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They communicate well and thoroughly address all of our review changes. The client is a global industrial powerhouse employing over 22000 employees in 150 countries. We appreciate their willingness to work late at night. We began working with them in October 2019 and we launched the solution in April 2020. The client is one of the leading fast food chains in Australia. We’ve spent around $300,000 on their work. Based out of the United States, the client is a leading software provider for the worldwide cruise and travel industry. Innovative application of technology makes their hydroponic farm production process efficient. Experion Technologies created wireframes and designs in the development of an MVP for a digital health care company. Experion Technologies also made the portal profile-based, so different users see a different interface when they log in. Experion Technologies has been ranked as one among the Top Retail Mobile App developers in 2018. To develop the portal, we leveraged them for user experience, web development, QA and software testing, and more. The client was pursuing an aggressive development plan expanding into new territories-especially the emerging markets. Experion Technologies' guidance has been crucial throughout this project. The application has track and trace capabiliteis that helps stakeholders in the supply chain know the exact location of the consignment and get timely updates on shipments, delivery timelines among other details. A crypto asset management platform built over BitShares blockchain. They want to make the app better. “They captured our vision with their passion and spirit for our goals.”. I don’t have metrics to speak to the quality of their work yet. It has a PostgreSQL database and leverages Tableau for analytics. The weather dictates a lot of what we do, but Experion Technologies is very flexible to work with. We started working together in August 2019 and the work is ongoing. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to make our partnership work. The application is a role based Document Management System for prescription policies & procedures. They use Basecamp to organize sprints and communicate. Every week I send them something that needs revising. Conducted a detailed study of the proposed architecture and the product/ solution road map in collaboration with the client’s IT, team, Recommended a set of tools/ frameworks to be integrated into the DevOps environment to be followed by all participating organizations. So we were looking to engage another partner. The project involved the development of native iOS and Android applications along with a web-based application for users to request laundry service in their area. The blockchain network was deployed as a separate system and connected using APIs for better scalability and run as a standalone system with full node crypto wallets. Despite this, Experion Technologies has remained flexible. We partnered in June 2018, and the work is ongoing. We provide products and services to sand casting and dye casting foundries. In those cases, we’d have to push back delivery dates for our customers, which was frustrating. Read more I found them through Clutch. The only challenge we’ve had with them is in QA and software testing. Their processes made it very easy to continue forward without delays. Their project management skills are exceptional; they created a project roadmap and their documentation is fantastic. Experion Technologies is working at a fast pace. Their communication skills are very strong. I wasn’t satisfied with the first version. It would’ve been more productive if they had stopped us and weighed the pros and cons. Developed an easy to use iPad application for a leading Pharmaceuticals brand. They were brought on to develop wireframes and designs that would help us visualize our goals. Clutch is one of the most trusted B2B research companies globally. Developed a field sensor data analytics dashboard , which helps in preventive maintenance & real time management of industrial equipments. Using Drupal, Experion Technologies developed a custom digital member-based platform that allows users to share mental health knowledge. Developed for a leading leisure gaming facility provider, this mobile based solution provides an easy and convenient option for end customers to access their game and membership related information. That was a great bang for our buck. Previously it was all done on a Google Doc that everyone could see and edit, so there were a lot of mistakes. A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Our work together began in June 2018. client over the phone. We had a hardware footprint problem. They hadn’t absorbed the complexity of the API. We did an online search and reached out to people to create a shortlist of five companies, including Experion Technologies. March 11, 2020.   |   We mainly use Basecamp and Asana. Fieldmax features management dashboards and advanced analytics to improve sales productivity, reduce supply chain costs and provide real time visibility for Finance, Marketing, Operations and Sales.The solution developed by Experion has been implemented for over 120 clients across 9 countries worldwide since 2009. For context, that includes 160,000 companies worldwide. We needed help building a system to share knowledge between the members of the organization. Experion Technologies is our sole development team responsible for both resolving bugs and managing ongoing development for our Azure .NET web app. We provide support for financial advisors in the U.S. We worked with a developer, and they were fine for some of the things we were working on, but we decided we wanted to get with a larger company that had more resources given the complexity of the software. Due to the business intelligence tools they had incorporated in the product, we’re able to look into our sales and make some decision-making processes much easier. Users would be able to order food online from associated restaurants and it would delivered to them. Now we’re in full control with our sales process. They might be able to have a little more creativity in their graphic design, such as when they’re doing UIs. Experion Technologies offers high levels of expertise for an incredibly competitive price. Our work together began in February 2020, and it’s ongoing. We looked at other companies for the same sort of software but we liked that Experion Technologies had very good business intelligence tools incorporated into this project. Experion Technologies among Top 1% custom software companies in the world. Despite the time difference, the team is communicative and accessible, and they leverage their expertise to provide valuable guidance. The client, is the largest producer of sweet bell peppers in North America. Overall, that wasn’t the norm. The solution also does all of our job costing for our landscape and lawn care projects. They produce more results, work harder, and have more expertise than our previous partner. Experion Technologies developed a payroll management solution that allows the internal team to document their work hours. The application has the ability to display search results on Google Maps and is integrated with 3rd party clinical healthcare systems for scheduling appointments. They have customization for each and every industry sector. Today it has a turnover of $100 million with the distribution rights of some of the most popular brands in the world. They rolled out multiple updates to our product once complete. It also creates models to help them slot their clients in the right mix of holdings, tickers, and risk tolerances, to help them reach their financial goals, like retirement savings. We are a collaboration of experts and leaders in the field of mental health, particularly digital mental health. They eventually did it, but it was done much later than we would’ve liked it. It has significantly reduced our workflow and even our human resources have been reduced. Washington, DC 20036. I manage marketing and communications in the Americas and our enterprise mobile applications. They only do the software side. Additionally, we’ve had quarterly in-person meetings where we reflect on the previous quarter, where we can improve, and what we can do better. Our engagement is ongoing. That service augmented anything we could have accomplished on Skype. We were able to finish it on time. They built exactly what we gave them, but with their expertise and knowledge of Tableau, we thought they would make it better. They have multiple outlets with a large delivery team. The computer guided solutions offered by the client provide video based interactive programs that allow users to interact with a virtual therapist. Clutch Top Mobile App Developer 2016 The platform comprises of web applications for managing user wallets, user accounts and all other required operations along with an admin panel for performing various tasks and generating reports. Experion reengineered the client’s existing software platform, which had limited documentation. They developed a retail product for us. With about 1500 employees, the company services over 48 million passengers every year. Experion Technologies named a ‘Top Development Partner’ by Clutch! We use a combination of different dev tools to track user stories and project progress. No, not that I can think of. Now all things are automated. The application enables the property managers to advertise the rental property and handle tenant inquiries. I went there in February, and I think it was extremely valuable to meet them in person and see their operations. We found Experion Technologies on Clutch. We had begun a software build on a claims management system with another firm and quickly realized that they weren’t able to complete it. Experion Technologies aided us in that process as well, pointing us in the direction of what would help them the most. FieldMax is an enterprise mobile solution that enables retail sales & distribution management for the Consumer Goods industry. The customer can register and rent a car using their mobile application. This is a web and mobile (iOS & Android) based application for end users to avail shared cab services. They have helped thousands of retail customers maximize revenue and reduce cost with their state-of-the-art Business intelligence (BI), Loyalty, Direct marketing, Security, Mobility, E-commerce and Point of sale (POS) solutions. Most of these solutions interface with our Microsoft Dynamics-based CRM system. The team works late nights to address all problems and deliver quality solutions. As you increase the scope, the number of resources on their end will also increase. We are rolling out project management tools on a weekly basis. Use them for their discovery process and MVP services. The system generates various reports to track production and allows easy comparison of data from previous years. "The team has accomplished  what other developers thought would be difficult.". Option for end users to search availability of van pool based on a given location, date & time, Provision to propose a new pool or express interest to join an existing pool, Passengers can  to subscribe an existing pool and make payments using the application, Provision to generate pool history report of the passenger. The application is HL7 compliant. Specifically, we provide binder resins, coatings, additives, release agents, feeding systems, and auxiliares as well as simulation software and technical services. I found them on Clutch. This mobile based solution is developed for patients who underwent critical care at  major US hospitals . The mobile app is used by security personnel to screen guests, by scanning magnetic strip or barcode in membership cards/ federal ID cards. There’s a slight language barrier due to the different English dialects, but we always find a way to communicate well. They are extremely good at communicating. They were recommended by a colleague, and we were aware of the work they had done in Australia. As we realized that we weren’t accomplishing our goals with our initial vendor, we started to do a deep dive into further documentation. When we began the project, my company lacked detailed requirements and were not as prescriptive as we should have been. This is a messaging platform developed for a healthcare technology company. With its expansive feature set FieldMax® was the only product which was able to align itself to the clients established internal processes seamlessly. Widgets for slow-moving items, mystery shopper inputs, competitor price information. As long as our specs were clearly documented, there weren’t issues. They work on various small projects, such as fine-tuning the app to make it more effective at using Azure resources. “They are more than willing to go the extra mile to make our partnership work.”. The client is a provider of healthcare industry’s most comprehensive suite of personal behavioral health & wellness services in the US. I broadened my scope because no one had landscaping listed, so I looked a those that served construction clients. Based out of Washington, D.C., Clutch is a global B2B ratings and reviews platform that identifies outstanding technology firms to help businesses make smarter buying decisions. 802, 8th Floor, Lulu Cyber Tower 1, Infopark SEZ, B-5, First Floor, Gayathri, , Technopark Campus, 513, 5th floor, Tower 2, Pearls Omaxe building. They hit all the various due dates for the sprints and milestones. Configured and set up the DevOps environment and the related tools, Provided documentation related to DevOps setup and training & assisted the client’s IT team. The Microsoft version is still in development with weekly rollouts. Experion Technologies missed the mark on the first version but ultimately delivered an appealing second version that was met with a positive response from key stakeholders and board members. For the past 30 years the client has offered technology solutions to healthcare providers, consumers and communities which enabled them to support their clinical, business and operational needs. Experion Technologies developed a custom digital platform in Drupal. The system provides insight for production planning, genetic performance, fish species performance, operation efficiency and environmental factors that affects fish production system. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; We went through several trials before we came up with the final decision to go with them. Below is an edited They could work on estimating timelines with greater accuracy. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} They provided us with wireframes for various user personas that would be engaging with our platform. We plan to go through phases two and three of the project, and there’ no question that we’ll do it with Experion Technologies. Inc 5000 has featured Experion Technologies in the Inc 5000 rankings, not once, not twice but thrice in a row, making Experion one of the fastest-growing companies in the US from 2018 through 2020. Although the portal is up and running, we are still working with Experion Technologies on enhancements. Easy consolidation of data from multiple sales regions, Standardization of reports for effective analysis of sales performance, Improved visibility and control over sales operations across regions, Better consolidation of data across multiple applications/ platforms. I’ve been impressed by their experience and intellect for how to architect and achieve something. 456 were here. Experion Technologies provides high-quality work. Every morning, we had a quick phone call to go over what needed to be done. Their project managers communicate effectively and properly set and maintain expectations. Developed a mobile optimized web application aimed at providing an online platform for location based listing for local utilities businesses. The solution that Experion Technologies developed has streamlined business processes, allowing the in-house team to better keep track of payroll information. Products and custom applications developed by Experion have served over 200 customers across 26 countries worldwide. The solution provides assistance during their post hospitalization and rehabilitation period. The platform supports real time matching of candidates with job requirements. Three of them came here and stayed for almost one month for the initial discussions and framing of the project. They’re very consistent, detailed, and accurate. They started with a discovery phase and worked in sprints to deliver the solution. Experion developed a cross platform mobile application for the client which helped manage its home delivery process. So far, the results are similar to what we would get if we used Excel. We primarily communicate through email and Zoom. It provides features such as easy check-in and real time communication capabilities to connect with friends, businesses, local deals, events and promotions. The solution connects patients and physicians through web/mobile channels, by allowing for  easy communication via video, audio and chat options. This is an iPad based application used by federal authorities to capture incident reports from the field. Experion was also … The application also provides gamification elements to motivate users. We’re a digital health company that provides maps that allow caregivers to establish daily routines and improve quality of life. We felt like they were an extended part of our team. Allows buying and selling of property through the platform. In May 2019 we had one month of learning and then we went live starting in June 2019. The client was incorporated in 1977 with an established aim to revolutionize and rejuvenate the food industry of the Kingdom of Bahrain. With over 300 customers across 32 countries, Experion uses the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud, and Digital technologies to unlock the potential of businesses across verticals. In the maintenance stage that we are in now, we have a ticketing system in their portal and we can do all sorts of activities. They’re an excellent company. I’m the manager of a food product trading company. The solution is built around the fitness tracking capabilities of mobile phones and a unique wearable device being developed by the client. Do your due diligence, but I highly recommend them. We talk once or twice per week, depending on need and complexity. Dallas – Here at Experion Technologies, we know it can be difficult for a new business to juggle efficient product development by keeping your operations as smooth as possible. We’ve spent about $150,000 so far, and that will reach $500,000 before this MVP product is done. We started our collaboration in January 2019, and our engagement is ongoing. There were also a couple of applications within our industry that we felt could be made better and more efficient by leveraging technology. I have one main point of contact. We’re getting five times the expertise and resources and only spending about a quarter or less of our original dev firm. The solution leverages IoT, cloud and blockchain technologies to monitor, control and connect all aspects of modern day farming and supply chain. The iPhone application gives enterprise users instant access to all their invoices while on the go. Experion Technologies is developing custom property leasing and management software for a residential real estate brokerage. These teams needed to be more mobile. Since they wanted to appease us, they went along with it. The distributed ledger records all transactions from farm to store, thereby establishing high level of security and trust in farm operations. There was a language barrier in the beginning, but communication is more effective now. Those were prioritized in two-week sprints. The project involved the development of a web and mobile application that offers van-pooling services to the public. Experion was also named within the top 3 software developers in Texas. We have no issues. Experion has been listed among the Top Software Developers by Clutch for 2018 and 2019. The project comprises 15 sprints. The teams interact via Basecamp. The system successfully streamlines the sales process and reduces the amount of time spent on each task. The new cloud based application is HIPAA compliant and has a redesigned graphical interface for enhanced end user experience. We needed a company to develop custom software for us to automate our processes. Since we defined exactly what we wanted our MVP to be, the team has been able to hit their targets and sprint times. Project management is spot-on. Clutch included Experion among the top 1% of the Global 1000 B2B service providers on their platform. They could improve their graphic design and depiction of data sets graphically. The application was developed using React Native and accessible on multiple mobile operating systems.

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