comfy shoes to wear as a teacher

Merrells for all humans. I have two pairs of Sketchers with Memory Foam and they feel like I’m cheating. These may be better for people with wide feet as narrow feet seem to slip around while you are walking. They’re fun, stylish, and incredibly comfortable to wear when you’re on your feet all day. They are very flexible and comfortable. Teachers swear by this brand’s heels! These very elegant booties are made from suede and come in six colors. It has a cushiony effect that absorbs the impact of your steps to prevent foot fatigue. Like other shoes appearing on this list, the comfortable rubber soles and full grain leather make this specific model a great choice for nurses to wear while working. I recently asked my followers on Facebook to share the most comfortable shoes they’ve found for teaching, and got a wide range of responses regarding sneakers/tennis shoes, ballet flats, […] Plus, they offer many designs to choose from, with lots of different solid colors and even animal prints! Teachers can act like students. They hug your feet for extra support but do not give as much support as a running shoe does. Thanks for chiming in, Jim! These boots have a side zipper, so they are easy to put on and off. They have soft insoles and the ankle strap looks great and adds stability. These attractive ankle boots come in four colors. Love them! Flats are synonymous with comfort when they are from Sonoma. ;) – Chelsea Garrett Waldon. They were incredibly comfortable. I can wear it forever with no foot pain ( and that’s a miracle). The Rockport Cobb Hill Aubrey features a EVA-cushioned footbed with arch support, steel midsole shank for stability and comfortable 1.5″ heel. They are comfortable flats for standing all day but don’t give much support for a very active day such as playing outdoor games. So my question is this: why would you want to make things harder for yourself? The shoes are very lightweight and comfortable. This means if you wear them every day and walk a lot, they may wear out sooner than other shoes. You can wear these all day and your feet won’t ache in the evening. Ecco brand makes the most comfortable shoes for both men and women. Sole Provisions carry many of the brands suggested earlier though some of the exact styles may not be available. The size tends to run large, so check the size chart before you decide. Some reviewers recommend the brown ones as the black ones tend to have brown leather under a black veneer. The main complaint is crowding of the toes. It comes in four colors each with a white sole. For a small heel (the ONLY type of heel I wear), I like Clarks. The ankle strap is not adjustable, so if you have narrow ankles, you may have space around the strap. I am so disappointed. This is a very sturdy sandal. Without Bzees from Naturalizer I would not have made it through these final years of my 44 year career. Some complain that they are too tight at the toes. Or are males not considered real educators? Take it from Kym: a Zappos customer and teacher: I am a teacher and these shoes last all day from 6 am to 5 pm. These shoes are the best I have ever worn for 10 hours and my feet still didn’t hurt at all, they are amazing! They are pricey but last years. This is a good one for outdoor games. Dara K. tried these and really loves the price (under $20). These classy booties are comfortable for all-day. With canvas uppers and rubber soles, the comfort they provide is just as iconic as its style. These are slip-on sneakers. I wore out my black pair after 4 years. The boot has the famous Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole. They have multiple styles on the website and I get lots of compliments on my shoes from the kids.” -Salica W. Lets not forget the men. I used to come home from school with sore feet everyday. It’s a good way to turn your favourite boots or shoes that you thought you couldn’t wear any more into your most comfortable choice. The sole is flexible rubber and the insole is air-cooled memory foam. “Keen, came across them in my previous life working retail- you can stand in them all day.” – Leasa F.L. I recently had to toss them out. They are manufactured to have a crash pad in the heel to absorb impacts. Teaching is hard at the best of times. … I have flat feet and scoliosis, so without the right shoe I am in pain and my ankles swell like hams. Cobb Hill by New Balance — I have a pair of flats in black and tan. Some teachers say they’ve been wearing them for as a long as a decade! I ended up buying the same shoe in brown and merlot. They have thick polyurethane soles and are very comfortable with a cushioned footbed and soft technology. The elastic strap keeps them from slipping if you need to run or play games on the playground. Find them on and The soles are rubber, but not slip-resistant. Because of the nature of the job, a teacher’s make-up and … “I wore nothing but Sketchers dress shoes my first 2 years of teaching due to knee and ankle problems. Can’t stand any texture touching the bottoms of my feet. They have a low top from the arch. These are very trendy wedge sandals made with synthetic material and a synthetic cork sole. “Skechers Go Walk. However, since I am in the market to replace them, I greatly appreciate the list you have published. Hands down.” – Katey C W. B.O.Cs have been compared to Danskos. The sole is very soft and comfortable. Aerosole Loafer. Now that everything is fixed, I love Aerosoles dress shoes and my Sketchers still.” – Jessica H. Alegria was one of the top brands mentioned. Amazon’s No. In this list, you’ll find comfortable shoes that are also stylish, trusted comfort brands, and affordable options. I have problem feet and narrow ones as well. The strap is adjustable Velcro. Of course, they are not for running around on the playground. This is a very cute-looking shoe. Feeling sporty? Flip flops from Yellow Box have soft footbeds which makes walking in them feel heavenly. The contemporary bootie design is sleek and stylish and they don’t look clunky. These have a high five-inch platform with a synthetic sole and canvas sock liner. Thanks, Jenny, I hadn’t heard of that. The soles are solid and not flexible. In other words “banana feet”. Several reviewers say even though this shoe is intended for running, it wears out quickly and doesn’t give enough support for strenuous exercise. It has a slip-resistant rubber sole for good traction. When you have time, you can browse through the long list of shoes I have given. I always wear flat or very low healed shoes because they are easier on the back. Some teachers need to run more than others. They have a low one-inch heel and are suitable for running on the playground, but maybe not in the rain. Are there no males working in K-12? The bottom strap around the ankle is not adjustable. They tend to look a bit retro, so make sure this is the look you want before selecting either of these. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I love them. They are made from breathable, fabric with elastic around the top and a slip-resistant sole. It has a memory sock liner and textile lining and lace closure. They are easy to wipe clean and stay looking good as long as you wear them. The two crisscross stretch bands add a stylish touch to this traditional ballet flat. Sonoma flats have memory foam insoles which makes walking in them all day much easier. Correction – that should be Micheal M. (not Micheal W.), Merrells of any sort are fab! They are made with vegan fabric and have a four-inch heel, but maybe better for people with slim calves. I think people are being honest–I know a lot of folks who LOVE their Tieks. Need arch support? These office-appropriate shoes are made of leather and have synthetic rubber soles designed to grip a variety of surfaces. Alegria Comfortable Shoes. These Mary Janes are lightweight and super comfortable with three layers of cushion and shock absorbers in the sole. These are 100 percent textile with a synthetic sole. She loves to hear your tech-based problems and share her extensive experience. Made with synthetic fabric and a rubber sole, these sneakers give excellent support. The Most Comfortable Heels (you can actually walk in) Best Sneakers. . Their wedges are very stylish and more importantly, easy to walk in. Just what I was looking for. Some designs all feature an anti-microbial additive to the footbed, making them great for sweaty feet! The immediate effect of standing for so many hours is pain in the heel of your feet. I would also recommend Chacos and Haflinger. It has a small heel of 1.33 inches and an Ortholite footbed. Crocs make a couple pair that are for the food industry that have a nonslip bottom. Apparently, it’s possible with Aerosoles. They are lightweight. But the most common declaration made by more than 140 different reviewers — including teachers, nurses, and even tour guides — was calling these the “most comfortable shoes.” Since they are leather, they are not as lightweight as fabric sneakers. They are divine!! These are lightweight and comfortable shoes that are great if you play active outdoor games. Several reviewers do not recommend these shoes for people with high arches or extra wide feet as they tend to be tight across the top of the foot. Look for sales or Merrell Outlet stores. They are lightweight even though they don’t look it. UGG® Classic Mini II Genuine Shearling Lined Boot (Women) $149.95 – $150.00. They are very lightweight and have a shock-absorbing outsole. I think the brand recommendations count should be relevant for men as well as women, though–Asics, Aerosoles, Birkenstocks, Crocs, etc. Love Clarks, Naots and SAS. Merrell clogs (I need to buy them in more colors than just my black). Boots and booties can be dressy or utilitarian and offer good support. I think I have become so found of them, I started to like the way the look. These are basic, low-heel pumps with Ortholite footbed and smooth lining. QVC and Amazon are two places I’ve gotten them!” – Missy M. “Wore Clarks for years.” – Olivia Junkin Sansing. These are very stylish and trendy, and are more suitable for colder weather. The straps stretch, so they fit just about any foot but the front strap does not stretch. They have an egg crate sole and support my arch. Much more comfortable than my sneakers!” – Beth Johnson Fenimore. 4.3 out of 5 stars. The heel is suede and the insole is pure wool. A sleek pair of classic flats so comfy, cute, and versatile, they may be the single most perfect pair of … They are soft, comfortable and durable while resembling leather shoes. It is sometimes said that flats are not good for standing all day, but when you choose flats or even sandals, make sure they have good arch support and a soft insole. This is a super comfortable shoe that comes in 12 colors of hemp material. They would fall apart one way or another. Some have to stand for hours and some have to travel to several different schools in their district. “Sanuk. The heel is 2.76 inches high. The crisscross straps are faux leather and they have a low wedge heel. 22 Most Comfortable Shoes, Sneakers, and Sandals for Women Even if you're walking of standing all day long, these comfy shoes won't let you down. Born brand is my go to shoe. The Airwair air-cushioned sole makes these comfortable all day. It gives good arch support with an Ortholite footbed. Geesh! They have a cushioned insole and a padded footbed, so you can wear them all day. “Clarke bendables. They come in 12 shades for black and brown and the top is a synthetic canvas. This brand is known for producing truly comfortable and supportive shoes which are extremely well-made. Best Overall: Dansko Professional Clog. If water or paint spill on these shoes, don’t worry. I love my Asics!! Always comfortable! I live in them.” – Lisa M. Danskos are a steady favorite among teachers, and were named repeatedly among those who have had foot surgery in the past or managed other foot issues. I wear Clarks a lot, but I wear Doc Martens probably 75% of the time. Teacher reviews say these shoes give good support for standing for hours. They are very comfortable and durable. Shop Vionic, Brooks, and more retailers with top marks in arch support, cushioning, and traction. Naturalizer is another company whose name identifies with healthy shoes. Naturalizer has been the brand of choice for cute and comfortable work shoes for women since 1927. They have great traction for running on the playground. Just because they are good for you, doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. I do a lot of Skechers and Clarks–another favorite is G.H.Bass. Running and tennis shoes are another teachers’ favorite, particularly ones from Asics which have gel cushioning and special foam for the midsoles. These shoes are made of canvas fabric and have a rubber sole. Even though the ankle strap is adjustable, it may be too tight if you have large ankles. The heel is one and a half inches and the top opening is 10-inches circumference. I’m glad to hear your input–we’ll count this as another vote for Skechers. I am amazed to see some of the shoes that lack any support such as Tieks. The sizing tends to be about a half-size big, so the manufacturer recommends you size down. These are not for rough wear and they are not very durable. They tend to be tight, so check the size if you have a wide foot. They offer amazing support with microbial footbeds. If you like the style, these are a good choice. They give more foot support than sandals or flats and are suitable for playing games on the playground even if there are puddles. The sole is synthetic and the memory foam insole is removable. I bought inserts to help with support and had to cut them to 7 1/2 and even that was a bit big. Some styles are synthetic leather, so check the specs carefully once you select the style you want. (See the comment above yours, which also explains that many of the brands included in the post make men’s shoes, too, so even if the style shown is for women, the brand information is still relevant.) Highly recommend!” – Amanda B. Flat-footed teachers rejoice–the Gretchen clogs from Payless work well with your foot structure. Sperrys are another favorite because of their classic styles and reliable quality. But if they fit, they are attractive enough to wear with a dress, pantsuit as well as jeans. “Italian Shoemakers at DSW Shoes. The ankles have a dual-density foam to prevent irritation. Unique Properties of Teachers’ Shoes. These are very attractive shoes and not for running around on a playground. If you can get a good fit, these shoes are very convenient and comfortable for all-day use even if you play outdoor games.

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