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In kittens, most aggression is caused by fear or curiosity. The attack was quick and without warning, with an animal that was well-trained and human-socialized. Due to this, there is a lot of confusion about how common fatal attacks are in the United States and what the risk is to the uninvolved public (those who did not own, live with, or attend the animal). The Federal ban on big cat sales across state lines as pets has helped slow the escalation of events, but a full ban on possession is needed. Who cares which figure is larger? Despite the extreme rarity of fatalities and injuries to people who are not in the cage with or in very close proximity to the animals, common sense regulations that address both safety and animal welfare can be carried out in all states that can lower even these numbers yet allow citizens their freedom or choice in business or lifestyle opportunities involving exotic animals. After 2005, the rate of incidents in this setting dropped sharply and stayed below 5 incidents per year from 2006 to 2018, with the exception of a single spike in 2008. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Tigers were the most common species involved in big cat safety incidents each year [Figure 10], followed by cougars and then lions in a pattern that reflects the frequency with which those species were involved in the total number of incidents. Owners being interviewed by documentary crew when lioness attacked The victim had expressed concerns about her safety prior to the day of the incident. When the data were broken down by both incident type and outcome, two patterns emerged as most common [Figure 4]: Attacks in which one or more persons were injured, (While some of the escapes did result injury to another animal or damage to an inanimate object, tracking those results was outside the scope of this project. Figure 13. Dogs are also more likely to cause injury because they are traditionally less confined and allowed access to children (the most common victims), but unless there are prospects for big cat owners to start treating lions like pomeranians in the future, this is irrelevant. Remove the word 'dog' and put in 'exotic cat'. Big Cat Safety Incidents by Setting. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from (n.d.). Reasons Why Cats Attack. Here we bring to you a video clip uploaded by Animal Channel on YouTube that features some of the most amazing and spectacular Big Cat Attacks. I've written this article honestly, and I obviously support pet ownership, including larger, more dangerous species, if it is ethically and responsibly conducted. The following criteria were used to select data points included in the study: Listed in at least one of the four sets of records, Occurred in the United States between 2000 - 2018, Involved a member of one of the “big cat” species defined by the Captive Wild Safety Act as well as any hybrid of those listed species, Presented an actual safety risk at the time of the recorded incident. She did not have a boyfriend. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 76(7), 1364-1369. An unfortunate risk of allowing the public to come into contact with adult big cats are spontaneous attacks by animals that are not 100% predictable, as all animals are. Melissa cares for a variety of exotic animals and has completed a certificate in veterinary assisting and a bachelor's degree in biology. August 18, 2005, Mound Valley, KS: (AP) A Siberian tiger attacked and killed a teenage girl (Haley R. Hilderbrand) who was posing for photos at a family-run animal facility (exotic pet owner business) called Lost Creek Animal Sanctuary. Hi Melissa~ I work with Dale at Project Survival and am sending you the links to the correct reports. The data set for this study was derived from records maintained publicly by four major organizations that track big cat safety issues: Born Free (Exotic Incidents Database; 2018), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Big-Cat Incidents in the United States, n.d.), The Humane Society of the United States (Big Cat Incidents, n.d.), and Big Cat Rescue (Baskin, 2018a; 2018b; 2018c; 2018d). Big Cat Safety Incidents by Type of Incident - All Situations. Figure 20. Even with some incidents missing, this compiled data set still provides vital information about where and how big cat safety incidents have occurred over time in the United States. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from, Baskin, C. (2018d, December 13). Groups Injured in Big Cat Safety Incidents - Private Non-Professional Settings. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) only records incidents that are reported (or observed) at facilities they license. The 250-pound tiger snatched the boy from the arms of an adult, clamped down on his leg, and dragged him around the enclosure, causing head injuries. This makes most dogs in the U.S. ill-equipped to kill an able-bodied human, while 100% of adult big cats can kill in seconds. Roland: Read Melissa's articles about that, I think you have much to learn. July 31, 2001 Center Hill, FL: A 500-pound tiger mauled and killed Vincent Lowe who was making cage repairs at a roadside zoo called Savage Kingdom. Exotic Pet Statistics: Lion, Tiger, and Big Cat Attacks and Fatalities in the United States (1990–2014) Author: Melissa A Smith. Attacks were the next most common, at 26.9%, but occurred at less than half the frequency of escapes. As an intern, she wasn't supposed to be allowed inside the cage." Situations in which big cats were dumped, either dead or alive, or were involved in purposeful public endangerment comprise the remaining incidents. One, this section of the website is under the tab "Big Cat Attacks", and then modifies that statement to "Yearly Maulings Killings and Escapes by Big Cats" further down the page. The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is a wild cat species endemic to the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Dec 18, 2015 Canada, BC: Creston RCMP say a cheetah was spotted along Highway 3a in the Crawford Bay and Kootenay Bay areas. This will decrease the margin of error and make the results completely relevant to our current standards of captive animal care. There are many sites online that do this, and all of them attempt to convince the reader that it is dangerous to hold exotic animals in captivity, which is not unlike the tactics of the heavily criticized webpage that advocates breed-specific legislation. The Mngwa, legendary big cat of Tanzania Big cats existing where they should not has been a story that is told in many regions of many countries a myriad of large felines have been spotted and photographed. This is around 1.11% of the dog population that have caused 'severe' injury. Including any negative incident involving exotic cats is too broad of a category, and surely many scenarios of this nature don't make the news. In older cats, there may be other reasons for cat aggression and attacks, such as redirected aggression, or when a cat lashes out at its owner because it senses something is wrong. Each source was included because the organization compiling it has a vested interest in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of incidents involving captive big cats in the United States, as well as the funding and staffing to facilitate such an effort long-term. White tiger shows off teeth. Via Flickr Tambako The Jaguar (CC BY-ND 2.0). After 2008, the total number of incidents dropped sharply across the board, with only one big cat safety issue recorded in 2018. Or when you pat them, one stroke too many means a full-scale, teeth and claws attack. Groups like the Humane Society often paint the impression that tigers and lions are causally purchased by 'regular' people as one might a dog or cat. Every year, millions of bite accidents and animal attacks occur, mostly due to interactions with animals that people keep as pets. Everett Cremeans, 45, had removed a bar that held the cage gate in place and was using it to prod the animal when he was mauled Tuesday. African Lion Regional Studbook. Jaguar that escaped zoo enclosure may have bitten through steel barrier, officials believe. Big cat attacks happen throughout the world. Any time a dangerous wild animal is kept in a captive setting, there is an associated safety risk. She did have her radio with her and had been communicating with the other zoo keeper. (2012, November 28). How many cats are in USDA licensed facilities in the US? A much smaller number of incidents occurred in this time frame when people crossed or reached across explicitly prohibited barriers (6.7%). A man has been attacked by a large cat-like animal which jumped out from bushes in his garden during the night. Closed Compound: A situations in which an entity maintains a professional or semi-professional location for housing animals that is not open to the public. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from How often do big cats and other exotics attack? Outcomes of Incidents in Private Non-Professional (Wildlife Removed), Figure 25. It is highly unlikely fatalities will not be recorded online and attract news media attention, so we have some level of certainty that this list is comprehensive. Many facilities that are called pet owners by activists are licensed or registered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is a requirement for commercial exhibitors. Twenty-five animals identified in incidents in the data set as pets were judged more likely to have been wildlife, and set of corrected of graphs incorporating the elimination of those “escapes” were created and are shown below. There was a cougar that killed a woman in Calif. Margaret Davis King was homeless and mentally ill, suffering from religious delusions. Then, I removed the big cat ‘incidences’ that did not result in human injury or death, such as escaped and confiscated animals. She was alone at the facility at the time. I've compiled and thoroughly examined not only cases of captive exotic felines killing humans, but ‘severe’ injuries sustained as a result of animal attacks as well. March 25, 2001 Las Vegas, NV: A tiger with Safari Wildlife attacked and killed his handler Eric Bloom. This lapse of judgement was a preventable, occupational hazard. Retail Services: A business where animal exhibition is a supporting factor of primary business objectives (e.g., steak house, pet supply store, bed-and-breakfast). Big Cat Rescue is an avid proponent of exotic pet bans (mainly exotic cats, despite size). The boy, Clayton James Eller, was shoveling snow Sunday afternoon near the tiger’s cage, an enclosure made of chain link “This little boy got too close, and it pulled him under the fence,” Coroner Howard Laney said. Species Involved in Big Cat Safety Incidents - Private Non-Professional Settings. Attacks Since 1990 (including fatalities), The type of species involved (what cat was the most common attacker? Contact Info. Volunteers participating in animal care and teenagers not responsible for animal care were infrequent targets of big cats during the period studied. Did he run in to her? Incident frequency was charted by total per year [Figure 6] to get a sense of the trends over time, and for the two settings in which the majority of incidents occurred (zoological facilities and private non-professional settings). Further research seemed to confirm that the serval and leopard incident were the same. The tiger was shot dead. Postal Service employees were attacked by a dog in 2018 9 (500 less than 2017 and 1,000 fewer since 2016) OSHA did not fine nor violate Project Survival and found no negligence. Facts about Big Cats 3: the ranges of big cats. In addition, changes in technology as the world became more digitized over the study period mean that some information on older incidents may no longer be accessible or even kept on record, and there is no easy way to identify what, if any, potential data points have been lost. Big Cat Attacks 2006 2010. The majority of the rest of the incidents in zoological facilities were caused by barrier crossings. Thank you Melissa for the correction. What's more concerning, PETA's list had another 11 year old victim, in a similar scenario, with a date that was one day away, only the child was attacked by a leopard. I've created a prototype of how dangerous exotic pet laws can be shaped without banning them . Did he hit her? Retrieved December 14, 2018, from Association of Zoos and Aquariums. To provide a shock value photo that doesn't apply to the subject (exotic cat incidences) being discussed at all? The information that you provide about Dianna Hanson/lion is not correct. The remaining one-third of incidents in the same setting were resolved with no human injury. 2016 Wild Feline Census. Small children should never be in the vicinity of an unconfined sub-adult to adult big cat, and possibly not even medium-sized cats. Dale Anderson Executive Director Project Survival, 10 Small Exotic Cats That Are Kept As Pets, April 6, 2006, Duxbury (15 Mi. See a list of all of the known tigers in USDA facilities in America. Responsible pet ownership is key to prevention. It can, has, and is being done for conservation, personal pleasure and educational reasons, but many of the best caretakers generally turn themselves into 'sanctuaries' in order to avoid falling victim to exotic animal bans. Figure 19. Big Cat Attacks 2000-2005. ), Uninvolved public (how many people were involuntarily exposed and injured/killed by an escaped exotic cat? I could not find any information about the 1997 Oregon woman so I just assumed she was not involved with the animal. The Canine Research Council has this to say about dog bite-related fatalities: "Dog bite-related fatalities are extremely rare. The press believed him because he was a governmental official and they were looking for anything to print. Cougars are now thought to have established breeding populations in both North and South Dakota (Mountain Lion, 2016; Mountain Lion 2018), and evidence of at least transient wild individuals has been confirmed in multiple midwestern states (Michigan Radio Newsroom, 2012). Entertainment/Outreach: A business that facilitates animal-based entertainment, education, or outreach programs held away from where the animals reside (e.g., birthday parties with animal presentations). There are 'exotic pet incident' lists by PETA, Born Free, and the popular Florida-based Big Cat Rescue but some do not separate fatalities from injuries and often include ‘incidences’ that didn’t involve any injurious attacks. Figure 14. Big Cat Safety Incidents by Year - Zoological Facilities, Figure 8. What does this tell us? Phishing Attacks Sent Through Messaging Apps. Tiger attack victims deal with this. Fatalities are highly unlikely to not be reported, so they provide more nutritive information when comparing their occurrences by year. Here is some interesting perspective on the exotic cat injury numbers. With prior professional experience in zookeeping, visitor education, shelter behavior management, and more, she works to translate pertinent field-specific knowledge into comprehensive explanations about current animal related topics. Species Involved in Big Cat Safety Incidents by Year. These incidents have resulted in the deaths of over 130 big cats and 25 humans as well as the injury of … Mean and Median of Fatalities per year: 1. When lionesses attack: Horrific footage as 'domestic' big cat leaps on man in European guest house and leaves his shirt in ribbons. They're pretty much all wild, in the sense that one wrong move can make you prey. No incidences were placed in more than one category. Groups Injured in Big Cat Safety Incidents - Zoological Facilities. Animal welfare coalition applauds reintroduction of “Big Cat Public Safety Act” to prohibit private ownership of dangerous big cats [Press release]. Specifically, it is possible to identify the way misidentified wild felids may be influencing the data set, and to begin to get a sense of how the types of safety incidents that occur involving big cats have changed over the last two decades.

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