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great review Kevin! My bag used to be handsome, “fit” and trim; now its zippers are failing, it’s more gray than black, and it’s “flabby” after years of being stuffed with my stuff. Free U.S. ship on orders over $59. This could replace my signature scent, Terre d'hermes original. Legend has it that perfumer Edmond Roudnitska aimed to capture the scent of an Hermès handbag, its insides, with Eau d'Hermès. The leathery-pheromonical opaque combination is the slightly dirty chord whereof many talk about its sensuousness. I am a big fan of the Hermès label. : I should have included a photo of my bag in the post…but time ‘got away’ from me. I have a lot of fragrances by Roudnitska that I love. Thank you for another great review Kevin – I’ve been interested in this fragrance for awhile, but have never had a chance to sniff it. See 164 member reviews and photos. Eau Fraîche followed in 1955; and Diorissimo a year later in 1956, significant as a synthetic reconstruction of the scent of lily-of-the-valley, whose extract cannot be obtained naturally. Thanks for a great review. Parfum Spray 2.5 Oz / 75 Ml (187417) at Amazon.com. (Warning it still needs lots of fertilizer and time…or simply for me to decide to write more than one review) Amarie Now looking … $123.00 - $170.00. Thank God it hasn’t been scrapped! HERMÈS Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vétiver Eau de Parfum. HERMÈS Terre d’Hermès After-Shave Balm. As far as MKK goes, I find it neither sophisticated nor challenging, at least on me. An obscure potpourry of flowers, patterns of smoke (smoky leather) and tasty spices enriches the final wake that is a breeze of glorious past ages, exotic olfactory refinement, luxury in items and art in perfumery. Though it’s old, my bag smells pretty good. Related Fragrance: Dunhill Icon 7. Eau D'hermes Cologne by Hermes, Eau D'Hermes is a unisex leather fragrance with leather, aromatic, warm spicy, woody, and fresh spicy main accords. One of the greatest olfactive achievements in perfume history, Eau d'Hermes, Eau Sauvage, Kouros, etc.. A few years into the hobby I realize my favourite genre is "sweaty, pissy, furry, dirty". Write a Review Read Reviews. I loved it enough to buy a backup bottle and that’s sayin’ somethin’. Lots of Eau d'Hermès wearers (and haters) note the presence of dusty cumin in the perfume; I agree there’s a cumin-like aroma percolating, but this “dirty” note reminds me more of pungent, arse-kicking cedar-civet than pure cumin. Each accord was subtly there, yet combined into one unified, bronzey-brown color. ... 12 reviews. Although he had also made perfumes for Bvlgari and … More reviews, photos and discussions for Hermès. Eau d'Hermes has been described as sexy, skanky, dirty, reminiscent of body odor, even a sweaty man's crotch— and it is all of these things, especially on paper or clothing. For you. It is remarkable - airports, restaurants out shopping - "you smell good" is a very nice way to start a conversation. I LOVE Eau d’Hermes. How would you rate this product? If you would like to read my own review of Eau d’Hermes along with my experience with Hermes fragrances since my early childhood, I do have a very teeny weeny start up blog, I’d be happy to send you the link to it by email. And, yes, please send me the link. I love Terre d'Hermes and wanted to investigate the classics of this house, so I procured a decant of this from Perfumed Court. I've tried to like this one for years and years... but I just can't get over the sharp cumin note. One drop at a time, I kid you not. Top notes are Aldehydes, Hiacynth, Galbanum and Bergamot; middle notes are Bulgarian Rose, Ylang-Ylang, iris and Egyptian Jasmine; base notes are Myrrh, Incense, Sandalwood, Spices, Amber, Cedar, Vanilla and Vetiver. Very interesting and full of depth. 50 Masculine Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Try, Hermes L’Ombre des Merveilles ~ new fragrance, Hermes Twilly d’Hermes Eau Poivree ~ new fragrance, Régime des Fleurs Chloë Sevigny Little Flower, 100 fragrances every perfumista should try, And 25 more fragrances every perfumista should smell, 50 masculine fragrances every perfumista should try, 26 vintage fragrances every perfumista should try, 25 rose fragrances every perfumista should try, How to make fragrance last through the day, Fragrance concentrations: sorting it all out, On reformulations, or why your favorite perfume doesn’t smell like it used to. According to Hermes, this is original cologne is available everywhere, but I've only ever seen it inside Hermes boutiques, even in Paris. FragranceNet.com offers Jour d'Hermes eau de parfum in various sizes at discount prices. Eau d’Hermes begins with crisp clean citrus notes. One wants a distillation of FLOWERS. Does it have a successor? From this vantage point you receive the first window view of resins and spice. An outstanding creation. Hermes Eau d'Hermes: fragrance review The official site introduces Eau d'Hermès as "For me. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Terre D'Hermes by Hermes Eau De Toilette For Women 100ml at Amazon.com. Challenging, yes! Right now, I’m retiring my own “handbag” — a big black leather thing that I’ve had for at least fifteen years. I love this scent, thanks for the great review! Aaaaaaand now I get why people are saying sweaty sex – holy heck, it’s gotten rather smutty here all of a sudden! The rest of the fragrance is lovely with nice structure and a classic feel. SO: if you could shove your face inside my bag you’d smell: spices and flowers, citrus, candy, leather, and hints of scent from cosmetics I use – like my honey lip balm and lavender-tea tree-eucalyptus hand sanitizer. The odor does smell like sex: not naughty, but divinely erotic. It is also a recognizable change from the original as Mme Nagel chooses to amplify some different qualities. Mainly I get insipid musk and a nanosecond of a well used saddle from someone who has little acquaintance with soap (my favorite part actually) but it is so fleeting as to be almost nonexistent. His and hers" and if an androgynous sensibility is already simpatico to you, the special Eau has the potential to surprise in other ways. WHAT I SMELL: Terre d’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche opens with a very refreshing citrus and juicy grapefruit which sits atop the unmistakenly Terre d’Hermes cedar like wood. The story behind. Lots of places that sell “narcissus absolute” say it’s distilled from the “bulbs” or “leaves”…I’d say run from those companies! Perhaps age (and feverish buying and sampling of fragrances for years and years) had altered my opinions of ‘difficult’ perfumes and helped me appreciate the “underside” of fragrances: the musks, the indoles, the rude spices. Not at all, animalist, but sexy. We don't need to discuss this at length, suffice it to say, citrus and cumin is a provocative combination. Good longevity for such a scent of about three hours. Image gallery. Austenfan: not many non-Hermes shops stock it so it is hard to sample. Concurrently, on the other side, an intriguing bitter floweriness of primarily jasmine and geranium. What a great history it had–perfume AND candy AND books, the loves of my life! Before retiring in 2016, Ellena had spent nearly 20 years as the Hermès in-house perfumer. Selected after long and detailed consideration, or snatched on after a coup de foudre? In mid-development, Eau d'Hermès introduces a quiet, but intense, jasmine. From what I can gather, that’s the vintage and the version to go after. First you reviewed Bel Ami by Hermes following my suggestion and I applauded you. As for my dear old bag? It comes UNdiluted which means you must dilute it before daring to put it on skin or it may “burn.” La Via del Profumo makes a great narcissus too…in a 50 ml. For as "moist" as Bel Ami Vetiver smells this is a bit dry IMO. This is a lighter, citrus fragrance, but with nice supporting structure that has something such as cumin adding a lovely dose of character. That said, it is worth searching out, especially if you like being the only person around wearing your scent. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Fragrance: Terre d’Hermès 3. 85 . Read … Brand: Hermès 2. I bloody love it! If I could smell just one fragrance on the opposite sex, it would be this. Have never smelled, and I should. It smells like unwashed armpits, to be honest. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Will put the Eau d’Hermes on the try list too…. This review is of the copper-topped Eau d'Hermes--I believe I've smelled one of (or the only?) I think I wear edc for different reasons than most men. After the first hour a lavender floral notes mixes with a herbal impression, and a mild tea note, that on my skin reminds me of GPH II. package quality. I’ve kept food out of my bag…except for an occasional orange or tangerine. One of the greatest olfactive achievements in perfume history, Eau d'Hermes, Eau Sauvage, Kouros, etc.. I find that this leans slightly more masculine with the opening combination and the leather accord. I was looking forward to trying Eau d'Hermès as I had read the reviews here and have an interest in what are considered classic scents. I, too, know that smell of years of mints, makeup, money… The “3 Ms” that mingle with leather and perfume my purses. Review. Enjoy! Perhaps the finest fragrance made! Eau Poivrée seeks to continue Twilly’s playful tuberose theme however, the twist this time is the crackling, fruity warmth of pink pepper enveloped by a ruby red rose, all served over Twilly’s signature smooth base of musk and sandalwood. Hermes Terre D'hermes for Men. Labdanum, moss and spice feel like parts of a chypre puzzle that were deliberately left incomplete. Concentration: Eau de Toilette 4. cumin? I slowly came to love EdH and wore it mostly as a Winter-warm-me-up, but now I love the sexiness of it on a hot and humid August afternoon. Do you have a favorite source for narcissus oil? I always look forward to exploring their endless array of flankers and classic outings yet unseen.

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