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Fellowships and internships at MCI span a wide variety academic disciplines. The Lui-Walton Innovators Fellowship Program strategically combines the collaborative effort of recognized leaders and emerging talent to address critical conservation issues at a global, regional and local level. Ikal Angelei, from the Lake Turkana region of Kenya, founded Friends of Lake Turkana, a community trust, in October 2009 to promote environmental justice, resource rights and community rights within the Lake Turkana Basin, with the goal of increasing Lake Turkana basin communities’ participation in environmental policy protection, sustainable management and use of natural resources. Zenón Gomel Apaza, a smallholder farmer in the rural community of Pucara, founded the nonprofit organization Asociación Savia Andina Pucará (ASAP) and developed measures to strengthen the capacities of indigenous peasant communities in Andean agriculture and the protection of biodiversity and the environment. Through cutting-edge science, innovative pol icy and global reach, we empower people to protect the nature that we rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship for International Students [up to €45,000]: The Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship is pleased to announce that proposals for conservation and scientific research is ongoing for the 2021 cohort of Fellows.The Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship for International Students is open to all students across the globe with interest in scientific and conservation studies. Since 1983 the conservation division has offered fellowships to enable graduates of conservation programs to participate in the Gallery's mission to care for the collections. GVI offers international wildlife conservation internships and wildlife conservation volunteer programs that amplify your access to careers in the industry.. Make your tax-deductible gift today. Rufo hails from one of the northernmost conservancies, Jaldesa, where the confluence of three ethnicities, two religions and the conflicting lifestyles of pastoralism and agriculturalism come together. Antoine, Elizabeth M., University of Texas, Austin.The Conservation of Letterpress Copying Books: A Study of the Baird Collection, at the Smithsonian Institution Archives with Sarah Stauderman and Nora Lockshin from September 1, 2009 through November 30, 2010. Scholarship Opportunities Abound. WCS is committed to a strategy that invests in developing the global conservation leaders of tomorrow. the community conservancies. Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship. Rebecca was NRT's first woman conservancy manager, overseeing conservation efforts in a highly patriarchal pastoralist society for 9 years. Get the latest updates on our work delivered to your inbox. She is currently the coordinator for the Political Training School for Indigenous Leadership and Governance as part of We are solving today’s pressing environment challenges using science, partnership and field work. The fellowship offers individualized support to fellows, in an effort to enhance and expand leadership, as well as to provide learning opportunities and connections for personal and professional development. The category of Fellowship is defined by Articles 19-22 of IIC's Articles of Association. Bola Majekobaje is the Executive Director for Palau Conservation Society in the Republic of Palau. Indigenous and traditional peoples’ knowledge, together with biodiversity and climate-related science, can help communities facing increasing threats on their lands and territories to confront the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Office of Fellowships and Internships can guide you through the process. Kai Hoshijo, HawaiiEmerging Indigenous Leaders Fellow. Through her fellowship, Josephine will explore the underlying drivers of conflict in pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya, and work to both document traditional knowledge around peace building and ensure it passes on between generations. Juan Cusanero Elías is an agro-ecological and environmental engineer from the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala. Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. Through this fellowship, we are creating opportunities for indigenous leaders to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss using the traditional knowledge of men and women. A fellowship at ICCROM is a unique opportunity for reflection and study whilst engaging in the life of an international organisation. Get the latest updates on our work delivered to your inbox. At Kinship, we believe in investing in individuals with the potential … Conservation Internships & Fellowships Apply Now! She oversees biodiversity conservation practices in forest spaces, advises on social and environmental safeguards and guides participatory processes, with a focus on gender. Conservation International and United. VIDEO: Exploring Conflict: State Law & Indigenous Customs, Beatrice Lempaira, a Maasai woman from a semi-nomadic community northwest of Mount Kenya, documented traditional knowledge on planned grazing (a practice where livestock are made to mimic how herds of wildebeest and other wild animals use the land) and A look at the current fellowship opportunities available at Conservation International. Slash and burn rice agriculture, combined with increasing climate change impacts, is causing detrimental effects on the village’s surrounding watersheds and forests. Actively engaged with the Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC), he also participated in the Amazon Summit II organized by COICA. Josephine is a peacemaker from the Turkana community in Northern Kenya. Rufo Halakhe, KenyaIndigenous Women Fellow. Conservation International's Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship creates opportunities for indigenous leaders to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss using the traditional knowledge of men and women. Rebecca Kochulem, KenyaIndigenous Women Fellow. The Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship welcomes proposals for conservation and scientific research that make use of the Rijksmuseum’s collection and resources..

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