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Our shop is run by anglers, for anglers. At Irish Bait and Tackle we manufacture and distribute quality fishing bait. At the time of our visit, the dozen, steep-sided, lined ponds were mostly full of baby carp, feeding voraciously on both natural food like Daphnia (water fleas) as well as fry pellets. This unique fish health standing actually allows them to export English carp to the USA for growing on or breeding in the much higher summer temperatures found there, before being imported back for distribution to customers. We planned to fish “the Lough”; a large shallow lake situated in a housing estate in Cork City, made famous by its potential for producing Irish record carp. That’s what really helps us stand out from the crowd”. A few days passed, and by this stage the swim has seen around another three kilos of boilies. Earlier this year, Off the Scale was invited by the English fish supply giant Neil Hardy Aquatica Ltd. for a tour of their facilities to learn, first-hand, how they operate and what role they may be able play in helping to develop Irish carp fishing. She just had so much character, you could just see the age in her. See our MONTHLY SPECIALS FOR JUNE! As I write this, at the back end of 2018, Irish carp angling is, undeniably, in bad shape. Check out our wide range of fishing tackle products. However, by all accounts, the business model used by NICAS, whereby anglers join the society on a yearly basis, is working excellently. Both types are a nice dull-orange colour with a fruity, meaty flavour so they pair well together. I think it comes down to a lack of organisation and coherence, on all sides. It was more like 4 or 5 years ago though. We knew they were there; it was just up to us to work out how to catch them! After approximately two weeks had passed, and the swim had now seen a good eight kilos of boilies, we reckoned it was time to give it a go! Asking Tony about this clearly very-modern set-up, “We have over thirty different indoor systems currently with in excess of 750 tanks. Irelands premier online and walk in fishing tackle shops. In terms of strains used, you could say that Tony and co. have now developed their own. I went home straight away and told Jack the news; we were now more excited than ever to get back. This mirror, which was weighed at 30lb exactly, came from a Northern Irish venue and looks set to topple the previous 29lb 13oz record which has been held for 16 years. My main hopes are to see these fish grow even bigger to prove Carp can thrive in Northern Ireland, and to see further stocks of fish for the future, with this potential record beaten time and time again. In the United Kingdom and Ireland coarse fishing (Irish: garbhiascaireacht, Welsh: pysgota bras)[1][2] refers to angling for freshwater fish which are traditionally considered undesirable as a food or game fish. We produce around 100-150,000 carp there annually and hope to do an additional 8-10 large spawnings a year before too long”. It was now the fifth session on our swim, and by now had seen over twenty kilos of boilies in the space of a month. However, before actually fishing, we would spend several weeks simply pre-baiting the swim. That honour belongs to a fish caught in The Lough in Cork City in 1998. Mark McGivern, chairman of the Northern Ireland Carp Association, said that all the group’s hard work over the past 18 months had paid off Alex, in his usual straight-talking style, added, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not been easy but the hard work is really paying off and we’ve gone from basically nothing to, hands-down, the best carp fishing on the island of Ireland”. Irish Fishing Regulations Modified date: November 4, 2020 While no licence is needed for trout, pike and coarse fishing in the Republic of Ireland, a rod licence is required in Northern Ireland. As it was a Saturday, they were open early and we were in and set up for about eight in the morning. These fish are there for everyone to catch and cradle as I did, so go out and catch yourself a lump and I might just see you on the bank sometime. I was over the moon to have landed a Carp on my second ever session. “Our system allows most issues to be identified early and even pre-empted, and can even be operated remotely which is great but means there’s never really any getting away from work” laughed Tony. Save Now! Objectively, we have some of the poorest carping to be found anywhere, with typically slow growth rates, low stocks which struggle to breed successfully and only a tiny handful of waters offering anything resembling decent fishing. “Yeah, the USA farm seemed a bit of a mad idea at first but our special health status allowed for it so we thought why not give it a go! The fish put up a good spirited fight, a smashing 11lb 2oz Mirror Carp. Bigger fish have been imported into the isl The nearer pegs are where most of the anglers settle and every angler at the end of the day has some left-over bait. As this is one of t… More pre-baiting followed, and another two sessions with no Carp showing, although there were plenty of Bream about. The run came at quarter past ten and completely out of the blue as the rods had only been in a few hours. The timeworn, wooden-clad building belies the immense numbers and value of fish within the 22,000 square foot premises, as well as the high-tech, albeit somewhat quirky, set-up. As you can see from the photos, a distinctive quality of many of Tony’s fish is the unusual scaling patterns and skin colours, from fish with heavily-plated, abnormally large scales to mirrors with a paint-like dusting of micro-scales near the tail. Although we Irish are blessed with very eye-pleasing carp, our growth rates and ultimate sizes are among the lowest in the entire world, thanks to our historical lack of selective breeding programmes – any carp bred for stocking by the authorities in decades past were about sheer production numbers rather than growth potential. We put bait in every chance we could get, and as it was an eighty-mile trip there and back, it wasn’t always easy. I also had a Tench at slightly below 4lbs which are quite rare in Lough Gall. Logistically, this was very difficult as you can imagine!” The recent installation of 12 ponds under huge polytunnels will mean that this regime can now change and be more spread out and manageable through the season. I guess many anglers think fish farming is all about raising carp in some outdoor ponds but it’s not! Common Carp, Black Carp をターゲットとするスポーツフィッシングクラブ. But, strangely enough, neither of the Maynooth fish holds the Irish carp record. It was late April at this stage, with temperatures still quite fresh but the south winds were blowing into our face on this mark. Clearly, having a formal, responsible national group would make progressing any issues easier. I set my stall out and put about half a kilo of feed over each rod. There is literally not one single alternative source of disease-free certified carp we can import from, and of course the same goes you for boys down south”. I think that's where he was fishing - it was near a WWD anyway. With some time off work, I decided to go up for a day by myself and arrived as the lake opened, and rushed down to get to our pre-baited pegs. For comparison, there are zero carp producers in Ireland or Northern Ireland, nor is there any official, natural supply. To make things even tougher, although extremely well-stocked, there are only a small number of really big Carp present, the A-team as we have started to call them. The supply is there, the legislative channels are in place, the demand is certainly there and the potential to create both local employment and increased revenue streams through carp angling is significant. An ambition realised, potential new Irish Record. There was absolutely no rushing this beast! As we all know, our planet is mostly covered by water, and one can only imagine the vastness of species of fish that live in these waters. No Carp showed unfortunately, but from past experiences, you’re lucky to find one or two of the “big-uns” in a season so we were not too worried and were reasonably prepared for a blank session or two. The overall situation was exacerbated this May when an outbreak of the little-known Carp Edema Virus (CEV) wiped out over 99.9% of the stocks in both Belvelly lake, Cobh and the infamous Lough in Cork City , which had been our most prominent public water for almost fifty years. So, this is all well and good but how does a farm in the south of England relate to Irish carp fishing? Jack and I were back again and we set out as normal, waiting for the gate to open (there is no all-night fishing permitted here). Many waters in Ireland have never been fished and never seen a rod and line We knew the Bream were present which is why heavy pre-baiting is a must. To bring this piece full-circle, the state of play does not make for great reading. By this stage in my angling, I was now looking for a real challenge and I knew of such a place that just might produce the goods. This farm, which in angling terms operates under the ‘Carp4Restcoking’ banner (more on this later), is recognised by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) as the UK’s safest source of carp, boasting the highest disease-free status available. That equates to something like 550,000 litres of recirculated water, so it’s a pretty major operation. The rig I would be using was a nine-inch bottom bait rig tied with semi-stiff Korda n-trap whipped onto a size 6 Korda Kaptor wide-gape hook. Visit website Located between Lisburn and Moira in Northern Ireland, the Ivy Lodge Carp fishery is one of the finest locations in this region, aimed to deliver a truly top notch professional carp fishing experience. Lough Gall hosts a stunning and wild 38-acre park lake with depths to over 40ft. In any case, relocating fish from one angling water to another has inherent biosecurity risks. Fish is nature’s wonderful creation as they come in so Our plan was to fish two rods each, both at the bottom of the marginal shelf on both pegs; me on the left and Jack on the right. Most irish anglers concentrate on game fishing - for either salmon or trout, so you can try your luck with fish that have rarely seen a coarse fishing setup. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. Coarse/Carp Fishing +-Bait Bait Boxes/Buckets/Riddles Baiting Tools/ Scissors Baiting Up/Catapults Bite Alarms/Indicators Bivvies/Bedchairs/Chairs Carp Accessories Carp … Feeding time came and Tony dropped another impressive statistic; “We use around 20-25 tonnes of fish food here every year and, at the moment, about 15-20 tonnes in the USA”. The poignant, tentative question on people’s lips now is where do we go from here? As the fish eventually began to slow on the clutch I began to feel the true weight of what I was attached to. There was a good and confident buzz about the spot. In summary, our state agency with the responsibility for inland fisheries development and management has agreed, provisionally, to work with carp anglers on national policy, stockings and development provided it is all conducted in the right way and through the correct channels – and this is where Neil Hardy Aquatica and Carp4Restocking will come in. In the past we have spawned our fish all year round, mainly from August to November, about 10-15 very large spawnings a year, which meant we would hold literally millions of fry over Christmas. At around 5 pm, as I was just chatting on my phone, the left-hand alarm gave an almighty scream and I was into my first Lough Gall Carp. The whole lake has a huge marginal drop and directly in front of our swims it averaged fifteen feet deep, only a rod length out. The water was well-coloured and we were reasonably confident that the wind would help bring fish towards us. As well as having very, very few actual carp fishing clubs, we also have no national group or representative body. This member only venue is a straight forward, laid back and humble location, but nonetheless situated in some wonderful and pristine natural surroundings, guaranteeing a relaxed and quiet experience. The best brands, price matching and great advice. Pike fishing is particulary good with a spinner. As touched on earlier, a key point that sets Carp4Restocking apart from the rest is the extraordinarily high level of biosecurity and health clearance they maintain. My hands were shaking and my head was all over the place as I sat and composed myself for a while and allowed the fish time to recover. Like excited schoolboys, the second day of our trip saw Stewart and I chauffeured by Ger Evans, Irish rep for Neil Hardy Aquatica, for some two hours to deepest, darkest Wiltshire where there lies, among the rolling English countryside, a fish farm of some repute. Plans are already afoot, watch this space. They spawn well, grow well and most importantly to us, look simply amazing! Being my favourite species, it pains me to admit that. We ship nationwide. We are the only producers of live maggots in Ireland and also retailers of brands including Bait Tech, Sensas, Van Den Eynde, Matchcraft, Preston Innovations, Maver, Tubertini and Matrix. I only went over to Ireland once, before I really got into carp fishing, we We repeated the process, putting half a kilo of bait over each rod and sat back and waited, but could never have predicted what followed! Why then, you may ask, are there not at least some waters being developed and stocked with English carp in the Republic like there are in Northern Ireland? All pre-baiting was done by hand due to the short distance we were fishing. CarpForum - The UK Carp Fishing Forum. From all of us at NI Carp Crew, tight lines. Using a Nash Carp Cradle, one of the best pieces of kit I own, we stuck a nail in a tree and hung the scales up to get a perfect weight. For many, the CEV incident was the coup de grâce for Irish carp angling. Great prices and products. Some are achieving growth rates of 6-7lb per year in rich lakes. Every aspect of angling catered for. They somehow evoke the same warm, fuzzy feeling as a puppy or kitten does and to think that a carp the size of your finger might well one day grow into a thirty pounder – as many of Tony’s fish are doing right around the UK – is amazing. Fishing Tackle Direct Ireland Murph's Unit 2 Catheral Close Tullow Street Carlow Ireland Phone: 059-91-32839 As some of you may know, the disease-free certification achieved by Carp4Restocking also permits them to export carp to Northern Ireland, where the Northern Ireland Carp Anglers Society (NICAS)  have stocked and established no less than five waters and counting in recent years. Every tank was meticulously labelled with details of its inhabitants and each turn of a corner or opening of another door revealed yet another collection of amazing fish. We discussed the plan in depth, and our location of choice was to be Lough Gall Country Park. He used to go over for the match fishing festivals. It was now early May and the flora and fauna of the lake was really starting to flourish. “It’s hard to separate carp and ornamental koi production on site due to large numbers involved” explained Tony, “but the average annual production, the fish actually sold to customers, is around 150-200,000 fish in total. The take was so violent the lead ejected and the fish instantly rolled on the surface. We have very few established carp waters, private or public, with carp having been stocked on an often ad-hoc basis, both officially and unofficially for many years. Our reasoning was this; most Carp anglers on the lake run away up to a quiet corner which is all well and good but these spots never see regular feed. If I’m out carping, it’s almost always with him. Their fish are still disease-free, certified to the highest standards and carp can still be legally imported (under licence) and stocked into carefully selected, suitable angling waters under the EU Fish Health Directive and other national guidelines, in conjunction with both the Marine Institute and Inland Fisheries Ireland. But now Culture, Arts and Leisure Minister Michael McGimpsey has said the lake can become the province’s first carp fishery. The outcome of this meeting very much contradicts general opinion on IFI’s take on carp fishing and certainly quashed several fears I had before attending. “I’m particularly pleased with what’s happened in the North” smiled Tony, “that I’ve been able to play a small role in bringing carp fishing to more Irish anglers. I gave out an almighty roar as it was one of the sought-after big girls. The experience can only be compared to an aquarium visit although this sweaty, high-humidity tour took far longer given the sheer size of the place and was, for fish enthusiasts at least, far more interesting. For more information please follow these links: Northern Ireland Carp Anglers Society (NICAS). The bait we were using was Hybrid from Mainline in 18mm, and CC.Moore Equinox in 15mm, two excellent companies which I have great faith in. As you may be aware, numerous imports of carp from Carp4Restocking have happened in the last decade (first in 2008), and, despite belief to the contrary, nothing on the legal side of things that has changed in recent years to prevent this happening again in the future. 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