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Plan your weeks in Europe itinerary - Tips to make the most of your time and 4 suggestions of itineraries in Europe by train - Latin Europe itinerary, Eastern Europe itinerary, Western Europe itinerary, Central Europe itinerary If you're looking for an insight into the real, gritty Italy of the south, Naples is your place. Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Within Rome sits the Vatican – the sovereign city state packed with fascinating museums and imposing architecture. Italy by Rail – A Complete 3 Week Itinerary In Italy it is always so much to see, so little time. Vatican City. Error subscribing to the newsletter. Whether you’re an art lover, a history buff or just a curious adventurer, Florence offers a celebration for the eye, and for the palate. If you're in search of an affair of the heart, Venice is sure to reel you in with its artistic setting and labyrinth of enchanting canals. Another top attraction to include is the magnificent Milan Cathedral – swoon at the gothic architecture from the exterior and inside, marvel at intricate stained glass windows and a rich array of sculptures and paintings. By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. Step into the core of the ancient amphitheater to imagine the buzzing atmosphere of the chanting Roman crowds, as barbarous fighting between gladiators took place. It's also possible to avoid reservations all together, simply by taking regional trains. A tour to explore Italy designed for families with kids. The Colosseum was the largest ever built in the Roman Empire and is regarded as one of the greatest examples of Roman architecture. Arrive early to make the most of your day in Europe's capital of fashion and glamour. Get on board - Sign up for our newsletter! Combine a trip to this romantic city with Venice, only 50 mins away by train, or dip out of Verona and onto the shores of Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda, where crystal clear waters meet jagged mountains, less than 20 mins away. It is a country that is world-renowned for its delicious culinary offerings and incredible wine, a place where centuries of history combines with fashion, art, and modern luxuries. This 2 weeks in Italy itinerary is the perfect way to get a taste of the country’s most classic destinations, including highlights like Rome and Venice. Train travel in Italy is a convenient, inexpensive way to see much of the country, especially its major cities and towns. While Santa Maria houses one of the most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper, San Maurizio's imp… Take a memorable gondola ride along Venice's Grand Canal, set out on a shopping extravaganza in Milan, and tour Rome's magnificent monuments and museums. This Lakes of Northern Italy itinerary is … Or if that sounds too much work, here are five of Europe’s best one-week rail trip ideas to get you started. Click here or on the map to view this route in our Trip Planner. Discounts are available on train tickets when traveling in groups of 2 or more, as a family unit, or for people aged under 26. The church is known as the "Church of Gold" thanks to its dressing of opulent gilt and intricate frescoes. {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}. Introduced in 1981, France's TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) was the original European high-speed train. You may also enjoy reading our blogs on visiting the Amalfi Coast by train and Italy's most scenic train journeys. 1 week in Italy is enough time to get a great overview of this rail-friendly country. By night, get tickets for an opera or ballet at La Scala (Teatro alla Scala) for a memorable night of entertainment from the country's most renowned performers. This … Itinerary #3: Northern Lakes of Italy. In the Sistine Chapel you'll see Michelangelo's remarkable frescoes that adorn the walls and ceilings. Let us help you get more out of your trip. Milan is Italy's city of class and elegance with some of Europe's best shopping. The best way to taste the city's riches is on board the iconic gondola. How to choose? Rome is the capital of Italy and once capital of the Roman Empire. Start by visiting Santa Maria delle Grazie and San Maurizio churches. Day 8: Head to Rome; Day 9-14: Tour the most popular sights in Rome. Make sure to book your seats in advance, there are limited seats available for Eurail Pass holders. ... Take advantage of the personal attention and flexibility that a private tour affords to customize your itinerary. Get inspired - Discover Europe with Eurail. With impressive cities, endless history, fantastic cuisine and friendly locals, no time is ever enough in Italy. Italy’s capital city, Rome, lies just an hour-and-a-half train ride from Florence. Prices for point to point tickets above are averaged and may be cheaper or more expensive depending on how far in advance you book and whether there is a sale on at the time. It's only a few hours by train from France, Switzerland, or Austria, and it has three major international airports. Flying into one city and out of another will save you time rather than having to double back to your original destination to fly home. Just a short boat ride away is the stunning Capri Island, where wealthy Italians spend their summer vacations. Rome is a fantastic starting point for this trip. Your email address will not be published. Another popular attraction is il Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) – its impressive dome is the symbol of Florence. This itinerary assumes that you arrive in the morning giving you three quarters of a day to start seeing the sights. Please try again later. Rome will be the highlight of your Italy itinerary. Tips for traveling Italy by train 2. Italy itinerary … Each route is possible in a week, but if you’ve got more time then you can take it slower and spend more time in each place. The second train leaves from Napoli Centrale (underground platforms of Circumvesuviana commuter rail) to Pompei. Head to Quadrilatero d’Oro for a retail experience to die for with all the major designers concentrated together, such as Prada, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. Italy itinerary day 3 – Florence 5. Italy Itinerary. Located just off the Grand Canal is Piazza San Marco, drawing in large crowds as well as musicians and artists. Here is the perfect Italy itinerary 3 weeks, including a mix of both vibrant cities and low-key seaside towns. Visit Verona’s Castle and Roman Theatre. Subscribe to be the first to know about our latest deals and get travel inspiration. Italy by Train Italy exudes romance, from its breathtaking cities to its sun-kissed coast. To help you get started, I've listed my top picks for where to go in Italy, and my plan for your best three-week trip. The Eurail Italy Pass gives you the freedom to travel around Italy at your own pace and along the route that you choose. It makes for the perfect day trip from the hustle and bustle of Naples. Take a tour of the Vatican Museums, which were established and developed over the centuries by the reigning Popes. Italy itinerary day 5 – Pisa & Cinque Terre 7. Traveling by train in Italy is an easy way to see Italy’s sightseeing highlights. Savour the modern comforts of your Italo train, as the next couple of days will be spent walking in … The route also takes you to the dome's interior where you can get up close to Giorgio Vasari's incredible frescoes of the Last Judgment. Linking Paris with Lyon, the new service revolutionized train travel and meant that traveling by air over medium and short distances was no longer seen as the best option, even for business travel. Or, hop on board Trenitalia regional trains and visit Italy's authentic towns and villages. By Rick Steves. does not suggest renting a car in Italy to visit the major cities. From here take the 10:15 train to Paris Gare de Lyon. Climb the 463 steps up to the top for a panoramic vista across the city. If you’re arriving by plane, there’s a good chance your flight will land in Milan or … Italy itinerary day 6 – Travel/Sorrento 8. Follow this Italy itinerary by train with the Eurail Italy Pass and be in for a real treat. The original is housed in the Galleria dell'Accademia with a replica standing in Piazza della Signoria. Italy itinerary day 1 – Venice 3. So much to see, so little time. #Train | This Best of Italy by Train: A Two Week Itinerary is designed for first timers looking to make the most of their time in Italy and see the highlights. Parma was the birthplace of several notable Italian delicacies, including the city’s namesake Parma ham, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Our Italy by train itinerary begins its homeward journey this morning as you check out from your Turin hotel and then make the short trip to Turin’s other mainline station, Torino Porta Susa. Day 1 arrival in Rome. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. Reserve a seat on Italy's Frecce high-speed trains for a fast and comfortable journey between the country's major cities. Days 1 – 2: Venice. Take a memorable gondola ride along Venice's Grand Canal, set out on a shopping extravaganza in Milan, and tour Rome's magnificent monuments and museums. to Continue Reading..... Zucchini Noodle Pasta Carbonara #Carbonara | This is a lighter take on the classic pasta carbonara, made healthier with zucchini noodles… Explore Rome, Florence and Venice with Family Friendly tours but discover also the Fashion side of Italy, with shopping tours and craft workshop for all! The square's centre-piece is San Marco's Basilica – a fine example of Venetian-Byzantine architecture. Planning a trip to Italy or hoping to someday? When to go: Summer. Admire Milano Centrale station – a monument in its own right. Travel Time: Approx 1 1/2 Hours on High-Speed Train. All destinations can be conveniently arrived at by train, making it very easy to get from place to place. ITALY BY TRAIN ITINERARY. Reserve a seat on Italy's Frecce high-speed trains for a fast and comfortable journey between the country's major cities. Follow this Italy itinerary by train with the Eurail Italy Pass and be in for a real treat. You cannot change the currency once you have items in your cart! Sign up to get discounts and insider tips for your destination, including top attractions, local food and drink experiences and more – all delivered straight to your inbox. The Italy by train itinerary involves four travel days in one country, so the best option is the One Country Italy pass for 4 travel days within 1 month. {{variant.localizedTravelPackDescription}}, {{variant.localizedPassUpgradeDescription}}. Europe is opening soon - be the first to receive Eurail offers and travel inspiration. This renaissance masterpiece represents the biblical hero David, is made of marble and stands at an astounding 17 ft (5.17m). You have already subscribed to this newsletter! The Brenner Pass route that links Munich with Venice over the Alps is sometimes touted as the finest train ride in Europe, while the EuroNight overnight train between Rome and Vienna with two-bed sleepers (from €100) is a fun option if you’ve never bedded down on a train. Pick up a Eurail Pass and get ready to dine out on pizza and pasta, dip your toes in the ocean, and soak up some fascinating history with this short but sweet itinerary. Rome (Termini) to Pompeii (Villa dei Misteri) This trip actually requires two different trains- the first leg is taking a high-speed train out of Rome to Naples (Napoli Centrale station). Head to the Bay of Naples for glorious views of Mount Vesuvius – one of Italy's three active volcanoes. You should start your 2 week trip to Italy in Rome. Nov 12, 2019 - The Ulitimate italy by train itinerary with budget estimates, money saving tips and top things to do in each city, written by a European local. Milanis a logical starting point for any trip to Italy. The idea isn’t to wear yourself out trying to see everything in every destination, but to take in the highlights and get a taste for each place (and if you find somewhere you love, you can always come back for long… Take a clifftop walk to admire views across the sun-kissed Tyrrhenian Sea and be sure to enjoy a refreshing drink of fresh orange and lemon juice – made with fruit hand picked from the island's groves. The nationwide rail system was begun in the 1800s, and expanded greatly under the Fascist regime of Mussolini, who famously, "made the trains run on time." These reservations are not included in your Eurail Pass. Leonardo da Vinci's 15th- century mural, The Last Supper is housed within the church of Santa Maria della Grazie and is a must-see on a visit to Milan. … Italy itinerary day 2 – Venice 4. Walking Tour + Doges Palace: Behold the iconic landmarks that grace St. Mark’s Square as your personal guide shares colorful stories about their history and the city of Venice. As you're propelled along the Grand Canal – the most ancient water throughfare in Venice – admire views of grand Renaissance palaces and intricate arch bridges. Some of Italy’s finest train journeys cross its international borders with its neighbours to the north. Most of the high-speed trains in Italy require reservations. Pack light. Subscribe to the newsletter and have a chance of winning 2x Eurail Passes for future travels! What to do; Italy On A Budget Tips ; Resources For Italy Train Itinerary Italy itinerary day 7 – Sorrento 9. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - For the latest updates and travel information, please visit our Coronavirus Information Center. Italy Itinerary. The boat ride to Capri is not included in your Eurail pass. Just use the promo code EURAIL20 at checkout. Day 3: Head to Lake Como ; Day 4: Head to Florence; Day 5: Explore local Florence sights; Day 6-7: Take day trips in Tuscany and around. Just tell us when your trip starts. Nearby isSt Peter's Basilica – an impressive example of Renaissance architecture and the holiest Catholic site. This pass costs €153 for adults, €126 for youths (aged 12–27) or €138 for seniors (aged 60+) in second class. From Bologna, hop on a train heading southwards toward Parma: the second stop of this Italy itinerary. Italy holidays are one of my favorite things! To plan your Italy rail vacation package enter your itinerary information on the form below. Michelangelo's Statue of David is by far one of the most recognized sculptures on the planet and an absolute must-see on a trip to the renaissance city of Florence. The city is Italy's third biggest and has some of the world's best opera houses and theatres. Plus, you will have a chance of winning 2x Eurail Passes for future travel! This sprawling city is famous for its Roman ruins, incredible architecture, collection of world class artworks and home to the worlds smallest country, Vatican City. A backpack or light weight soft case is a good option as it makes getting on an off trains much easier. Italy itinerary day 4 – Tuscany 6. Log in. Arrive in Rome – Colosseum & Trevi Fountain. Check availability, prices and book this hotel, Check availability, prices, and book this hotel, enter the museum during the day on a tour,,,,,,,,, Two Week Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip Itinerary (The Coastal Route), A Tour of the Buchan Caves in Gippsland Victoria. Train travel is the way to go. For one thing, you can easily … Day 1-2 : Arrive in Milan; Day 2: Explore Milan. From essential info to insider tips, learn everything there is to know about Italy with 20% off Lonely Planet guide books for Eurail customers. (day) I often like to start exploring a city by taking in the … Start in Rome: Day 1. The way airlines work in terms of pricing these day you should not be penalised for doing this. If you have an extra few days to spend in Italy then I suggest heading south from Rome at the beginning of the trip to Napoli, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Italy By Train: Easy 21 Day Rail Itinerary For 6 Destinations ; 1 Day In Milan: Da Vinci’s Last Supper, The Duomo & The Golden Triangle ; 2 Days In Venice: A Survivor’s Guide To Canals, Islands & Crowds ; 2 Days In Rome: The Essential Itinerary For First Time Visitors ; This Is What A €5 Million Violin Looks Like

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