sword art online re: hollow fragment walkthrough

Using PRT Prayer and DEF Stance as needed and Battle Shout and other hate boosters as needed. The second most important attribute for this setup is Dodge. Set this as your OSS. As it is a DLC mission, in single player mode, you can force it to activate. Can be Parried. Treasure: Rapier, Mace, Dagger, SP Grand Potion x3, Kongo Ore x10. This guide will use Leafa. Also, choose a passive skill to activate depending on your needs and goals. Enemies: Deep Crimson, Red Slime, Green Slime. Grab new sidequest and go to Cist of the Death King Level 1 to do it if able. This can be best identified by a central empty room with a seal on either side and where on each side is a forking path leading to two destinations. Best way to avoid this is to unlock and run in a circle to the side or to do two backsteps. The only way to solve this is to redo the event(s) or see the image again in another event. Sword Art Online Re Hollow Fragment Game Play Story and Introduction. Grind Event. Dating a Heroine/Partner/Significant Person. Neck: Meteor Chain. First room is a trap with Arch Demon x2 and Phantom. Short and wide AoE cone with stun OR Tempest. it can be found in a Red chest located in South-East ; Scimitar #2. str Potion x10. Sometimes a later event will show the same gallery item or you have to redo the event. Players who have started Asuna's Aincrad Eventline should finish it. If you have a PC as well, you make a PS3 backup every 100 hours of gameplay. Iris. Shots are large purple orbs that inflict bleed, status down, and do high damage. Enemies: Frenzy Boar, Orc Warrior, Orc General, Treasure: Stream Ore x10, Scimitar, Dagger, 1h Sword, Dagger, Axe, Sharp Edge Ore x10. Daytime Grind Event: Arnold. Once you have a desired chain, you can then save the chain at the console in the room. If it is daytime, you should see Cocoa battling outside if you accepted Cocoa's mail, you should have a Grind Event active. These weapons will generally have AGI+15 and HIT+20 or DEX+15 and DODGE+20. Around Shot: Moves towards the side while firing 2 sets of 2 Shots. Floor 79 Church. Then go for the S path chest with Red Flame Ore x4. Bug? Blue chests have a random chance to give equipment-this is a low chance of occuring except in high Floors of the Concealed Area or from Blue Chests with guaranteed loot. He rarely (if ever) uses parry or step. Nighttime Grind Event: Masao. This battle is very difficult to lose unless you specifically choose to do nothing but have it attack Philia. This will be a tougher battle, so make sure you use your buff skills, and healing prayer. Underground Area: This is technically part of the Aincrad Area and is accessible through DLC. This boss may lift up a single claw (right claw) and then thrust it forward. The eastern chest has Sharp Edge Ore x4. This appears to somewhat depend on the enemy. These will be mentioned as either: Large AoE (large circle centered around the boss), AoE Cone/Cone AoE (with a basic description of the cone shape-if there is no description, assume it is a basic 45 degree (width) cone with about two backsteps of length. Take the W door. This attack seems to be slightly angled. To dodge, do a sidestep immediately after the boss does a backstep (a backstep may work as well). The boss often inflicts Darkness and Bleed. There is a lily on the lake with a pink !. Switch partners if desired. For now, we'll head to Agil's Shop (I went in the daytime with Philia in the party) for an event. It will raise the front legs then stomp, turning the large aoe circle into a lava pit. Go straight east at Ginriogia Stairway Remains F3 until you can't go any further, then go 1N and take the exit to the W. Go straight forward (east) at Ginriogia Stairway Remains F2. The timing may be slightly before, at the same time, or even slightly after. This attack can always be stunned. Elevation: Soaring Spirit is good for players with high dex and/or high agi. Always Active Skills: <- This line may be omitted. First fires a thin multi hit cone, then fires a wider multi hit cone. This is the only spot with Princess Guards so farm here for your Ant Honeypot x3. Treasure: 1H: Noel Danza +2, Stream Ore x8, Red Flame Ore x8, Rapier: Gottheit Star+1. Spd Potion x8, Daytime Grind Event. AoE Cone with poison. 4 Stone golems. Treasure: Kongo Ore x10, 2H: Leo Eruption+4, Sharp Edge Ore x10, Axe: Alma Sobrio+4, Gathering Points: From the S exit, take the first west branch and go all the way to the chest and the gathering point is next to the chest. Note: For when you are going to attack the Necromancer, luring will pull the entire group. (For the main concealed area, the player will always be in the outermost point). This gives a minor Attack speed boost and but lowers defense and hate, which will be useful for the short term (use it at the start of a battle, the defense debuff portion doesn't last that long and it is somewhat spammable). You May Also Like. South of the pathway between the exits in some bushes. 2 Missions. If necessary, before using these combos use SP RGNT or Storm Mind, then use party buffs such as First Step, Sharp Rage, War Cry, Risk Aversion. We'll start with the NE path, then N for 2 Gargoyles and a chest with Rapier: Merge Lotus. In particular, one key equipment is found on Floor 88. Nighttime Grind Event. Go S at the crossroads. Get Valuables: Ceremonial Ring (Colorless). Reward is Str Potion x10. Release the seal, then go all the way to Perplexed Alien Forest and activate the teleport. Edit; Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment . Go back to the Mirage Dunes for the NW exit. Take the E path then the S path for a chest with: Sharp Edge Ore x10. Valuables Swordsman Stone Sword. Go 1W, 2S for 1 Rune Knight. This chest contains Valuables: Ice Tree Tuning Fork "Shine". Keep going east and take the south path, then go south until the path turns west. Southmost chest should be real. The skills for these bosses will be formatted slightly differently than the Aincrad Bosses. Interrupt Mission: Knight of Knights (white). Go 1 E then 1S and there should be a switch on the north side of the east half of the room. The player will activate any blue ! Interrupt. Star Disappear: Causes the clouds formed by Black Hole Eclipse to have their timers drastically shortened and causing them to explode. Get all the Hollow Areas to Rank 3, then look for Rank 3 Hollow Missions that ask to Defeat x1 enemy. Interrupt Mission: Black Hornet x1. Requires From Sword Skill to Sword Skill's OSS System to train. While there may be some naming from the Asia version, this should be infrequent. For Challenges with text in Parenthesis, that means that is the listed requirement, but it falls under a different category for training method tips. Take the W exit to Spirited Vein of Explosive Flame. Str Potion x10. In the westmost room, the east chest is a mimic. Note: When it does a skill, you can manually move away and you will likely be doing this often to avoid damage.

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