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Kettle Moraine South refers to a 33.6 continuous miles of trail in an area between and to the south of the cities of Madison and Milwaukee as shown on the map below. Take a break from baiting hooks and hit the trail for this 4.8-mile loop around Shabbona Lake. After crossing Bluff Road and the busy noisy Highway H, the trail gets into a deciduous forest and climbs 100 vertical ft heading north parallel to the noisy highway. The southeastern terminus of the trail is on Clover Valley Road near Rice Lake. Ice Age Trail HWY 67 Trailhead. Cross Road S and head west across prairie dotted with wild lupine and prickly pear. From Little Prairie Road, the trail goes into a forest, crossing Horseriders Campground, goes around a small pond and then continues west in the forest. Push through thick honeysuckle to the US 12 trailhead at mile 28. Enter Kettle Moraine Oak Opening State Natural Area. Lake Du Bay. Ice Age Trail HWY 67 Trailhead is located in Waukesha County of Wisconsin state.. You can get more information from their website. The trail winds west, paralleling the northern banks of Lake La Grange. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. After entering the forest, the trail goes up more than 100 ft heading west (with many twists and turns) in hilly terrain to reach the quite country road named Duffin Road. About 200 yards northwest of where the logging road ends, a beaver dam is crossed and the trail follows the shoreline of an extensive beaver pond for the next 1/2 mile. The Zillmer Trail Area is one of the more popular cross-country ski trails in southeastern Wisconsin with 18.2 kilometers of trails in a stacked loop system. This segment of the Ice Age Trail traverses 3.6 miles through the wooded land surrounding two lakes. From Duffin Road, the trail heads northwest and soon reaches a short spur trail that goes 50 vertical feet uphill to reach Shelter #3, one of three shelters on Kettle Moraine South section of Ice Age Trail (The shelters are one room cabins without a door). Overnight camping does require permits. Ice Age Trail @ 12 US Hwy 12 & Sherwood Forest Rd. The trail is administered by the National Park Service, and is constructed and maintained by private and public agencies including the Ice Age Trail Alliance, a non-profit and member-volunteer based organization with local chapters. After about a mile, the trail descends 100 ft and crosses Highway P and then Esterly Road before going into a forest of planted pine trees in parallel rows (such pine forests in Wisconsin were apparently planted in the early 1900s as part of a reforestation plan). Hike a landscape carved by glaciers more than 10,000 years ago on this 32.3-mile section hike that follows the Ice Age Trail through Kettle Moraine State Park. I could not see an elephant. This 16.3-mile shuttle hike splashes through the Jacks River region (read: 40-plus creek crossings) in the Cohutta Wilderness Area. Crest Bald Bluff, the route's highpoint (1,033 ft.), then hike north. The scenery is a pleasant variety of oak and aspen forest, pine plantations, marsh, and open fields. Ice Age Trail Hwy 67 Trailhead (6 Min) Access To The Ice Age Trail's Eagle Segment, Featuring Prairie & Woodland Scenery & Brady's Rocks. Much of the Ice Age Trail involves road walking. Website +1 920-533-8322. From there, the trail heads generally southwest to reach its southernmost spot in the city of Janesville where it turns mostly north and west to end at Interstate State Park on St. Croix River on the border with Minnesota. Along the Eagle Segment of the Ice Age Trail Ice Age National Scenic Trail - Eagle Segment Minimum elevation from sea level is 845 ft and maximum elevation is 1090 ft. One of the trails also features a scenic overlook with expansive views of the surrounding area. A short distance up the main trail, you will see another spur trail to the east to reach Pioneer Lime Kiln Ruins (I went on that trail but saw nothing. The main trail then enters a planted forest of pine trees in parallel rows. Hiking trails of different difficulty and lengths. After crossing County Road Z, the trail enters a beautiful meadow and continues west for a mile or so until it enters the forest again, crosses railroad tracks and reaches County Road S (Shelter #2 is somewhere between Roads Z and S. I did not go there). (1). Hike, ski, or bike a hidden pocket of sylvan wilderness just an hour from Manhattan. Back to a planted parallel rows pine forest, the trail crosses Pinewoods Campgrounds and ultimately reaches the edge of a corn field heading east to reach County Road C. The trail described here crosses 20 different roads/parking areas as shown on the map. The general idea behind the trail is that it travels along the extent of the southernmost glaciers of the most recent ice age. The Ice Age Trail Alliance is a nonprofit member and volunteer-based organization whose mission is to create, support and protect a thousand-mile footpath tracing Ice Age formations across Wisconsin - the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The Ice Age Trail is open to … This section of trail is 13.9 miles long. "It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. The trail heads northwest going behind Whitewater Lake Campground climbing 150 ft in the forest. Enter Kettle Moraine Oak Opening State Natural Area, and gain a moraine-top viewpoint high above Blue Spring Lake. A state park vehicle sticker is required. It goes up a slope to a high point with views north (A spur trail took me to an official View Point but vegetation obstructed all view, maybe you get views in winter). At mile 12.8, a .2-mile spur trail leads to Shelter #2; camp here for a sprawling sunset view over the prairie. Some of the best evidence of this glacier is found in Wisconsin such as the state’s many lakes, river valleys, gently rolling hills, and ridges. My hike along the Ice Age Trail (July 28, 2017 to October 7, 2017) promoted a deep and profound connection… Read More » Outside Every Day: Kids Spend their Summer on the Trail Check out the Stone Elephant, at mile 19.4. After crossing Tamarck Road, the trail reaches Little Prairie Road. Trail Overview. Continue through calf-high walking fern to WI 59 at mile 11.1. KENNEDY MEADOWS to TUOLUMNE MEADOWS: The highlight reel of this 209-mile section includes three national parks, several high passes with heavenly views, two stunning wilderness areas, and not a single road. Stevens Point Sculpture Park. Due to many small ups and downs, the roundtrip total elevation gain came out to an impressive 7050 ft per my GPS. The trail … Ice Age Trail at Roznos Meadow in Devil’s Lake State Park. The clifftop Pothole Trail in this park along the St. Croix River … The landscape challenged the Chicago and North Western Railway’s builders as they established the rail line between Madison and Milwaukee in the 1880s. Later realized that there was probably nothing left but a pile of rocks on the ground) and another spur trail to the west to reach Oleson Historic Log Cabin. Whitewater 53190 LaGrange Walworth Ice Age Trail @ 67 W364 S6915 State Hwy 67 Eagle 53118 Eagle Waukesha John Muir Trailhead N9097 Cty Rd H Whitewater 53190 LaGrange Walworth Blocher Planetarium. All Rights Reserved. View Ice Age Trail, Kettle Moraine South Image Gallery - 38 Images. N2875 State Highway 67 20 miles SE of Fond du Lac, Campbellsport, WI 53010. (38), Climber's Log Entries Below you will find a description of my roundtrip day hikes southeast to northwest. Except for some areas of highway noise and road crossings, much of the rest of the trail is far enough from civilization to give you a sense of being in the wilderness. Ice Age -About 31 miles of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail travels the length of the forest. A spur trail takes you to Brady’s Rocks named after an Irish Immigrant who settled there in the 1850s. The trail follows County Road Z 1000 ft north, turns west to follow Antique Lane, then crosses to the north side of the busy/noisy Route 59 going on a dirt road 2000 ft north to reach a trailhead. Mammoths, saber tooth cats and cave lions roamed the earth! This four-foot-high by seven-foot-long gray sculpture resembles the arched back of a large pachyderm buried to the nape of its neck. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Ice Age Trail HWY 67 Trailhead quickly are 42.91896,-88.473341 © 2006-2020 From Piper Road, the trail continues north in the forest going up 150 vertical feet then descending to cross County Road ZZ. The adjacent trail segments at Scuppernong and Stony Ridge include backpacking shelters and additional water stations. Anyone 16 years and older cross country skiing will require a state trail pass as well. The subsequent melting created the depression. Comments: 0 Parking Stalls: 20 Handicap Accessible: 0 Updated: 2013/10/14 Coordinates: 42.909461661785031,-88.473961463837625 You're guaranteed to catch lake views, dense woodland silence, and wetland vistas. Hikers may also access the Ice Age National Scenic Trail from this trailhead. Out and back, the route offers rolling terrain and a few navigable hills to spice things up. -GPS data provided by Ice Age Trail Alliance. Greenbush-On Kettle Moraine Drive, 2.5 miles north of State Highway 67, the Greenbush Trail is a combination of four loop trails totaling 9 miles. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. An owl hooted as I hurried down the trail trying to warm myself against the cold. Turn left onto Hi Lo Road, then take Kettle Moraine Drive to Whitewater Lake State Recreation Area and a trailhead parking lot. The trail swings south and climbs gradually toward Brady's Rock. Travel across lush forest, grassy meadows, and exposed alpine slopes to the rocky crown of Grays Peak on this 67-mile section of the Continental Divide Trail. The rail-trail in fact runs concurrently with the Ice Age Trail, a 1,200-mile hiking path across Wisconsin, for about 2 miles near Wales. The terrain consists of long flats, numerous rollers, and a couple of large hills. Beyond the view point, the trail continue west in a dense deciduous forest going up and down getting away from the noise of Highway H. A spur trail take you a rock named Stone Elephant. Schmeeckle Reserve. The Ice Age Trail is a National Scenic Trail that extends 1,200 miles across Wisconsin. You’ll hike through an ancient (dry) lakebed featuring the feathery purple blooms of blazing star in July. This scenic 4.2-mile hike in the Blue Hills Reservation loops under pines and passes by a rare Atlantic white cedar bog, home to 17 endangered species. SentryWorld Golf Course. Hikers seeking a scenic trip will enjoy this route on the Ice Age Trail. The Eagle segment of the Ice Age trail is in the southern unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest and features and expansive prairie, a scenic vista, and an exposed portion of the NIagara Escarpment-usually hidden underground. Interstate State Park, St. Croix Falls. I did the trail as 6 different roundtrip day hikes with a few side branches bringing the roundtrip hike to 68.5 miles as noted on the map below. Standing Rocks County Park. The Ice Age trail is a National Scenic Trail that follows the terminal moraine left by the last glaciation over 1,200 miles through Wisconsin. The Ice Age Trail is one of only 8 National Scenic Trails in the US and covers about 1200 miles in total. I began this trail on at the northern trail head on County Highway P in Glenbeulah and hiked it south to the southern trail head at Highway 67 outside of Parnell. The trail is continuous and the sections mentioned below are arbitrary. Arts & Culture. A trailhead with a big parking lot can be found on the north side of Rote 12. Green Circle Trail. Plenty of parking and beautiful views. Notice the height of the dams on this beaver-made flowage. In 1.4 miles, reach the top of grassy 1,032-foot Bald Bluff. The route generally follows the edges of the last continental glacier in North America, a time known as the Wisconsin glaciation. ", Images From the parking lot on the north side of Route 12, the trail follows a path close to the western and then the northern shoreline of Lake La Grange before heading south to enter a forest (a shortcut on the east side of the lake can bring you to the same spot as shown on the map). Another short spur trail goes down to reach a stream near Route 67. As of this writing, more than 600 discontinuous miles of the trail exists while the rest is yet to be established. The nearly 1,200 mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail, … According to Native American legend, the granite formation was used as an altar where the Prairie Potawatomi sacrificed their vanquished foes. The trail extends from Mauthe Lake Recreation Area to state highway 67, where the Greenbush Segment starts. Option: Detour up Mt. The Ice Age Trail is a National Scenic Trail stretching 1,200 miles (1,900 km) in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. More information: For more on the Parnell segment of the Ice Age Trail, see or stop in at the Henry S. Reuss Ice Age Visitor Center on Highway 67 … Neither do day hikes. There are only a couple of road crossings if … North of County Road ZZ, the trail enters a pine forest and goes west for a short time, then turns north onto a very hilly terrain with many ups and downs through a deciduous forest. Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum. There are four named loop trails and all are groomed for both classic and skate. A more scenic option is to start at Rice Lake itself and follow a short spur trail to reach Ice Age Trail as shown on the map above. Wisconsin's 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail is a prime spot for hiking in any season, but even more so in the fall when the leaves begin to change. Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail is said to be 1200 miles long. About 11 miles of the Ice Age Trail travels through Devil’s Lake State Park. Backpackers love this trail and the trails south of it including the Parnell and Milwaukee River segments. The 1200-mile Ice Age Trail was so named because it follows the path where the last continental glacier stood before it melted and receded, leaving behind many glacial artifacts such as potholes and moraines, as well as water features such as kettle ponds and ice-walled lake plains. You'll cross the mountain biking trails a few times, and some other trails from the State Park, but the Ice Age Trail is really easy to follow. At mile 19.4, a side path leads to the Stone Elephant, a ridgebacked glacial erratic. The trail supposedly follows a path marking the southern edge of the last continental glacier that covered Wisconsin 12000 years ago. Ample blazes lead the way, and the trail is well maintained, which makes it easy to follow. This challenging 10.4-miler climbs past lowland scrubs, a wildfire zone, and several campsites to a tall pine forest in Los Padres National Forest. Located in one of the more wild state parks, the area is largely untouched and doesn’t have facilities. Continuing north, the trail crosses Route 67 where a spur trail goes up 100 vertical feet to Reach Shelter #1. © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The trail then enters a deciduous forest on hilly terrain continuing northwest to reach the busy and loud Route 12. The long… You will then reach Piper Road where highway noise has mostly faded away. Climb an ancient ridge for views of a dramatic unglaciated Wisconsin landscape. The trail will unfortunately be plagued by the noise of the nearby Highway 67 for the next 2 miles. As a matter of fact, the Ice Age Trail is the only maintained path, which bisects the 3000-acre property. The Ice Age Trail is a thousand mile footpath tracing ice age formations throughout Wisconsin, and traverses terrain that is located within the Town of Middleton. The trail then descends, crosses Young Road and then climbs 150 vertical feet to reach a view point. Iverson Park. After the turn-off for Shelter #1 at mile 4.8, head south for .3 mile and cross WI 67. The eastern terminus of the trail is in Potawatomi State Park on Lake Michigan’s Green Bay. The 1,100-mile Ice Age Trail delivers big-wilderness solitude and prairie vistas dotted with whimsically shaped glacial erractics—rocks with no geologic business being where they are—and this 32.3-mile point-to-point is the trail’s best weekend slice. Each hill climb and twist of the trail reveals more beautiful scenery. ... of the IAT. Pfiffner Pioneer Park. The section hike ends at Whitewater Lake Ranger Station. Some hands on activities and movies about the ice age and ice age trail. See the link to official website above for all rules and regulations. There is a indoor shelter that can be rented. On the final day, clamber ahead 3.2 miles west to La Grange Lake., Helpful staff, small gift shop. The scenic Scuppernong Trail System is located in the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest and offers trails suitable for cross-country skiing (classic only) and hiking. In southeastern Wisconsin, the … Parking at official parking areas will require self pay or a Wisconsin DNR Trail Pass. The Parnell segment of the Ice Age Trail does not disappoint. Access to the Ice Age Hiking Trail is also available from the Scuppernong Trail System.. Terrain / Scenery: Heavily wooded mix of mostly gentle grades and rolling hills with a few steep sections. At mile 6.8, a .25-mile side trail leads to Brady’s Rock, a crumbled outcropping of pale Niagara dolomite. Follow the Ice Age Trail over expansive spring fed prairies and past exposed Niagara Escarpment from STH-67 to STH-59. Parking on the sides of quiet country roads does not require a fee. From County Highway C trailhead, hike south through intermittent grassland, forest, and pine-tree farms to Road ZZ at mile 3.2. The trails have a nice rolling characteristic through hardwood forest and pine plantations. There is also a water pump at the highway 67 trailhead. After parking in the Ice Age Trail trailhead parking area on State Highway 67 just north of Eagle, Wisconsin, I headed up the Eagle Segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT). The trail then enters a forest and reaches a trailhead/parking lot off of Route 67. Whitney, the tallest peak in the Lower 48. Ice Age Trail The trail then enters a forest and reaches a trailhead/parking lot off of Route 67. You will then get onto a beautiful meadow with tall grass heading north and west away from the noise of the highways, crossing County Road N and Wilton Road. Next day, head into forested hills while pileated woodpeckers jackhammer away overhead. The 1,100-mile Ice Age Trail delivers big-wilderness solitude and prairie vistas dotted with whimsically shaped glacial erractics—rocks with no geologic business being where they are—and this 32.3-mile point-to-point is the trail’s best weekend slice. The Ice Age Trail then branches off the Moon Ridge Trail and heads northwest, on an old logging road, for about 1/2 mile. Wisconsin River. Turn left onto Kettle Moraine Drive and walk 0.25 mile to the ranger station. Atop a moraine, overlook indented kettles that formed when ice blocks calved off glaciers and were buried and insulated by glacial gravel. It is predominantly an off-road hiking trail, similar to the Appalachian Trail. Hike a landscape carved by glaciers more than 10,000 years ago. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is one of America’s eleven National Scenic Trails. Continue south, then ascend a steep side trail 400 yards into dense trees to reach Shelter #3, where you’ll spend the second night.

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