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Sprich mit Professor Chiron um deine Funde abzugeben. This information will lead him (and you) to a new, mysterious GED resistance fighter in an area called Epona, in the southern part of the Harvest Counties. 1 Opis 1.1 Kryteria odblokowania 2 Pre-release 3 Frakcja 4 Lokalizacje 4.1 Zachodnia Epona 4.2 Wschodnia Epona 5 Ciekawostki: Panuje w tym miejscu wieczne lato. Why are there no more quests for me to do? HELP! So I’m 3/4 through level 16 and have been questing my rump off. Any tips are Buying 4 new horses and tack! Th Um nach Epona zu kommen, musst du folgendes erledigt haben: - Du musst mindestens Level 16 sein (Zugang nach Epona bekommt man mittlerweile erst mit Lv 17!) Hi everyone, My daughter was on a hill in South Hoof Peninsula and she fell of into Epona. Still no quest lines to get to epona! Hey StarFam! X: 72 Y: 339 – na rurze, za Frederik’iem 2. New name options are added from time to time. In South New Jorvik County it's important to have a good reputation. It’s very (purposely) misleading – in Star Stable Horses, kids can change horse names for free at any time; but when they try the same thing in SSO, it costs a lot of coins or real money. Have the reputation level Friendly with the GED Jarlaheim Office and have given Ms. Drake’s report about GED’s future plans to Herman. Hey I just have a question about the Epona quest. Here you’ll find the latest news, tips and offers from the game. a calm sweet horse, balanced diet pfft, becoming more like a horse, can horses jump, chips diet = best diet, disbanding epona kai, epona kai, fried porridge = luxury, i want to feel the wind, ivan drake, laughing at the sad, , me and 3.2 A.A.E. - … Hallo! Du musst Helga und ihrer Familie mit ihrem Sommerhaus helfen. Most players start getting these quests around level 16. ---Archaeology in Epona - All of the maps and info for treasure hunt quests with Hawaii Jones in Epona. How do I change my home stable? - Du musst die Quests der Touristen-Familie fertig haben, so Epona is one of the best-known Celtic goddesses. Während wir uns darum kümmern, kannst du dir in aller Ruhe unsere neuesten Pferde The Road to Epona Herman has long been a key player in the battle against GED, and now he's got some information that can help him take his fight to the next level. On the 18th of November 2015, Epona, also known as EP, was released. Pojawił się w grze w aktualizacji 18 listopada 2015 roku. How do you get a pet on Star Stable? With all-new modeling and animations, the new Friesian horse is super adorable! 's Archaeological Department 3.3 Crescent Moon Village 3.4 Dundull 3.5 Epona 3.6 Firgrove 3.7 Fort Pinta 3.8 Fort Pinta Beach Association 3.9 G.E.D. Players can gain reputation with Crescent Moon Village by participating in daily races, quests and main quests with the inhabitants in this area. Use the CTRL + F function (or Command + F, if on Mac) on your browser to search for a specific quest, then click on X: 49 Y: 333 3. As with all the other new areas, there are a few prerequisites to be able to begin the quests to opening Epona in southern Harvest Counties. [DEUTSCH/GERMAN] [SSO] inkl. Star Stable Horses Królestwo w Chmurach Stare | Nowe Star Stable Online Nowe tekstury Srebrnej Polany Nowi Jeźdźcy Dusz Kolekcja Pająki ~ Zachodnia Epona 1. I've been notching an interesting sort of divide every time SSO makes a post about an upcoming horse. New Marwari horses in the colors black, dark bay tobiano, and cremello have arrived at Goldenleaf Stables, and they’ll be yours for 950 Star Coins each! Jetzt dauert es nur noch eine Woche bis zum großartigen Silverglade-Update, und wir arbeiten hart an den letzten Einzelheiten. Und du musst beim GED-Büro in Jarlaheim das Rufniveau „Freundlich“ haben sowie Herman den Bericht von Frau Drake über die Zukunftspläne der GED gegeben haben. Currently there are about 250 options in the first scroll bar and about 220 options in the second scroll bar. Gameplay A detailed guide about how to get started and progress on the beautiful island of Jorvik! Since New Hillcrest was built, there have been changes in how powerful such an old aristocratic family can be, which everyone thinks is for the better. The player will gain reputation points by doing quests, daily quests and competing in races. Star Stable【SSO】- Special All SSO horses complete since release #1 Willkommen zu meinem neuen Projekt. --- Gondola Building / Video Game Quests - All of the quests with Ms Morse, and the Crew Lead, building the gondola, and Zombie Horse Pole Bending Apocalypse The choice of this name is no coincidence since the Celtic goddess is closely related to horses. In New Hillcrest you can find a super fluffy black silver Icelandic horse with sparkling blue eyes, in Crescent Moon Village you’ll find a spotted Friesian Sport Horse and in Firgrove you’ll find a chestnut Morgan. Epona is a locked area for her so when she goes back to the hill where she fell off she gets the messa Three new horses! This page is a list of all the quests in the game, as well as the post in the blog that it is covered in. To enter Epona, you need to be a Star Rider and: Have helped Helga and her family with their summer cottage. Na tym terenietransportery dla konisą niebieskie. First Scroll Bar A Ace Air Amethyst Angel … Horse Names Read More » []SSO[] - Duration: 20:30. Pamela Moonriver Professor Hayden How do I sell Hello :) I got question for people that were able to unlock EPONA. Sobald wir im Dinotal das erste Skelett gefunden haben, können wir auch in Epona Archäologische Funde machen. How do I take care of my horse? Crescent Moon Village is a village in Epona. Der Weg nach Epona - Quest Herman war schon lange eine der Schlüsselfiguren im Kampf gegen die GED und jetzt hat er einige Informationen erhalten, die ihm helfen werden, diesen Kampf auf das nächste Level zu bringen. 1 Function 2 Reputation Levels 3 Factions 3.1 A.A.E. The area space even bigger sized than the excitement! There are six different types of shops; gear shop, clothing shop, pet shop, horse decoration shop, salon, and the freebie shop found in Moorland Stables available for Lifetime Star Riders only. Im also friendly with GED in Jarlheim. I have done quests for Nic and Professor Einstein in DV. I’m stuck. Außerdem sind ähnlich wie im Dinotal oft mehrere Fundorte im selben Teilgebiet. Eastern Epona is the large area near South Hoof Peninsula, encompassing New Hillscrest and part of the Mirror Marshes. This part of Epona has long been owned and run by the Winterwell family. --- Andy's Geocaching - Maps and descriptions of Firgrove geochaching quests. Today three new horses have arrived to Jorvik! It seems like a bait-and-switch, all the I’m a level 17 rider and I completed all of the exploration quests in Dino Valley and I have a friendly reputation with the GED Jarleheim office after completion quests for that. Horse Names In Star Stable horse names consists of two words which you can choose from two scrollbars. As with all the other new areas, there are a few prerequisites to be able to begin the quests to opening Epona in southern Harvest Counties. Shops can be found anywhere on every village in Jorvik, there will be at least one shop selling food for your horses, clothing or equipment. Don’t miss out on anything from us at Star Stable. Fabulous Friesians! Happy 2021 and happy extra-long DOUBLE STAR COINS WEEKEND! Epona (Południowe Urodzajne Hrabstwa) – obszar w zachodniej części Jorvik w Star Stable Online. Im almost level 18 . Brooklyn Lionvalley 157,560 views 20:30 SSO GLITCH TO EPONA(DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!) I’m trying to unlock it to continue with the soul rider storyline (I need to get to New Hillcrest). Wie auch im Dinotal brauchen wir die alte Betty und Platz im Rucksack. - Go to any locked area in sso! One half loves getting new horses and defends SSO consistently, the other half rather wants new features in the game and seem to be slowly getting more impatient. Wie kann ich Epona freischalten? Die Zeitspanne ist nicht direkt festgelegt kommt auf die Größe des Updates an, das SSO Team sagt zwischen 1 und 4 Stunden. Nowadays, young people associate this name to the video game “Legend of Zelda”, since it is the name of Link’s horse, who is the main character. The SSO design team have been hard at work remodelling and updating Jorvik's Friesian horse, and today's the day you can take one home! The excitement was huge! What level do you unlock Epona in SSO? I've heard that to get to Epona you need to be at least level 16, have helped Nic Stoneground in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur, be friendly with GED Jarlaheim, and have helped Helga with her summerhouse I have done all but the last of those, but the quest will not come up for me. Star Stable Besucher "Star Stable Hilfeseite für Groß und Klein" wurde am 21.04.2013 erstmals erstellt und feiert dieses Jahr ihren 6. Let's Play Star Stable Online mit zaaap! These beautiful horses come with two mane styles unique to the breed and can perform a graceful bow if … This area requires the highest reputation in order to enter.

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