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To that end I think Kat and Kyler did a great job keeping things light and fun regardless of the heavy topic. The show revolves around a teen girl named Anne Boonchuy. This episode was one of the very first episodes boarded and was significant because it was one of the first stories that just always “worked.” I remember distinctly that the very first rough board pitch was like a breath of fresh air - these characters had such successful chemistry and their conflict for the episode felt so natural. Artwork by Joe Sparrow, Erik Elizarrez, Brandon Wu, Andy Gonsalves, Daniaelle Simonson, and Carol Wyatt: It was important to us that the human world feel relatively drab compared to Amphibia. It was ambitious and a bit risky, but essential to establishing the world and characters the way he wanted. I remember having everyone listen to “Yakety Sax” while they boarded to help make sure the chase felt fun. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Song Disney Channel. But what drew me to this story was seeing Anne and Hop Pop try to relate to one another for the first time. There’s some really nice work here by Amanda Winterstein and Phillip Vose in Maddie’s bakery. Them being frogs and all. Amphilbia summary . like the nearly-naked humans on the island of suspicion. Matthew Benjamin "Matt" Braly is a Filipino-American writer, animator, storyboard artist, director, and voice actor. Props by Andy Gonsalves. The story originally had the title Passing the Ladle, and was told from Sprig’s POV. He brought a naturalistic feel to the monster that actually makes it feel scarier. Amphibia is script driven, meaning that much of a story’s DNA and structure are figured out before the storyboard launch. When we decided to use this premise much later, it was retooled in production by Gloria Shen, who added some amazing touches like Hop Pop’s monologue about “Charlie Big Bottom.”. Beguiling, hostiling, we’re all suspicious isling! “Matt had the brilliant idea to start “Anne or Beast” from Sprig’s point of view, then switch mid-episode to Anne’s. I remember thinking how cool it was that Sprig could move in that way, and also— oh yeah, he’s totally lost it. Fun fact: the garden wall from this episode is the same as the one featured in the ending credits. - the island Anne finds herself and Amphibia takes place on is shaped like a lilypad. For a long while, their story arc wasn’t working, but once I landed on the idea of them complaining in similar ways (Anne with: “where I’m from” and Hop Pop with: “back in my day”), both stuck living in the past, rather than focusing on what they have in the present, things finally clicked and fell in place.”. The forest has the perfect blend of wonderment and intimidation while the town feels simultaneously exotic and incredibly cozy. That’s all for now! Orbtus384. And the craziest part of this craziness is that 10 fake episodes of the show were designed as thumbnails. “Cane Crazy was one of the first episodes to start expanding the town of Wartwood beyond the Plantars. TVA had decided to move development to a new office space, so Matt and I were forced to share a smallish office. Me? A bread baked in the shape of a spider is muah *chef’s kiss*! Text. Once again Jenn Strickland and Steve Wolfhard outdid themselves with the boarding of this episode. Jenn has such a natural talent for coming up with hilarious expressions, amazing posing and dynamic staging while Steve is a master of charm, gentle comedy, and what I like to call “lumpy perfection.”  We are so lucky to have had them on this episode - they brought out such wonderful things in the characters. Work by Ian Worrel, Sun Jae Lee, Phillip Vose, Amanda Winterstein, and Elle Michalka. Sprig being a cold-blooded frog vs. Anne being a warm-blooded human meant the room temp would definitely be a big issue. The script of this story has always felt a little serious so I’m so grateful that Hannah and Aaron were able to add so much comedy and charm at the storyboard stage. THIS IS NOT A DRILL (via bipper-billdipper-deactivated20) Through writing this episode, and exploring his obsession with forcing Anne and Hop Pop to get along – specifically, just how far he’s willing to go, simply to avoid the discomfort of a family squabble –we finally began to see some of Sprig’s quirks rise to the surface. All posts. Soooooo… That Daycare/Combat training course dude… That’s how Sasha got Anne roped into their friendship, only in a shorter time span, isn’t it? WE HAVE BEEN WAITING 3 YEARS FOR THIS OKAY. Phillip Vose has such a dynamic process where he’ll often rough out his composition in color - and then go back and tie down the b/w bg before sitting down and painting it for real. It’s more likely than you think. in this case, Taking Charge was conceived because it made me INSANE that Anne’s phone has lasted as long as it has without running out of power. This is the first time we see Sprig’s room, and it fits him perfectly–the hammock bed, the terrariums, the hanging model dragonflies. If you look closely at the exterior, you can see that the building is in the shape of Loggle’s own head. matt braly on twitter < > Most recent. Matthew Benjakarn "Matt" Braly (born November 8, 1988) is a Thai-American animator, writer, director, producer, storyboard artist, and voice actor. We also get some nice looks at Anne’s nook here. Director Derek Kirk Kim has always been passionate about this story and added some real magic at the end with Sprig falling into Anne’s arms as he nods off. From there we reverse engineered the story into a “whodunit” where the family became addicted to binge-watching TV - a concept that should NOT exist at all in Amphibia. It’s nice to see Polly somewhat enjoying Anne’s companionship by the end, given that she wanted to kill her in just the previous episode. The following is an excerpt of two of the episode’s most memorable moments: the pizza joke and the introduction of Maddie Flour. BILL CIPHER IS GOING TO HAVE A PHYSICAL FORM. “Stakeout was difficult to write because it deals with all four main characters and, at this point in the writing, we were still trying to figure out who they all were. Most of Anne and Sprig’s quirks were directly inspired my personal experiences. The show follows two friends from different places. Here we'll be posting storyboards, character designs, backgrounds, animatics and more. (For example, Matt’s pretty ambivalent about pineapple pizza, but he wrote the bit in part because he knew my opinion on it was… less ambivalent. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. ), I love this story – the character moments, the jokes, the killer tomato plant – but this script will always be special to me because it represents when I went from thinking my creative relationship with Matt was going to work, to knowing for certain it would.”, - Story Editor & Coproducer, Jack Ferraiolo. Props by Andy Gonsalves and color styling by Daniaelle Simonson, Ian Worrel, and Carol Wyatt: The big challenge for this episode was figuring out how the world would look like during Anne and Hop Pop’s “trip.”  Elle Michalka, one of our painters, settled on something really nice: trippy but with a restrained palette. You can see Loggle starting to reach his final form in this earlier draft.”. Amphilbia is a tv show developed by Matt Braly who is also involved in Gravity Falls. BG design wise, it was fun for the team to “infest” Anne’s room with Domino 2′s cobwebs. Log in Sign up. Revisions were done by Janine Chang. Artwork by Joe Sparrow, Erik Elizarrez, Daniaelle Simonson, and Carol Wyatt: Art director Ian Worrel and his team of did an amazing job establishing the intial look and feel of Amphibia with this episode. Not to mention how they brought “web crusties” to life…gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about them! So was anybody gonna tell me Matt Braly’s mother voiced Anne’s mom, or was I just supposed to find that out on his twitter account myself? Disney Channel has ordered a third season of animated series Amphibia starring Brenda Song (Dollface) ahead of its season 2 premiere on July 11. Log in Sign up. 1 Promotional 2 Concept art 3 Screenshots 3.1 Season One 3.2 Season Two 4 Miscellaneous Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery I dig that he’s an axolotl because up until this point we’ve only seen frogs.There was also a fun bit of action here at the end that was boarded by Derek Kirk Kim and Steve Wolfhard. ;-;”. In this conversation.

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