casio ctk 2400 specifications

It also comes with an inbuilt reverb which further enhances the performance and quality of the sound effects used. For students, the Casio CTK 2400 will prove to be quite a fun item. hide. A few of their products haven’t been too successful, but fortunately for us, the Casio CTK 2400 convincingly makes it to the list of some of the best and affordable entry-level keyboards in the market. This thread is archived. Click the image for best price on CTK2400: How does it stand out from the rest of entry-level keyboards in the market right now? Its extensive functions will help you develop from a novice learner into a decent player and music producers. Casio CTK 2400 lacks this feature, responding with the same sound level to any way you touch a key. Casio Key Board CTK2400 Casio ($149.99) Ripcord USB to 9V Casio CTK-2400 Keyboard-compatible power cable by myVolts ($19.07) Gator Cases Keyboard Case for Casio CTK-2000, CTK-2100, CTK-2400, CTK-3000 ($199.99) Through this feature, you can import or export music files to and from the keyboard with your pc. Control type Buttons. CTK-2400 Specifications Product Overview Specifications Built-in Songs Options Support. The compact CTK-2400 turns each piece of music into a factual reverberation practice. Specifications. Past Model; Specification. Casio CTK 2400 is a perfect example of a portable keyboard, and this is not just due to its lightweight nature. The Casio CTK-2400 61-key portable keyboard is lightweight, compact, and includes a whopping 400 tones to choose from – which means young students won’t ever be able to say it sounds boring. All these skills and its designing ensures that young and curious musicians get equipment where they can freely explore all their music fantasies and possibilities. Out of 200 hundred digital piano reviews, we rated the Casio CTK2400 as the best piano keyboard for beginners. 61 keys- Wide range of Capability; CTK-2400 is a sophisticated keyboard with a wide range of capability. The auto-accompaniment function makes playing even more fun. She has learned two songs in the last few days.” By Glenn, 150 rhythms with at least 55 world rhythms and 20 piano play, Can either be powered by 9.5V DC or six AAA batteries, Comes with various accessories including an X-style stand, power supply, and, The full-size keys are very easy to use which is ideal for a novice player, Its extensive sampling features will expand your creativity on music performance and production, Lots of tones and effects to choose from. The LCD has also proven to be very useful in keeping you informed about the various settings of the keyboard. There is also 48 Midi tones and some electronic sounds for booting. This is why the keys are not velocity sensitive. Sort by. This obviously requires you to carry around your piano, and it’s best that the keyboard is as light as possible. Check out this short video highlighting some of the main features of the Casio CTK 2400: 1) Piano-style keys #. Prices and specifications are subject to change with- out prior notice. 100 tones, 100 rhythms and 50 songs are perfect for instructive yet fun music lessons. "R-X" in the exploded view. This keyboard is MIDI-enabled. The keyboard has a lesson feature with 110 songs. It also has piano exercises where the needed fingering and notes are both displayed on the LCD. If you are just kick-starting your music career on a tight budget, then the Casio CTK 2400 is an excellent place to start. The keyboard looks and sounds great. best. This keyboard has built-in 2-watt stereo speaker(s). share. The Casio CTK 2400 sound features are honestly quite good for its price. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules, Operation is subject to the following two conditions: level 1. Model Number: CTK-4000/CTK-5000. The features are aimed at giving students both playing and production skills. CASIO official home page, information on Electronic Musical Instruments. The headphones have a good but not great sound, but it’s worth getting the bundle. The headset that comes with the unit is very comfortable, and they work well as blocking out any background noise to help you focus on what you are playing.” By Kyle, “As always when I order through Amazon this arrived on time. Furthermore, the C asio CTK 2400 price makes it an affordable product in the entry-level category of electronic keyboards. To novice musicians, however, the nature of these keys makes it easier to practice, master and maneuver through various moves. The casio CTK-2400 is a 61-note portable keyboard with built-in speakers, auto-accompaniment rhythms, and good quality sounds and effects. CTK-4400 Specifications Product Overview Specifications Built-in Songs Options Support. My favorite, however, is the USB port and the keyboard’s integration with both Windows and MAC computers. “We are not a very musical family, but lately my boys have been showing interest in musical instruments. The Casio CTK 2400, is a simplistic, yet, sufficiently equipped keyboard to awaken a musician’s creative senses. The CTK-240 features 49 standard keys, making it the ideal CASIO starter instrument for all beginners. This is vital in helping you save on energy especially if you are using the batteries. Data you download here cannot be used with the CTK-671/CTK-691 WK-3000/WK-3500. General Brand: Casio Model: CTK-2400: Product: Midi-keyboard EAN: 4971850314455: Language: English Filetype: PDF: Keyboard MIDI-keyboard number of keys 61. This piano is programmed with an Acoustic and Highly Compressed Large Waveform (AHL) that offers more than 400 tones ranging from brass instruments, wind, organs, stereo pianos, synths, drums/percussions and many others. Casio has also done a lot to ensure that the keys offer very minimal resistance when pressed allowing them to respond like an organ. When we Initially ordered it for our review, we … 49 standard keys ; 12-note polyphony (max.) With the keyboard, you can record realistic short phrases that you can listen to with the playback features. Click the button next to the type of data you want to download. Free Shipping. For a beginner, therefore, this keyboard is quite a good buy, and that’s why it comes highly recommended. Other than that, the rest of the specifications and features of the two models are identical. Here we go. Power Consumption: 7.7 watts. This could be a bit frustrating for advanced or skilled musicians who are already used to playing other acoustic instruments where pressure and touch sensitivity is a bit high. Keyboard 61 piano-style keys Touch Response 2 sensitivity levels, Off ... Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord; My 16 yr old daughter put the stand together by herself, so it is pretty easy. It could be an entry level keyboard but a few weeks after practicing you’ll still be able to make new and more complex music with it creatively. report. After just a few days of using this keyboard, you should be able to go through its different settings without any technical assistance.

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