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Existing permits 291. When to use this application. December 26, 2016 News Rebecca Carter. Basic licence information can still be obtained at no cost through the online search facility (i.e. For applicable fees and charges, please refer to page 6 of this Application Form. Application for the transfer of a relevant licence 287. CouncilApproval As the owner or trustee of the land where a leased facility is located, Council is required to consent to any liquor licence application / renewal. This includes forms for consumers, businesses, licensed industries, non-profits and more. Separate amendments to the Liquor Regulation are being progressed which would impose the following fees for the 2020-21 financial year: annual base licence fee for an artisan producer licence ($1,050); application fee for an artisan producer licence ($1,446); and application fee Search through all liquor licence applications. Application Type: Construction and Licence of New Food Business New Licence (existing food business) Mobile Food Vehicle Licence Alteration- Minor Refit of Existing Food Business Amendment of Licence Details Alteration- Major Refit of Existing Food Business . It is the responsibility of the Applicant to contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming to determine if a liquor licence is required and make application. Applicants are advised to lodge liquor licence applications at least eight weeks in advance. . Applications to transfer a liquor licence application take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to process depending on the type of liquor licence being transferred. . Liquor licence application forms are located on the Australian Business Licence and Information service (ABLIS) website at, City of Gold Coast's Environmental Health section is not involved with the administration of liquor licensing. Prior to completing this application, please read the Community Liquor Permit FAQ. Learn more about liquor and gaming licensing requirements and compliance obligations. If you need help completing this form, visit our website or contact the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing on 13 13 04. ; Read the current COVID-19 advice for liquor and gaming licensees. . The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations in Queensland (“OLGR”) has set some guidelines for the minimum requirements for liquor licence applications. How to apply for a liquor licence. . These hours must be advised at the time of application and will be endorsed on the licence. Application for a licence to manufacture excisable products – alcohol. Contact our friendly staff for immediate advice. The type of liquor or wine licence you apply for will depend on what type business or organisation you intend to operate. . 131A Decision by commissioner on application to continue trading in certain circumstances If an applicant is the occupier or is entitled to possession of the licensed premises, the commissioner may authorise the applicant to conduct business on licensed premises under authority of the licence on an interim basis. New liquor licence application; Transfers and changes (existing licences); and; Reports such as Risk Management Plans and Community Impact Statements (CIS). All businesses in Australia are required to a hold a Liquor or Wine Licence if they want to be able to serve alcoholic beverages to customers.For legal assistance setting up your business, LegalVision’s experienced liquor licence lawyers can assist. . Minister: Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Agency: Department of Justice and Attorney-General ☐ No – continue ☐Yes – You may require a liquor licence. We can manage your application for a new liquor or gaming licence, transfer of licences, variation of conditions etc. In Queensland, liquor licenses are regulated by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). Attach extra pages if needed. The venue must provide meals or prepared food … Apply for a review on a decision: Review of delegated ILGA decisions made by L&GNSW PDF, 703.06 KB. application fee go to Wagering Act 1998 Liquor Act 1992 Form 82 Gaming Machine Act 1991 Wagering Act 1998 Keno Act 1996 Lotteries Act 1997 You may apply for, or renew, one or more of the following approval or licence types using this form: • liquor approved manager (Liquor Act 1992) • gaming nominee (Gaming Machine Act 1991) No further application for the transfer of a relevant licence Division 8 - Transitional provisions for Liquor and Other Acts Amendment Act 2008 288. Council consent is also required for temporary liquor licence applications for events or other activities on Council land. This process can take from 4-6 weeks with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Regulation (OLGR) depending on the type of liquor licence being transferred. The time taken to process an application will vary depending on a range of factors including the complexity of the application and any objections which may be raised. Processing times. . Find a full list of Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading forms. These instructions will help you complete your Application for a licence to manufacture excisable products – alcohol (NAT 5906, PDF, 509KB) This link will download a file. Learn about current business restrictions, including for restaurants, cafes, pubs, registered and licensed clubs, RSL clubs and hotels. Fast Track Liquor Licence Transfers We regularly receive enquiries from both vendors and purchasers of licensed businesses anxious to finalise the sale before the licence has been transferred. The process for seeking Council approval is … ; Find out about the requirements for hospitality businesses to collect and store contact details electronically. Send us feedback or notify us of any minor changes to your licence details. The liquor licence application process Application How the community can find out about new licence applications is covered in Section 3a. While registration and licensing of food premises can be closely related to health issues associated with the service of liquor, the City's Environmental Health section cannot act or advise on liquor licensing issues. Different requirements, application process and fees apply dependant on the type of licence you are after. You should note that your liquor licnce will not be accepted unless they meet certain minimum requirements, and the OLGR may return these to you or your solicitor. For information about a temporary liquor licence for an event, a restricted liquor licence or a liquor licence on Council-owned property, please phone Council’s Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263), 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feedback and Minor Licence Changes. Visit to find contact details of your local police station. We offer professional services to ensure applicants obtain a licence in the least time, with as little stress as possible, with a minimum amount of input from the client, at a reasonable cost, bearing in mind the complexities of the process. Existing licences 290. For more information, please contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation Business Services Unit on (07) 3738 8565 or Liquor licence QLD – How to apply for a new licence Do you need assistance with your liquor licence? application for a packaged liquor licence limited to the sale of liquor by telephone, internet and other remote means; application for permanent extended trading hours for any of the relevant licences listed. TRANSFERS, ALTERATIONS & VARIATIONS OF QLD LIQUOR LICENSES. Liquor Licence - Fact Sheet Liquor Licencing To sell liquor in facilities leased ... . Liquor Licence Form 3 Liquor Act 1992 This form is effective from November 2008 APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF A LIQUOR LICENCE Instructions Please complete in BLOCK letters. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for liquor and gaming. . Perhaps that’s an indication that they support rising numbers of licensed venues around the state – aware that it encourages employment and growth within the industry. Restaurant and cafe liquor licence applications: This application is considered to be a ‘Subsidiary on-premises licence’, when selling liquor for on-premises consumption is a secondary function of the business. OTHER LINKS | Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. Trading conditions. Do not email or fax credit card details, including in PDF attachments—these will be destroyed and your form and payment will not be processed. For general information on liquor licensing, please visit the OLGR website or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68). . Contents Liquor Act 1992 Page 4 69 Authority of subsidiary off-premises licence . If you hold a community other licence, you may sell liquor for consumption on the premises to: members of the club APPLYING FOR LIQUOR LICENSES IN QUEENSLAND. We have a strong appreciation for the damage which often occurs to the business during the period between contract and settlement. The total cost of a Café or Restaurant Liquor Licence QLD application ranges from $4,300 … Read More What is the Liquor Licence Act that is valid in Queensland? Licence and permit enquiries: Gaming compliance enquiries: Liquor compliance enquiries: Over time the OLGR (Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation) have somewhat simplified the liquor licence application process, and the costs have come down. Use this application to apply for an excise licence to: manufacture beer . Community Benefit Fund We administer the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, the state’s largest one-off community grants program, distributing approximately $55M to Queensland non-profit groups. . The regulation of the liquor industry in Queensland is governed by the Liquor Act 1992 and the Liquor Regulation 2002. . Liquor licensing. . Extended hours permit that includes trading between 5a.m. QLD: CLUB LIQUOR LICENSING REQUIREMENTS ... • A liquor licence or permit states where and when alcohol can be served and consumed. If your application is refused, you can lodge a request for review with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. If you are applying to supply liquor between 12 midnight and 10 am, you are required to obtain Police endorsement prior to lodging this application. Applying for a licence Renewing or replacing a licence Licence types, classes and conditions Upgrading a licence Overseas and interstate licence Evidence of identity Licence fees Surrendering a licence … • In Queensland, the Liquor Act 1992 controls the ... when the permit application is lodged with the OLGR. . The liquor licence application process Application How the community can find out about new licence applications is covered in Section 3a. If you are intending to apply to the Queensland Government for a long term liquor licence, you must first apply to Council to investigate the proposal and provide written advice to support the application. . Fast track your liquor licence application by using Australia's leading Liquor & Gaming consultants – Commercial Licensing Specialists. When you sell your premises the liquor licence stays with the premises and needs to be transferred to the new operator. Whether you have a cafe, restaurant, bar, sporting facility, motel, caravan park, pub or tavern, we can help you with your liquor licensing needs. LIQUOR PERMIT EXEMPTION Definitions for div 8 289. Liquor may be sold for a maximum of 25 hours per week from Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 10am and 12 midnight. premises name and address; and licence … Liquor licence application forms are located on the Australian Business Licence and Information service (ABLIS) website at,

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