multimac car seat review

Terms & Conditions | The aptly named Minimac (Multimac’s infant car seat) costs an additional £269 and is suitable from birth to 13kg, around 12-15 months. All four of our children seem really comfy in the seats. My only real negative for the Multimac is the lack of an extended rear facing option. The Multimac is a new product designed specifically for mums and dads with three or more children. It depends completely on which package you buy, but it will be set up for 3 or 4 children (the Minimac must be purchased seperately). Father to triplet boys John Temple recently tested the Super Club Multimac – with three seats – in our long-term Skoda Superb. Each seat berth will take children from 0 – 36kg in the adjustable 5 point harness. In hindsight we could have gone for a four seater which would make it even more versatile as you’d be able to cater for an extra adult, or leave a space between children. Super value at just 0.0 . The seat berth – Each seat will hold up to 36kg (children around 12 years) in the adjustable five-point harness. Prices vary depending on the exact model you choose but ours was £1499. I was surprised to hear that it can be removed easily and it took us only a couple of minutes to take it out when we needed to, and the same to get it back in. It really depends on the age of your children but for us, with three girls under four, the Multimac ticks so many boxes and offers longevity, given that it will be used for another eight years or so on our parenting journey. The Multimac is suitable from birth with one of the rear facing baby cradles and lasts until a child reaches 36kg (roughly 11-12 years). Hi We have just bought a multimac. I like the extra security and my five year old looks much more protected than he did in his previous car seat. Strapping the boys into the five point harness is really easy. Fully tested. Hi, please excuse me posting here about a non erf option but I'm keen to get an opinion on the Multimac - a row of 4 car seats stuck together which fit across the back seat with a baby option to approx age 3 and then ff 5 point harness. Just so you know erf would be my preference, we own 4 seats - 2 besafe, Axkids kidzofix and Cybex Sirona. For readers unfamiliar with that article, a precis is that, even with a large rear seat, 2 high backed booster seats and a baby seat … Backless car booster seats do not give children enough protection in a crash, a study has found. The five point harness can’t be tightened once it is done up which I find a bit awkward but we have got used to tightening it first if we need to now. The infant seat isn’t huge though and I will be surprised if my 9 month old still fits in there at that age. It’s making a resurgence again—for understandable reasons—so we felt we should address it. News of the Multimac has been ebbing and flowing on social media for years. The upright position of the Minimac was something I initially disliked, but I very quickly got over it as our new baby loves it. So for what it is, a tailor-made, safe, easy-to-use car seat that will fit 3 or 4 babies, toddlers or children in the car at the same time, it’s priceless and I actually think it is exceptional value (and finance plans are available). The product is seriously good looking. It is a space saving, super safe alternative to multiple car seats and allows so much flexibility. Did you know the Multimac won a MadeForMums award in our best multistage and combination seat? So, we got a Multimac Super Club with two Minimacs. Childminders as they don’t have to worry about different car seats and can fit 4 in a row. With the option to have four rear-facing children across the back row, or to swap one of the harnesses for an adult seatbelt, it is completely adaptable for individual families. When you buy a Multimac seat you can get it fitted my professional Multimac agents for £99. Both headrest types are compatible with every seat – the ‘Ylva’ is recommended for children aged up to six. Multimac have four 3-seat chairs and three 3-seat chairs in its range, allowing them to cater for most small, medium and large cars on the market.

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