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Make this begonia the focal point of your flowering containers. Schlumbergera 'Pink and Red' $8.95. Go retro with this amazing begonia type with wing-shaped leaves marked with silver spots on the green background. However, as noted below some begonia varieties might tolerate more sun than others. Looks best in hanging baskets! Most variegated plants have white markings on green leaves, but the 'Charm' variety of begonia has vivid yellow splotches on bright green leaves, giving it a psychedelic effect. It is a rather large plant that assumes a shrubby shape and blooms constantly. This plant makes attractive plants in the garden with its beautiful foliages that can bloom all year round. In addition to the wax begonias, there are also the lovely dragon-wing begonias, trailing begonias, showy tuberous begonias, rex begonias, and the list goes on! The thick, fleshy leaves of fibrous-rooted wax begonias make them a good choice for beginning gardeners, as the plants have good resistance to both drought and pests. by Max - last update on October 27, 2019, 9:38 pm. You can pinch back these plants during the growing season to promote bushier growth. Rex begonias are the showboats of the begonia world and are a type of rhizomatous begonia that are grown for their multicolored leaves. With large double blooms, the flowers look somewhat like roses. This fibrous-rooted wax begonia variety does not produce seeds and therefore needs no pinching or deadheading. Tuberous begonia varieties include Pink African Violet, Sugar Candy, B. sutherlandii and B. guttata. By far the best-known cane-type begonias are the angel wing begonias, which grow on upright stems with interesting leaves and magnificent displays of a pendant and drooping flowers. The moody 'Red Kiss' could stand in for roses as a romantic gift, and its lusty colors are much more enduring than any cut flower arrangement. With large, pendent shaped flowers in a rich hue of red, the plant looks gorgeous with its cascading, deep green foliage. It offers blooms in lovely shades of red, pink, and mixed hues! See all of our most popular Begonia Rex varieties, including Escargot The exotic double flowers in apricot shade carry a subtle hue of white, orange, and yellow. The leaves are also variegated with burgundy-red hues. This tidy bedding plant, categorized as a fibrous-rooted wax begonia, will not overstep its boundaries, so tucking it between green-leafed garden plants will highlight its bronze foliage and fill in landscape gaps. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Big Red Bronze Leaf’. The leaves come in every color, pattern and shade, and every size and shape. Jamie has written about gardening and special occasion flowers since 2011. Fibrous begonias are the easiest of the three begonia types to start from cuttings, but you may also have success taking cuttings from some other types of begonias. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Ambassador Rose’. The plant displays smashing silver-green leaves with mid-green margins on red stems. ‘Nonstop Rose’ is a beautiful variety from the trademark ‘Nonstop series’ of tuberous begonias. It does well under bright light. The small stature of Rex begonias make them ideal as terrarium plants and maintaining them this way reduces watering chores. I love the picotee types, which have lighter petals edged in a dark color. Study the plant’s roots to identify a rhizomatous begonia. The compact plants of the 'Ambassador' series grow large flowers in shades of red, white, and pink. Double picotee begonias. $8.95. begonia Looking Glass. These are large, two-toned flowers that look a little like roses. Flowers ranging from reds, pinks and white hang in beautiful clusters and … See more ideas about begonia, planting flowers, plants. Botanical Name: Begonia semperflorens-cultorum ‘Cocktail Mix’. This drought and pest resistant wax begonia is a perfect choice for novice gardeners. If you’re a fan of foliage plants, then its silver leaves textured with shades of pink and cream along with dark green veins is surely going to tempt you into growing it! 'Nonstop Rose' comes in several shades, including 'Rose Petticoat', 'Rose Pink', and 'Deep Rose'. It’ll look great in containers with rich opulent blooms in deep red-orange color! Tradescantia zebrina. She has years of experience in caring for flowers and plants. Provide it with light shade, rich well-drained soil, ample water, and plenty of fertilizer—and you’ll be rewarded with stunning flowers and foliage. The Cane Stemmed Begonia derive the name from the tall cane like stems that form a clump.. A group of two or three pots of these little beauties will brighten any room. This exotic variety features large metallic leaves with bright pink variegation on the bronze-green background. It thrives well in shade. Wax begonias have succulent stems; shiny, rounded, green or reddish-brown leaves and grow in a … As the name suggests, the plant features a glorious shade of light pink on its foliage, patterned with green hues and hints of silver. Some begonias are grown just for the fantastic color and shape of their foliage and either do not flower or … This plant falls into the category of wax begonias that have fibrous roots. Stock images of begonias, ornamental leaf foliage types, flowering, cascading, bedding, Begonia rex, fancy leaved, tuberous, cultorum-sempervirens, in gardens, in … There are four main types: fibrous, tuberous, canes, and rhizomatous. Also of interest: begonia 'Flemenco' $8.95. It performs well in partial shade and looks great in hanging baskets! The principal appeal of begonias is that many types produce spectacular flowers in shady conditions where few flowering plants thrive. If you remove the spent blossoms on 'Nonstop' begonias and allow the plant to put its energy into more blossoms instead of seed production, you can achieve the mass of flowers shown in this photo. Begonias (Begonia spp.) There are around 1000 species, coming in a myriad of colors, sizes, and shapes! You have entered an incorrect email address! Begonias can be categorized a number of ways, but a useful method for gardeners is by root structure: These plants contain soluble calcium oxalates, mostly in the roots, which can cause vomiting and salivation in dogs and cats. Begonia chloroneura. $8.95. This specimen has unique pointed foliage, splashed in the shades of bronze and silver. Tree Begonias or Cane-stemmed Begonias are a very tall growing begonia up to 2 metres or more in height and forming a clump of upright stems. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Solenia Dusty Rose’. Their main appeal is the interesting foliage rather than the flowers. With over 1,000 species and many more varieties and hybrids, begonias come in countless colors, sizes, and shapes. begonia grandis ssp grandis (formerly evansiana) Botanical Name: Begonia beleaf inca flame. The plant produces flowers in a bright shade of orange, that almost look like they’re glowing! Great for window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers, the super cascade will offer you a palette of bright colors in both sun and shade. This variety produces bright orange-red flowers with contrasting green foliage having pink margins. Fan of white flowers? Botanical Name: Begonia brevirimosa ssp. Epiphyllum Unforgettable. It has frilly rose-colored flowers that bloom at the end of stems from mid-spring to mid-fall. Suggested site for begonia information: American Begonia Society- Debra LaGattuta is a certified master gardener with decades of experience with perennial and flowering plants, container gardening, and raised bed vegetable gardening. We have over 50 different varieties of tropical cane begonia plants. This is a beautiful tuberous begonia hybrid developed as a trademarked variety. This begonia is suited to use as the focal point for flowering containers because it is relatively short but spreads out nicely (as much as 18 to 24 inches). You can grow it both indoors and outdoors and it’ll continue to amaze you with its fantastic russet leaves and small flowers. There are so many new varieties of begonias to choose from nowadays! Begonia, (genus Begonia), any of about 1,000 species of mostly rather succulent plants in the family Begoniaceae, many with colourful flowers or leaves and used as pot plants indoors or as garden plants.They are from the tropics and subtropics. You can save the tubers at the end of the growing season for blossoms next year. Featured Products. Rex Begonias | Logee's features 25+ types of Rex Begonias for sale online. Depending on species and cultivar they will reach to 2.5m, however many smaller and even dwarf cultivars are also available that will form a low growing clump at around 80cm. Varieties such as 'Tornado' and 'Silver Queen' sport metallic leaves accented with green, purple, or splashes of red. The trademarked Nonstop series from Proven Winners is the preferred tuberous begonia for regions with hot summers. Many gardeners will … Begoniaceae is a large flowering plant family with about 1500 different species and hundreds of hybrids.Mature begonia plants range in size from a few inches high to over 12 feet high and the flowers, foliage colors and sizes are very diverse. Many bloom colors & leaf patterns. Rhizomatous begonias grow from rhizomes, which are stem-like structures that creep along the ground. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Solenia Salmon Coral’. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Begonias The Begonias that I grow are grown for a reason - they typically have stunning foliage and make great additions to one's plant collection. They grow … The cocktail series offers light pink, white, and red flowers with a touch of yellow at the center. The plant blooms abundantly on arching stems and is perfect for hanging baskets. Begonias have gained much popularity because of the striking foliage and equally amazing flowers. Outdoor Begonia Care. It’s a compact variety with bronze-purple foliage. This plant should be grown in a location that is shaded from the hot afternoon sun. The tuberous begonia is the only one that produces flowers in colors other than purple, red variations or white. All Rex Cultorum types are descended from the Indian species B. rex that was crossed with other types of rhizomatous begonias. Multiflora Begonias Most of these prolific bloomers are tuberous begonias. This type of begonia grows to a height between 6 and 12 inches with a width spanning between 18 and 24 inches. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Nonstop Deep Rose’. It occurs on all of the begonia types. They can be planted in partial or full sun locations. Begonias have been around for ages, and with good reason: This easy-to-grow annual does well in a variety of conditions and needs little to thrive. Botanical Name: Begonia rex ‘Pink Charming’. Begonia dregei. exotica. Locate the plants in an area sheltered from the wind to prevent bud drop. If you admire foliage as much as flowers, then you'll understand the attraction. See below Description. Begonia x tuberhybrida is a tuberous begonia; it has erect or trailing growth clusters of 2 or 3 summer flowers in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, or orange. Categorized as a cane begonia due to its long stems, it is popular for its foliage, which has a shape like wings of angels. They should be kept in temperatures ranging from 75-85 o F (23-29 o C). A hybrid between wax and tuberous begonia, it features waxy foliage and bright colored flowers in shades of yellow and orange. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Solenia Light Pink’. The plant, overall, also has a slight red accent. It has one of the largest flowers on the list and blooms all summer. Angel wing begonias are also classified as cane-like begonias because of their long stems that look like bamboo canes. White streaks or spots break up the color on leaves, but rarely is the base color on a begonia leaf. Botanical Name: Begonia Big ‘Rose Green Leaf’. Eggshells are cheap (Actually free!) It is a compact variety and does well in part shade. Red and White Crispa Marginata Begonia. The thick fleshy green leaves create an amazing contrast with large flowers. Most tuberous begonias like moderation in all things, including light, water, and fertilizer, but this series is heat tolerant. This plant is an absolute stunner thanks to its deep pink large leaves with deep viens that resemble a heart’s shape! Angel Wing Begonias produce beautiful flowers in a range of colors from white, pink, orange, and red, but they also require plenty of water and warm temperatures. Aug 25, 2020 - Explore Lakeland Yard and Garden's board "BEGONIA", followed by 1282 people on Pinterest. Begonia erythrophylla. Cane Begonias. Begonia brevirimosa. It also forms attractive edible pink flowers. This variety, a fibrous-rooted type, needs some light sun to grow properly. There is virtually no end to begonia variety. Begonias are especially sensitive to cold temperatures. Other rhizomatous begonias have variegated leaf forms such as Begonia manicata 'Aureomaculata' with its speckled yellow and green leaves. Red and white tuberous begonia provide upright unique color and are grown for their showy flowers. Angel Wing Begonia Growing And Care Guide - All You Need To Know. … The fully double white blossoms of the 'Doublet' begonia series are barely the size of your thumbnail but will outshine the rest of the plant's foliage throughout the growing season. The foliage delivers a trifecta of beauty, with outstanding colors, foliage, and textures that thrive in ordinary windowsill conditions. Once you've either a flowering or foliage type of Begonia it's further divided into groups based on how it looks or how it grows. The bronzy-green foliage of the 'Richmond' begonia, also called the sun begonia (Begonia 'Richmondensis') seems to color-shift in different light conditions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Treatment normally involves limiting the pet to a liquid diet for a short time until the toxins have cleared. They are very hardy, being drought and heat tolerant. The more than 1,000 species of begonia are part of a complicated classification system based on flowers, method of propagation and leaves. The shrub type is also very variable and can range in size from miniatures to giants 12 feet … The rex begonias are a vast subcategory of rhizomatous begonias, and they are most commonly grown as houseplants rather than garden plants. In general, begonia plants can be placed in sunny areas with indirect light (6). begonia 'Capricorn' $8.95. The largest leafed of all begonias B.megaptera is a spectacular species that comes from the Himalayas. Begonias need some sunlight, but they don't do well if that sunlight is harsh and direct. The plant’s large pink flowers pair really well with its bright green leaves. If you want a compact variety that flowers in a bunch of alluring flowers, then this is it! Most variegated plants have white markings on green leaves, but the Charm variety of begonia has vivid yellow splotches on bright green leaves, giving it a psychedelic effect. If you have picked up a six-pack of wax begonias at the supermarket to add to a container garden on the front porch, you have barely begun to scratch the surface of the Begonia genus—a group of more than 1,800 plant species, all native to tropical or subtropical regions. Begonia emeiensis. Salmon. Fibrous Begonia This category of begonias includes the common wax begonia (Begonia cucullata). The leaves are also veined and stippled, giving this compact plant an amazing look! Ideal as houseplants or in hanging baskets, elatior begonias (Begonia x hiemalis) are short-lived but flower prolifically and come in fabulous colours, from hot reds and oranges to softer sherbet-like pinks, lemons and apricots. The American Begonia Society classifies begonias into several major groups: Begonia ‘Ellen Dee’ has green leaves and orange flowers. Order your favorites for your tropical oasis today. It does well in containers, is easy to care for, and does well in both part sun and shade. 'Pink Charming' and 'Duarten' suggest a stained glass effect that comes from rich veining and stippling. It needs bright filtered light to grow properly indoors. It also grows clusters of pretty white flowers. Botanical Name: Begonia boliviensis ‘Million Kisses Elegance’. This one has amazing red flowers that pair really well with dark green leaves having a bronze tint. This variety falls into a subcategory of fibrous-root begonias, the angel-wing begonias, which have distinctively shaped leaves. Begonia dichotoma. Deeply-veined, lily-pad like glossy green leaves with dark-maroon undersides of this compact begonia gives this plant a crinkled look, hence the name. Temp and Humidity. Common types are the ‘Star Begonia’ (Begonia heracleifolia), hybrids such as ‘Beefsteak’ and ‘Joe Hayden’, B. nelumbifolia (the “Water Lily Begonia”), and ‘Passing Storm’, which is grown mostly for its beautiful lavender foliage. These begonias have showy leaves and large flowers. This tuberous begonia has a flatter blossom, but extra detail with a ruffled red edging on each petal. $6.50. This type is a common weed (it has naturalized in Florida and Hawaii), as well as a lovely cultivated flower. are available in many different varieties, including Rex, wax, tuberous and cane-stemmed types. The plant thrives in sun and shade both, flowering profusely in spring, summer, and fall. They’re great in containers and hanging baskets, where they bloom in scarlet, pink, yellow, apricot, salmon and rose. Begonia epipsila. You can adorn your gardens with these wonderful specimens or place indoors near a bright spot and see them thrive! It also does quite well in sun and thrives equally well in shade too! The Cocktail series offers white, light pink, and red flowers. This specimen can do well in both bright sun and partial shade. Begonia crassicaulis. The most popular types are are Cane, Rhizomatous and Tuberous Begonias. The leaves are succulent and heart-shaped, remaining green throughout the year. Variegated begonias need partial exposure to the sun to maintain the color developmen… Then this variety is surely going to win you over! The so-called cane-stemmed Begonia are tough heat- and drought-tolerant plants that can form quite substantial shrubs 1-3 m tall, although there are many cultivars that are more compact and grow to a height less than 1 m. Here are just a few types of begonias to whet your appetite. Begonia solananthera has glossy light green leaves and fragrant flowers with red centers. Varieties of Begonia Houseplants Fibrous: This category includes cane begonia, wax begonia, angel-wing begonia, and other varieties. The dragon wing begonia, another beauty, also belongs in this category. Can make quite a statement wherever it is kept. Dig them in the fall, dry them for 10 days, and store them in a cool and dark place for replanting the following spring. It can be eaten both cooked or raw, and the fleshy leaves are slightly less bitter than the tuberous begonia. It performs well in partial shade and looks great in hanging basket, are some of the most gorgeous white flowers you can grow, Check out our article on best window box flowers, 20 Indoor Plants That Increase Humidity & Reduce Dry Air In Homes, 15 Victorian Era Houseplants That Britishers Grew, 64 Variegated Versions of Most Popular Houseplants, 20 Spectacular Christmas Décor Ideas with Plants, 11 Easiest Indoor Blooming Houseplants to Grow, 10 Indoor Plants that Absorb CO2 at Night, 20 Unique Indoor Plants in Hanging Baskets Ideas, 18 DIY Eggshell Ideas for Gardeners | Easter Egg Planters. All of them have a... Tuberous: This type has the most striking large flowers in neon-like colors of yellow, pink, orange, red, or white. Dark-leafed begonias can take the sun’s heat better than green-leafed varieties. Other offerings in the 'Doublet' series include various shades of white, soft pink, hot pink, and red. and can be used in a variety of ways as planters! Phonetic Spelling beh-GO-nee-ah This plant has low severity poison characteristics. Most are perennial plants in zones 10 and 11, but they are widely grown in almost every region as annuals. If you are looking for a flowering variety for hanging baskets, go for this one eyes-closed! Variegated begonias need partial exposure to the sun to maintain the color development on their foliage. It flowers abundantly from spring to fall. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Seek the advice of a veterinarian for affected animals. This trademark variety is a tuberous begonia hybrid and features frilly rose-hued blooms from mid-spring to mid-fall, that pair charmingly with its heart-shaped succulent leaves. It's bright white color with red edging creates a pop against it's rich green foliage. An out and out exotic variety, the plant has dark green leaves patterned with silver, bronze, and deep rich purple splotches making it stand out from the rest! This type of begonia can tolerate somewhat more sun than the wax begonias; so grow 'Torch Pink' in bright filtered sunlight to prevent it from becoming lanky. Here’re some of the best begonia types you can grow! Instead, place them in filtered light, such as beneath high, thin tree canopies. A window box favorite, the plant offers full pink, rose-like flowers. Based on the root structure, begonias are categorized into four types: Tuberous, Fibrous, Hardy, and Rhizomatous. Here are some amazing DIY Eggshell Ideas you... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, Check out our article on best ornamental plants for shade, owers with contrasting green foliage having pink margins. One of the most striking plants on the list, it is popular for purple-black foliage with a broad metallic red ring. This variety requires more sun than other varieties.. The plant has dark-green foliage splashed with pink color with a touch of silver accents here and there. Read on to find out what you need to know about growing begonias. Flowers can be solid white, white with colored edges, or faded colors that turn white. The underside of the leaves has a reddish tone which gives them special appeal in hanging baskets. Solenia 'Dusty Rose' Begonia (Begonia × tuberhybrida), 'Richmond' Begonia (Begonia semperflorens), Nonstop 'Mocca Yellow' Begonia (Begonia × tuberhybrida), Nonstop $#39Rose' Begonia (Begonia × tuberhybrida), Ambassador Series Begonias (Begonia semperflorens), Cocktail Series Begonias (Begonia semperflorens), 'Doublet White' Begonia (Begonia semperflorens), 'Torch Pink' Begonia (Begonia aconitifolia × Begonia coccinea), From Durable to Delicate, All About Begonias, 15 Varieties of Roses to Consider for Your Garden, 9 Best Colorful Plants for Hanging Baskets, 11 Good Shade Plants to Grow Along a North-Facing Wall, 11 Great Shade Plants for Container Gardens, 10 Great Jasmine Shrubs and Vines for Your Landscape, 14 Recommended Lily Varieties for Your Garden. Featuring a striking red-pink foliage that’s edged in silver and has a border in hues of green, it is one of the best begonias you can grow! It flowers in a subtle shade of pink that is beautifully complemented by its green leaves. Begonia carolineifolia. Some species, such as wax begonias, can tolerate direct sunlight, but some, like tuberous begonias, prefer more shade. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Illumination Scarlet’. This is another offering from the trademarked Nonstop series of tuberous begonias. Shrubs.

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