues; Generation 2; Beast Wars. Depending on where you consult, you'll even get a different perspective on the nature of his personality! Just putting it out there what do you guys think? 1 offer from $35.00. Sideways is frequently referred to as a Kawasaki Ninja, but the overall shape of the figure does not seem to match any one particular motorcycle perfectly. The first was a heroic Autobot in Robots in Disguise (2001). Sideways esiintyi Transformers: Robots in Disguise animesarjaan pohjautuvassa lelusarjassa vuonna 2002. Do you have a collection to sell? Se muuntautui Yamaha GTS1000A moottoripyöräksi.. Unicron-trilogia Transformers: Armada. This is a list of known Autobots from the Transformers fictional universe and toy line. Complete. Beast Wars; Beast Wars II; Beast Wars Neo; Beast Machines; Robots in Disguise (2001) Unicron Trilogy. Make a review! Prime Target (15) - Defeat G1 Optimus using G1 Megatron (MP only) Quest for Survival (25) - Win a match on ANY game mode on each new map. I just like the idea that if Sideways was in the original G1 cartoon of The Transformers, he would be some sort of Seeker, thought slightly different from Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp. Of course, he enjoys running on this. Sideways serves unicron. Sideswipe (sometimes 'Agujero' in Mexico, Lambor in Japan, Frérot Québec, Freccia (meaning "arrow") in Italy, Csatár (meaning "striker") in Hungary) is described in his tech file as a brave but often brash warrior.He is almost as skilled as his twin brother Sunstreaker in combat, but is less ruthless. → Transformers Character Names → Transformers G1 → X. 1 offer from $84.99. shipping: + $29.99 shipping . The Mole: To Unicron, betraying the Autobots and then the Decepticons in the process. It’s interesting to note that the vehicle mode was initially imagined as a Lamborghini rather than an Audi. toy page: Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Sideways. Sideways was a double agent for the all-powerful Unicron, and he double-crossed both the Autobots and the Decepticons. (Also my tfcc tarantulas is sideways for now) Edit: On one of the TFwiki pages it says that sideways is a dimension hopping servant of unicron. View all Transformers Sideways toys. Listed below is the character profile from Hasbro's Official Transformers web page. Well, she is from the TakaraTomi’ Transformers toyline and her story is outlined in the Japanese Transformers G1 continuity. SIDEWAYS, is a character of mystery! He is factory sealed to the card. Item guaranteed original and not a re-issue or knock-off unless stated in this description. Transformers Collector's Guide: Deluxe Class Sideways (Transformers, Movie - Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF), Decepticon): realtime price guide with history, pictures, and info for all parts, weapons, accessories, instructions, and specs. Transformers are living, human-like robots with the unique ability to turn into vehicles or beasts. Transformers Deluxe Sideways 3.6 out of 5 stars 19. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Complete Transformers collector resource including toys, news, reviews, events, instructions, forum, and more. TM Tarantulas had a motorbike mode So did sideways. Transformers Toys Studio Series 63 Deluxe Class Dark of The Moon Movie Topspin Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 4.5-inch 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Sideways proceeded to steal the Star Saber, the third key needed to reactivate Unicron, and the behemoth was brought to life, turning on Cybertron and cutting a swathe through the combined Autobot/Decepticon armada as Megatron (now Galvatron) and Optimus Prime confronted Sideways within his body and learned the truth - that Sideways was another of Unicron's creations. Lukis Bros Transformers Collector Site. Probably not what Sideways would look like if he was a G1 Seeker, but I'm sure it's pretty close. The alternate modes of Autobots are usually cars, trucks and various other ground-based civilian vehicles. VINTAGE TRANSFORMERS G1 FIRST AID EASTER CANDLE RARE NOVELTY EL GRECO HASBRO. 61.2k members in the transformers community. Click image to zoom to original size. $535.49. Name : Sideways Faction : Decepticon U can make him look like Armada with little bit G1 style While I adore Armada’s toys, even I can’t deny the weirdness of Sideways' aesthetic. Since He is Sunstreaker's twim brother, and they both turn into Lamborghinis, they earned the name: "The Lambo Twins" Sideswipe's TFU bio text describes features of Sunstreaker's toy, leading many to believe Sideswipe's original toy was supposed to be created from Sunstreaker's mold and vice-versa, with the colors swapped between the molds. Note: Some stories indicate that every version of Sideways are all the same dimension jumping character. No Collection is too large. Transformers ROTF Movie Deluxe Class Sideways. This is an amazing TRANSFORMERS SIDEWAYS MOVIE DELUXE CLASS FIGURE 100% COMPLETE AS SEEN IN PHOTOS SHIPPING AND PAYMENTS This item will ship from Greece. Se oli mallinnettu Road Rocketin mukaan, mutta oli väriltään keltainen. There's more! Press J to jump to the feed. We will have an offer for you today! is a media franchise produced by American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy. Transformers Generation 1 Buttons and Magnets From Ata Boy Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri The Fallen Official Details, Images & Preorders! Robots in Disguise. Features information on Transformers 5 The Last Knight, the newest Transformers Movie, Transformers Generations, Masterpiece, Optimus Prime and Megatron. Images are RealPics™ and show the actual item or items. Daily news, toy resources, galleries, Transformers wallpapers and more are available. In return, TakaraTomi holds the rights of Transformers when they were brought back to Japan. Transformers: Generation 1. TFL ID KC38 Tags: Brakedown,Transformers,Cybertron,Scout Class,s5f3,2005 Transformers (Japanese: トランスフォーマー Hepburn: Toransufōmā?) The toys of Transformers: Armada are often criticized for being too bulky and lacking detail. Figure is c9. This is the Original G1 Sideswipe. Armada / Micron Legends; Energon / Superlink; Cybertron / Galaxy Force; Masterpiece; Classics / Generations. The Transformers (G1) Super-Robot Lifeform: Transformers (Takara G1) Generation 1 ReIssues; Generation 2; ... Cosmos is a Generation 1 Minibot and as such he is not exactly big. Autobot Strike Mission Legends 4-pack (Sam's Club exclusive - Breakaway, Longarm, Sideways, Bumblebee) 94019 • Back Road Brawl (Hoist & Mixmaster ["G1" deco]) 94824: Gathering at the Nemesis (Megatron [Voyager], The Fallen & Soundwave - Toys R Us exclusive) 94683 • #Sideways# wrote:I mean, wasn't everything in this game already G1-esque? One of the more frustrating aspects of the G1 run is the fact that the best characters only appear for very short periods of time. TakaraTomi created the original Diaclone toyline that was licensed to Hasbro and became the original G1 Transformers. Paul Dobson ääninäytteli Sidewaysia Transformers: Armadassa vuosina 2002–2003. Sideswipe is the name of several characters in the Transformers universes. Are you wanting to get the most for what you found or don't want any longer? SIDEWAYS is a conscientious, ninja-like warrior who races to battle. We Buy Toy Collections! Afterburner (Transfomers G1) Groove (Transformers G1) Junkions (Transformers: The Movie) High Wire (Transformers Armada) Nightbeat (Transformers Armada) Sideways (Transformers Armada) Arcee (Transformers Energon) Ransack (Transformers Cybertron) Prowl (Transformers Animated) Arcee (Transformers Prime) Mohawk (Transformers: The Last Knight) Among the newly released art is an old concept for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Decepticon Sideways. Sideways is a name used in the Transformers franchise. Unlike his Decepticon counterpart from G1, this Thunderwing was a creation of Unicron, meant to seek out and destroy the Matrix of Leadership. Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Sideways Instructions. Mind Screw: Unicron, Sideways, Sideways' Mini-Cons. It gets funny, though, when you look at him sideways, because Cosmos has a very prominent romp, which makes him look like a tiny, green penguin. Send us a message now. The card shows light wear. I chose to start with a Honda VF500 Interceptor, as the lines looked closest to Sideways'. Transformer World 2005 is the largest fan community related to Transformers toys. $629.99. Because of trademark restrictions, toys of the character are sometimes marketed as Side Swipe. This lends to him going to the BW and becoming tarantulas. -Sideways-Storm Jet Decepticons:-Axer-Megabolt-Obsidian 2003 Decepticons:-Bludgeon-Dreadwind-Jhiaxus-Smokejumper ##Unicron Trilogy## Armada, Energon and Cybertron, three redubbed Japanese shows that were released by Hasbro over the span of some five years, was the main bulk of Transformers fiction after Robots in Disguise met the end of its run. The first time the name was used for a villain was in the Unicron Trilogy, and later in the Transformers Film Series. The stories of their lives, their hopes, their struggles, and their triumphs are chronicled in epic sagas that span an immersive and exciting universe where everything is More Than Meets the Eye. It's kind of hard to tell where they each end and the others begin, which isn't helped by the shaky dub.

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