sizing fans for grain bins

Author. Our fans easily adapt to heaters or can be used alone for natural air drying or for pressure aeration. 855-354-2496. Sukup runs it’s own test facility, has the most modern motors & controls, and has excellent field support. Install enough perforated surface to provide one square foot for each 25 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). What is the rule of thumb for sizing fans on a Hopper Bottom bin? Thermometer probe for smaller bins, or temperature cables in large bins (20,000 to 25,000 bushels and up). Be sure all parts of the bin are cooled. Because the purpose of aeration is temperature control, the required air quantity depends on the desired rate of temperature change. The operator must gain experience in how long it takes to change the temperature in the bin by monitoring the temperatures when the fan is operating. During the winter holding period, check the grain weekly and periodically run the fan for a day or two during good weather when the outside temperature is near the grain’s temperature. To properly manage stored grain, the operator must be able to obtain samples from the stored grain, determine moisture content, monitor grain temperatures and keep a simple record of both grain and ambient temperatures. Air temperature, humidity and grain moisture content determine the grain temperature resulting from aeration. Use a deep bin probe to obtain samples at different locations to determine the moisture content, the level of fine material and general grain conditions. for Grain Bins Centrifugal fan Vane axial fan. Called aeration, this practice greatly improves the storability of grain by maintaining a cool, uniform temperature throughout the storage. You will need to know: circumference (if bin is round), length and width (if bin is rectangular), grain height, grain peak height and actual test weight of the commodity. Subscribe. Description. In the areas where canola or other small seed crops are part of the rotation, the .050 is the most popular aeration floor for flat bottom bins. This is usually not as serious as the moisture migration upward and outward during cold winter weather. Each operator, based on experience and by examining the stored grain, can make reasonable decisions as to the risks of each case. Set Descending Direction. It’s better to move the air upward to carry this warm air out of the bin, rather than draw it downward through the rest of the grain. For as low as $50 a year. These durable fans are constructed of heavy-duty steel and are available with galvanized or painted finishes. This is a must for long-term storage, unless the grain is delivered in good, clean condition. Superior provides both commercial solutions for grain elevator storage as well as grain bins for usage on private farms. This fan adapts to most aeration systems. For most BIN DRYING applications, the minimum airflow is 1.0 cubic feet per minute (CFM). + Shipping to: 98837. All rights reserved. These durable fans are constructed of heavy-duty steel and are available with galvanized or painted finishes. Most bin fan manufacturers have heater options as well, she adds. The required fan time is proportional to the airflow rate. 70,000 psi tensile strength steel (55,000 psi yield strength). Years of hard work powered by a single vision to design and deliver world-class products have built GSI from the ground up. A thermometer that shows maximum and minimum temperatures will provide additional, desirable information. Fan Sizing and Application for Bin Drying/Cooling of Grain. Grain bin fans are the devices and condition their grains. Choose from a large selection of Centrifugal High-Speed Fans arranged according to fan diameter! Manual. transition adapter plates to go from 16" fan to 24" transition. Flowing grain is dangerous! Proper roof vents are critical. Fans are available with or without controls. The heater is easily installed between the fan and bin. Propane, electric, and diesel are also options. Safe-Grain, Inc. | Aeration, Drying & Storage Equipment | Aeration Fans, Pipe Systems. Running fans when the EMC is higher than the grain’s moisture content pumps moisture into the grain. Not finding what you're looking for? You can minimize the problem by starting aeration early and reducing the grain temperature over a longer period of time. Check out the variety of Aeration Fan adapters that we have in stock. Periodically check the grain and run the fan during cool, fair weather when the outside temperature is close to the grain temperature. Based on these considerations, decide which bins are the greatest risks and arrange unloading schedules to best meet the situation. This helps monitor aeration progress and locate trouble spots. This fan has the added advantage that the same motor can be used for both high-speed and low-speed fan options. The effect of temperature and moisture content on the allowable storage time of shelled corn is given in Table 1. A good guideline is to let the fan continuously run night and day when the bin’s exhaust temperature is at or above the maximum daily temperature. Manual. $740.00 to $1,500.00 - apply Price filter. The main advantage of moving the air down and exhausting it at the bottom is to minimize roof condensation when aerating warm grain during cold weather. The round bins are all shown with the duct’s surface flush with the floor. Contact for availability . For example, if a fan is selected to move 1,500 cfm, install 60 square feet of perforated surface area (1,500 / 25 = 60). Roof peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs. The air delivery system will move the same amount of air either way. *Static pressures are listed in increments of a half inch with a minimum on one inch. Caldwell fans are designed to provide high performance, dependable service and quality acceptance throughout the world. The temperature change occurs as a cooling or warming front moves through the grain and is not done until the front completely passes through the bin.

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