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In stock on December 25, 2020. x 13 in. If you start a fire when the damper is closed, you’ll realize the mistake quickly when the room fills up with smoke. Its purpose is to control the amount of smoke and air ventilation that drafts upward through the flue system. Energy-Saving Damper, Vestal Cast Iron Fireplace Damper Plate - For 24 Inch Dampers, Copperfield Cast Iron Stove Damper - 5-Inch Diameter, Copperfield Cast Iron Stove Damper - 6-Inch Diameter, Copperfield Cast Iron Stove Damper - 8-Inch Diameter, Mason Lite 42 Inch Cast Iron Damper - For 49 Inch Fireboxes, Stone Age Manufacturing Indoor Throat Damper for 48" Masonry Fireplaces, Vogelzang Norseman Furnace Damper with Anti-Backdraft Technology - AD-8, Lock-Top 8 in. The flames may die down, but watch to make sure that the fire is not getting too smoky. Just make sure the old pieces of the throat damper don't interfere with the operation of the new damper. Your fireplace damper serves one main purpose: When your fire isn’t burning, it’s meant to prevent cold air from … $9.50 $ 9. You want to leave it open long enough for the initial startup smoke to escape, but not so long that you sacrifice heating ability. At least once every burning season, inspect the damper to make sure all the parts are in good working order. $14.95 $ 14. Why? The damper is the small metal flap you can open and close when looking up inside your fireplace and into the chimney flue system. Replacing a fireplace damper by yourself is possible, and you can save yourself some serious money by foregoing professional consultat… Steps. Energy-Saving Chimney Damper, Minuteman DMP-04 Wrought Iron Damper Pull - Graphite, Minuteman X307240 4" Chimney Damper - Cast Iron, Minuteman X307250 5" Chimney Damper - Cast Iron, Minuteman X307260 6" Chimney Damper - Cast Iron, Minuteman X307271 7" Chimney Damper - Cast Iron, Lyemance 8 in. Energy-Saving Damper, Chim-A-Lator 13 in. If you don’t feel any air coming down the chimney or if you’ve opened the damper but your fireplace is still smoking, you should contact a chimney specialist. A more effective damper option for masonry chimneys is the top mount damper. After you’ve opened the damper, you should feel air coming down the chimney. Energy-Saving Chimney Damper, Lyemance 13 in. As the name implies, rotary damper work on a rotating system, with long, screw-like rods that move the damper. Cumberland & nearby stores. They are not completely airtight but do offer good protection against drafts. The handle slides along with a separate piece with grooves cut in it, allowing you to lock the damper in different positions. Hire a professional to install a damper if you don’t have one. Shop from the world's largest … Rarely found anymore as a hook pull, more often seen as the chain pull. One side reads OPEN and the other side CLOSED. You should turn the knob clockwise, as far as it can go, or push the rod all the way up to open the damper. Any suggestions? $42.22 $ 42. Pivot dampers are similar to a poker damper, but the handle is jointed. Warranties are often time-sensitive, so the sooner you report any issues, the better! We apologize for the inconvenience. Shop now or call 800.919.1904! (No one enjoys paying to heat the outdoors.) x 17 in. Wrought Iron Damper Pull - This decorative damper is a must for all fireplace owners. Often, a damper becomes difficult to operate or sticks in one position. Construction of the Lintel, Throat and Damper. It is hand forged from wrought - NorthlineExpress. When the damper is closed, it helps to keep heated air from going up the chimney. I assume we'd need something a bit longer on both measures, right? Another type of pivot damper is a round damper plate that is attached to a control rod with handle and designed to be mounted within a stove pipe just above a wood burning stove. In stock on January 14, 2021. Is that a requirement or a recommendation? Metal Fireplace Damper Pull with Solid Brass Handle. Wood burning fireplaces that have been converted to gas do not require as much damper maneuvering to control the intensity of the fire. 4.6 out of 5 stars 189. Do you have such a device? Do you see a knob near the fireplace or a metal rod inside the firebox? Quick view Add to Cart. x 17 in. See more ideas about fireplace damper, fireplace, chimney design. The chain or cable is routed down the flue and secured to a bracket inside the fireplace opening. We apologize for the inconvenience. Deluxe Damper Cap, Lyemance 8 in. These dampers are opened and closed by a ratcheting push or lift rod, or a screw-type rotary control. Fireplace Damper Pull with Antique Metal Tassel. Plus, thanks to … In prefab fireplaces, the damper is slightly different from ones in masonry fireplaces. This is a movable plate that sits above the fireplace before the flue. $12.50 $ 12. Replacement Damper Plate for 36'' Vestal Dampers. We have a missing damper plate in our fireplace. Solid brass handle with iron hook; measures 10-1/2” long. We want to help you get a handle on your damper, one of the most misunderstood features of your fireplace, but so vital. Can I use a 7 inch one or do I need to keep looking for 5-inch? FindingtheFloor. How difficult is it to remove the old and install the new? Replacement Damper Plate for 42'' Vestal. Country of Origin: India; Package Length: 16.25" L; Package Width: 4.5" W; Package … I read that a lock top damper should not be used in gas log fireplaces. Opening a fireplace damper depends on the model of the fireplace, but generally there is a lever that slides back and forth to open and close it. Throat dampers sit lower in the flue, just above the firebox. 4.5 out of 5 stars 40. Always monitor the fire closely and ensure the fire is still able to vent and get oxygen. If you pull the lever toward you, generally that will open most of the dampers. x 13 in. This contoured handle pushes on the damper flap and the steps let you prop it up at different heights. This is one way you can control the amount of airflow and adjust the burn rate of the fire. To open or close the damper, lift the handle and push or pull to move the damper to the desired position. Do you sell a conversion kit for a wood stove into a normal fireplace damper? $14.98 #5. 95. More Buying Choices $21.99 (2 new offers) … Skip to the beginning of the images … These can be removed and replaced as needed. $11.55 $ 11. In stock on December 25, 2020. Sort by: Top Sellers. Minuteman International Wrought Iron Damper Pull, Graphite 4.5 out of 5 stars 40. Magnetic flue … With most old wood stoves, a connector and/or adaptor such as you describe needs to be custom-made, usually fabricated locally. Some damper plates are welded in position and cannot be replaced. A lever that’s pushed to the left will close the damper whereas a lever pushed to the right will open it. Outside 17" x 8 5/8" $24.27 $16.99. Over time, the plate on masonry fireplace dampers can warp, which increases the amount of air that escapes when the damper is closed. All vented log sets come with a damper clamp to make sure that any operational damper is left open at all times. Instead, the damper is used mainly to control the stability of the flames, direct flue gases up the chimney, and maximize heat output. Some dampers allow partial closing of the flue after initial volatiles in the wood are burned off. Energy-Saving Chimney Damper, Copperfield Cast Iron Stove Damper - 7-Inch Diameter, Minuteman X307230 3" Chimney Damper - Cast Iron, Minuteman DGC-02 47 x 34 Draft Guard Fireplace Cover - Black, Chim-A-Lator 12 in. x 17 in. What top chimney dampers will work with the following flue measurement: If there is a metal chain in or besides your fireplace, it means that your chimney has a top-mounted damper. If you have a top-mount damper, pull down on the chain to see if you can close the damper. The gap between the round plate and the flue pipe is small, so there is less air lost to the chimney than a masonry throat damper. Have you ever watched someone fumbling with a damper on a smoky fire? Metal Fireplace Damper Pull with Solid Brass Handle . Here's a guide to the different kinds of chimney dampers and how to operate the different styles. May 25, 2019 - Explore Julia Tabb's board "Fireplace damper" on Pinterest. Opening and closing your damper is easy with this Pilgrim Black Ball Fireplace Damper Pull. 50. 4.8 out of 5 stars 234. This style consists of a cast-iron frame or throat mortared above the top of the firebox inside the smoke chamber with a cast-iron plate that pivots open or shut. When you aren’t using your fireplace, it should be closed to prevent heated and cooled air in your home from escaping. It also allows fresh air to come in to feed the fire. Dampers shall be installed in the fireplace or the chimney venting the fireplace, and shall be operable from the room containing the fireplace. 4.5 out of 5 stars 85. Once the kindling fire is burning and the first fuel logs are burning well, the damper can be slowly closed to regulate the fire and gain a longer burn. If you want to adjust the damper, start with the damper fully open and light your fire. If you pull the lever toward you, generally that will open most of the dampers. $23.09 #3. You should turn the knob clockwise, as far as it can go, or push the rod all the way up to open the damper. These refer to the different types of controls by which the damper is opened and closed. The design offers a far better seal, so you won't be losing warm air up the chimney. Wrought Iron Fireplace Damper Pull. More Buying Choices $12.49 (4 new offers) Uniflame, C-9158, Solid Brass Open & Close Damper Pull. x 16 in. The damper is a steel or cast-iron door that opens and closes the throat of the firebox into the flue. Some damper models have only two positions: fully open or fully closed. Some areas restrict replacement or retrofit dampers depending on the type of fuel used. If you’re having a problem with your fireplace damper, give us a call! If you are installing vented gas logs in a masonry or prefabricated wood burning fireplace, you should remove or affix the damper open and not use any top-sealing damper system of any kind. In others, you need to push or pull to open the flue while in others it is by turning a knob in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction. There are three main types of dampers: Fireplace dampers are a type of damper usually located at the base of the chimney and around its throat just above the firebox; Flue dampers, which you can find at the base of a flue; Chimney cap dampers, which are … Looking for a damper plate for a 24in x4in 1922 Majestic Damper. Because a properly functioning open chimney has an updraft — the negative pressure that pulls smoke up and out — it can also pull out heated and air-conditioned air unless you have a damper. This is a movable plate that sits above the fireplace before the flue. In Stock at Store Today. If you don’t feel any cold air coming down the chimney, it means that the damper is closed. One is the furance exhaust and the other is the furnance intake. Add to Cart. Special offers and product promotions The actual opening measures 28 and 13/16" x 5 3/4". To open the damper, lift up on the handle to free it from the retaining bracket and push upward. $23.09 #3. 12" in length, 4.5" wide, weight is about 1.5 lbs This damper hook pull is about 35 years old, in good condition. The throat dampers sit near the base of the chimney close to the top of the fireplace. Unfortunately, we do not offer any replacement damper plates outside of the Vestal products we offer. You'll also want to look for how it is operated and what mechanism (handle, rotary wheel, pull-chain) is used to open and close it. Energy-Saving Chimney Damper; Lyemance 13 Inch x 13 Inch Damper Cap; Minuteman DGC-01 40 x 32 Draft Guard Fireplace Cover - Black; Minuteman X307281 8" Chimney Damper - Cast Iron Prefabricated fireplaces rarely need replacement dampers, but there are solutions if necessary. Throat Damper Handles are used to replace old traditional style fireplace throat damper handles. The ability to shut the damper and seal off the fireplace is much more energy-efficient. Although heat rises, cold air sinks in the direction of the gravity pull. Check the package when it arrives to make sure nothing is missing or damaged. However, these traditional cast iron dampers do not make for great sealers. Deluxe Damper Cap, Copperfield Automatic Barometric Damper With Black Tee - 8-Inch Diameter, Lock-Top 17 in. A closed damper also stops cold drafts from coming down the chimney. … If your chimney has a traditional damper, all you need to do is shine a flashlight up the chimney. Because prefab chimneys require a specific chimney cap, these dampers have a "drop-in" style that mounts inside the top of the chimney. (It may be best to remove the plate if you install a new top mount damper.). 3 Reviews Add Your Review. • Poker dampers. Occasionally however an item will be in my booth space and take a few additional days for me to ship. Shop our wide selection of sophisticated fireplace tools, fireplace tool sets & fireplace accessories. Cast Iron Fireplace Damper Pull OPEN CLOSED Combined shipping can save shipping costs, in most cases, when more than one item is purchased.

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