why is leafy spurge a problem

In the past 20 years, it has colonised beaches along the New South Wales South Coast, however containment efforts are underway. Study of sheep genetics reveals large diversity Aug 10, 2012 News. Wildlife areas like Spruce Woods Provincial Park. I wasn't able to try them on the weed in pasture until the summer of 2005. They found no lesions in “nasal passages, oral cavity, tongue, esophagus or viscera” of animals who had eaten leafy spurge. This invasive perennial plant was accidentally introduced to North America in the early 1800s. "!911)+*/!$88%-3,<$*)&'!VB;BBB!$+%)/!! ! Bridget Andrews of the watershed said leafy spurge has been a problem in the Caronport and Mortlach areas for more than 50 years. Sea spurge can produce up to 5,000 salt-tolerant seeds. were more important problems than leafy spurge). -1!8$/*4%)!$.(!.$*,:)!8%$,%,)!1%-

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