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Are Covid-19 vaccines safe? Virtual, hybrid or in-person? Older students would have a hybrid format blending in-person and remote learning. The district plans to open that to older grades this month. Before the pandemic, Horry County depended on Florida’s virtual classes to offer select courses to high school students that the district doesn’t offer. State education officials, meanwhile, have been pressing local leaders across Massachusetts to physically reopen classrooms even in areas where cases of coronavirus are spiking. Where: Freehold Borough, Monmouth County, N.J., a Pre-K-8 district. The Mehlville School District spent an estimated $3 million over the better part of a decade to provide all K-12 students with their own Chromebooks. North Paulding reported two dozen confirmed infections during August’s first week of classes. Those who qualify are struggling academically or are special education students who need “intense support.”. Big districts with deep pockets point to regular Covid-19 testing for teachers and students as the only option. Even so, there was little disruption to learning because students could shift to virtual lessons they were already used to. By Associated Press , … “I’m not going to say it was seamless, but … we seemed to make the move a little bit better than others,” he said. "For the most part, our community trusts the leaders in Jefferson City Schools to make decisions that are in the best interest of our students and staff," McMullan said. Bush was instrumental in growing FLVS from a pilot program in two counties to an organization with a massive reach. “Because I had to delay for the air filtration, I think I ended up better,” Tomazic said, noting that other districts in New Jersey that rushed to open have been forced to close repeatedly because of outbreaks or staff members quarantining. “You’ve got to figure out a way to stay open once you open, not flip flop back and forth.”, Where: The Mehlville School District, St. Louis, Number of students: About 10,000, pre-K-12. The district says schools notify public health authorities when confirmed cases arise in buildings, then attempt to identify close contacts of the infected. The early childhood center closed Nov. 18-Dec. 7 because one-third of the staff is quarantined. In early November, Otott and North Paulding Principal Gabe Carmona announced plans to stick with a hybrid schedule and delay the campus’ planned expansion of in-person instruction until after Thanksgiving break — citing a “concerning number of new Covid-19 cases” in the high school’s community. Or what has worked at least sometimes. “It is a really adaptive challenge,” Marten said. We conducted the survey as school districts either announced or are preparing reopening plans for the 2020-2021 academic year. (CNN)Amber and Zack Davies know too well how easily children can get coronavirus. The Lowndes County School Board of Education voted 5-1 Monday on its 2020-2021 reopening plan, which will include options for virtual learning and in-person instruction this fall. About 5% of students have chosen virtual learning, the superintendent said. What has emerged is a patchwork of strategies that reveals lessons about what works — and what doesn’t. Where: Florida Virtual School, based in Orlando, serves as Florida’s central K-12 online campus. Some public health experts and parents criticized the school district for waiting until October to begin considering reopening classrooms when coronavirus cases were relatively low in August and September and as the city eased restrictions. Began reopening on Aug. 3. Reviewing Georgia’s DOE School Reopening Guidelines by Buzz Brockway | Jun 9, 2020 The Georgia Department of Education (DOE) last week released guidance for local Boards of Education to consider as they develop plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Officials also shut in-person instruction at one the district’s elementary schools for at least part of this week, after administrators said Covid-19 cases discovered during Thanksgiving break put “a large number” of students and staff into quarantine. Reopened schools in Georgia’s Paulding and Cherokee counties drew negative attention this week after viral photographs appeared to show students packing hallways with little regard for social distancing or mask-wearing. Other districts are giving families — and teachers — a choice in the matter, leaving it up to individuals if they want to reenter classrooms. The district has since pivoted its remote offering to include families who may simply be afraid of coronavirus exposure — regardless of underlying health conditions. “Our idea was that we knew that there were going to be ups and downs in terms of case numbers, so we wanted to pick a model that would allow us to have the fewest number of times that we had to alter our structure for kids,” he said. “Absent a national or state response, we had to come up with one on our own and I do believe what we've developed with UCSD is a replicable and scalable model,” she said. But Zack Davies is worried about the students who are going back to classrooms. On Friday, Jefferson City Schools -- about an hour northeast of Atlanta -- will be the first district in Georgia to " reopen schools for face-to-face instruction." And it's scary.". Water fountains were replaced with water-bottle filling stations. (WTXL) — School districts across the Big Bend and South Georgia have announced tentative dates for when schools will reopen for the 2020-2021 school … Link Copied. Georgia's governor says he thinks the reopening of schools has gone “real well" — except for the widely shared photos of students crowded together without masks on. Phil Murphy ordered schools shuttered as cases began to soar in the New York-New Jersey region. Its curriculum is used in 48 states. Date closed for in-person classes, date reopened: Closed for in-person March 13. Coming off of little national guidance other than President Donald Trump’s imperative to open schools, the pressure is on President-elect Joe Biden to deliver his campaign promise of more emergency funding for schools and “clear, consistent, effective” national guidelines. He credits the time he spent waiting for the filtration upgrades and his commitment to having kids remain in online classes for a full six-hour-plus school day for his success. “But they were glad to have the option.”. But that wasn’t enough to prevent a shutdown from a second outbreak as Covid-19 cases surge across the country. He’ll test 20 percent of in-school students weekly and close buildings on a school-by-school basis. The reopening plans in Georgia come within the context of the Trump administration loudly pushing for the reopening of industries, businesses and schools in … they open school buildings and deliver instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. Date closed for in-person classes, date reopened: Closed March 17. Roughly 17 percent of students are enrolled in an all-virtual option, he said, though he expected many to transition back into in-person instruction. Where: Brewer Schools, Brewer, Penobscot County, Maine. So the school district assumed some “nimbleness,” Robinson said. San Diego Unified, one of the largest school districts in the country, has developed its own coronavirus testing plan for students and staff — the only solution to a stable path forward, said Superintendent Cindy Marten. "Although there are some parents who are concerned, there are many who are excited about their students returning to school," Superintendent Donna McMullan said. Frustrated parents worried about the quality of distance learning have criticized the limited access to instruction and slow pace of reopening, but Marten pointed to districts across the country that have had to close because of outbreaks, saying that could be more disruptive than it’s worth. Lacking digital platforms to serve droves of students flocking to online courses, schools in states including Alaska and South Carolina turned to Florida Virtual School and its ready-made K-12 curriculum. "I'm a nurse, and I work with the elderly," she said. But by mid-September, district Superintendent Brian Otott, who declined a request for an interview, told parents that “hundreds of close contacts” were quarantined after the district’s larger schools logged higher numbers of Covid-19 cases. Gov. Where: Shenendehowa Central School District, Clifton Park, N.Y. A photo of a Georgia school’s reopening has gone viral for its lack of social distancing and COVID-19 safety precautions. "And looking around at the data in the area, with the infection rates what they are right now, there's no way we can see that they can keep not only the kids safe, but all the staff, the adults (safe). An image snapped by a Georgia student on the first day of the new school year Monday showed a packed hallway with very few masks in sight. Ninety percent of Brewer’s students chose to come to school for the part-time in-person lessons. Viral photos of packed hallways made North Paulding High School and its northwestern Georgia school system the topic of a national conversation over the summer. The groups initially were created based on alphabetical order but also took households into consideration to make sure that parents were able to arrange child care plans. A second grade student listens to a lesson at Wesley Elementary School in Middletown, Conn. | Photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action. Until then, here’s what schools can learn from districts that have forged ahead on their own. "It's scary, because the camp, they've done all the precautions that they can," he said. Horry County, S.C., where some 45,000 students enroll in schools in towns including Myrtle Beach, has used FLVS for about a decade to supplement course offerings. San Diego Unified has a gradual approach to reopening, allowing elementary students identified as having the greatest needs to get appointment-based in-person instruction. August 6th, 2020 at 4:45 PM School reopenings during the novel coronavirus pandemic continue to be a problem, and reports from Georgia’s first week of school … "We'd love our kids to get back to normal, but right now is not a normal time," Fuller said. Superintendent Rocco Tomazic said the bipolar ionizers alone cost the district $206,000, paid for with the second round of federal coronavirus aid money and $130,000 from the district’s capital reserve account. As of mid-November, almost 1,600 students had been quarantined and of that group four tested positive while 37 total students from the district have tested positive. One thing that’s clear is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to educating kids in-person during a pandemic. “When there are a total of three positive cases within 14 days of one another the Maine Center for Disease Control (MCDC) can identify it as an outbreak and decide to close a school in order to exercise appropriate caution and stop further spread of the virus,” Palmer told parents in a note. “And we were saying, ‘We're looking at that, but we don't want to fully reopen and then have cases go up and have to fully shut down.’”. The four schools in the district… In-person for K-6th grade; hybrid grades 7-12; all-remote learning option for students who meet certain criteria. The students were already familiar with the devices and software programs. “Increasing in-person instruction at this time would not be prudent,” they wrote to families. There’s no blueprint for how or whether to open schools during a pandemic, leaving districts across the country to draw up their own. The district encourages students and staff to wear masks but says face coverings are a “personal choice” and not required. While many of the nation’s largest school systems have opted in recent weeks to start the academic year online, other districts have forged ahead with reopening. Twenty percent of the students in the district use some form of special education services, 18 percent are English-language learners, and 77 percent are free and reduced lunch recipients. The district started to bring back students in phases, with special education classes returning first and the rest of the district scheduled to be back at 50 percent capacity as of Dec. 14. “Therefore, we’re not going to be wedded to 1.0, because there might be a 4.0 version of it that’s going to be the one that’s going to be seamless,” he said. One group attends classes in-person only on Mondays and Thursdays, and the other attends on Tuesdays and Fridays. “Whoever thought I could give a sales pitch on bipolar ionization?” Tomazic said. Across the US, countless parents are riddled with anxiety -- for different reasons. Last month, Kemp and Woods formed six working groups of educators, public health officials and state agency representatives to lead the school reopening effort. 08/10/2020 03:53 PM EDT . Since reopening the first week of September, the small Maine district used a mix of in-person and online classes. Only a small percentage of the workforce that quarantined has tested positive.

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