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I noticed some "jumping" here and there, and there were plenty of dust specks throughout (mostly at the beginnings of reels). The Chinese-born Howe had been nicknamed Low Key Hoe because of his fondness for dark, shadowy scenes. H Know Your Money (1940) 6/27 ... D Nora Prentiss (1947) 6/16 u … Episode 13 is all about Nora Prentiss. You can also purchase Nora Prentiss here on Amazon [aff. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Ironically, Talbot is now arrested for his own murder. TCM's current monthly schedule can be confirmed by clicking on any of the above images. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. You can listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify here. 0:45. Overlook TP. P TCM SPOTLIGHT Jazz in Film NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA AVAILABLE AT TCM SHOP SHOP.TCM.COM or 1-888-9-TCMSHOP playing this month, please search the TCM Database at Nora Prentiss is also June’s DVD pick of the month. Talbot then decides to make it look as if he, rather than Bailey had died. Nora Prentiss kneels before the ashes of her dreams of home, ... TCM also gave her the chance to talk on-camera about why classic films are essential, with her own Fan Retro- spective, shot in Atlanta's MacArthur Park. Nora Prentiss (1947) - The Little Woman's Away, Nora Prentiss (1947) - There's A Certain Dignity, Nora Prentiss (1947) - I Don't Have To Dance, Feb He then meets Nora and leaves town with her. Never breathe a word of it to anyone. Close captioning. Much later, as Talbot prepares to leave for the evening, a woman is hit by a car. Previously, he had drawn strong performances from Ida Lupino in The Hard Way (1942) and Bette Davis in Old Acquaintance (1943) and Mr. Skeffington (1944), and he would work the same magic with Sheridan. Check the TCM schedule here for showtimes. She flirts a little with him, and concerned about possible injuries, he walks her home. Promise. Seems to me Kent Smith is the screw-up who ruins her life … Mistakenly believing that Talbot was being blackmailed, Merriman tells the police that he suspects Talbot was murdered. Bw-89 mins. Art Direction: Anton Grot During the trial, Talbot refuses to defend himself, because he does not want to shame his family, and is found guilty. Subscribe to the TCM Shop newsletter for discounts and exclusives. Angry because they still have to sneak around, she provokes a quarrel and Talbot agrees to take her to a nightclub run by Phil Dinardo, her former boss. Please note that NORA PRENTISS will only be shown on Noir Alley on June 8th, due to TCM's 24-hour salute to the late Doris Day which begins on Sunday, June 9th. Nora is surprised to see him and makes it clear that she is not interested in having an affair, but he explains that he only wants to be friends. 49 votes, 13 comments. Producer: William Jacobs, Jack L. Warner First of all, the film wasn't in as good of condition as other Warner Archive transfers, but it was OK. But it's never quite believable. Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast: Ann Sheridan , Kent Smith , Bruce Bennett . The stars and the supporting cast do a great deal to make it believable and real. 4:30 Am Nora Prentiss … Howe and Sherman set Nora Prentiss in a nightmare world that mirrored the male lead's paranoia. With Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett, Robert Alda. For those who live in parts of the U.S. other than the western region, the time zone can be adjusted in the upper right-hand corner of TCM's program. Talbot starts to drink and becomes jealous of Dinardo. There, however, Talbot sees someone that he knows and hustles Nora out of the club. There are some interesting user reviews about NORA PRENTISS on the TCM database. ♥️ #annsheridan #tcm #letsmovie #macaronsandmimi #classicfilms #billytravilla #1940sstyle #1940sglam #classicactress #classichollywood #filmnoir #oldmovies. Nora Prentiss (1947) - The Little Woman's Away Finishing her number, night club singer Ann Sheridan (title character), with her straight-laced new physician Talbott (Kent Smith), grows skeptical, then apologetic, introducing her boss (Robert Alda), then sampling a tune by M.K. Helping him a lot was cinematographer James Wong Howe. Later, Talbot crashes a stolen car during a police chase and is badly burned. Ann Sheridan is NORA PRENTISS ('47). Fingers crossed. When Talbot examines her, she tells him that she is a nightclub singer named Nora Prentiss. When she and the studio finally hammered out a new contract, Warners rewarded her with this showcase for her unique combination of warmth and sex appeal - 'what the publicity department called "Oomph." Their use of subjective shots, disorienting angles and deep shadows helped make the picture a memorable film noir. When Talbot walks in on Dinardo proposing to Nora, he starts a fight. Cinematography: James Wong Howe What the ads failed to note was that with Sheridan in the title role, Nora Prentiss was just about the nicest femme fatale in film history. By using this site, you agree to our updated, Finishing her number, night club singer Ann Sheridan (title character), with her straight-laced new physician Talbott (Kent Smith), grows skeptical, then apologetic, introducing her boss (Robert Alda), then sampling a tune by M.K. Nora Prentiss (1947) es un no muy recordado melodrama producido por la Warner, dirigido por Vincent Sherman y protagonizado por Ann Sheridan y Kent Smith. On this day, TCM features a series of films noir set in San Francisco, starting at 7:45 a.m. Nora begs him to reveal the truth, but he refuses and makes her promise never to tell anyone. When Talbot again asks Lucy to remain home with him, she accuses him of being childish. "Nora Prentiss" is a terrific film noir that has all the intensity of a demented soap-opera. Nora, who does not know what Talbot did, cannot understand why he refuses to be seen in public. Dir: Ray Enright. Sign Up now to stay up to date with all of the latest news from TCM. According to a February 27, 1946 press release, cast members Herb Caen, Bill McWilliams, Mike Musura, Jerry Bauluch, Fred Johnson, Jack Daley, Bill Best, Seymore Snaer and James Nickle were real-life reporters. Director: Vincent Sherman ^ "Nora Prentiss", film review, Variety, December 31, 1946. Nora Prentiss, el motivo de todo el film es el propio nombre completo y civil, su estado nominativo y legal que es … A man, who is thought to have murdered the well-respected Dr. Richard Talbot, is returned to San Francisco under guard. ISBN 0-87951-479-5. Screenplay: N. Richard Nash Although he recovers, his face is changed. Directed by Vincent Sherman. This was a great film noir. Nora Prentiss: You can't ask me to go on living with a memory that I could have saved you and didn't. You can't do that. Thursday - October 1st, 2020 12:00am (Drama) Up the Down Staircase [1967] 2:15am (Comedy) Our Miss Brooks [1956] 4:00am … Music: Franz Waxman Cast: Ann Sheridan, Dick Powell, Gale Page. The Plot Thickens -- Howard Hawks on BRINGING UP BABY ('38) Turner Classic Movies: TCM. It’s been months, but I’m still grumbling about losing Turner Classic Movies and its Noir Alley feature.Oh, I manage to get by (sort of) with Movies! The loyal Dinardo is waiting when Nora leaves the jail. Nora Prentiss is a 1947 black-and-white drama film noir directed by Vincent Sherman, and starring Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett and Robert Alda.2 Sherman also directed leading lady Sheridan in another 1947 film noir, The Unfaithful. According to Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style, Nora Prentiss is the ultimate “woman's noir”. BW-112m. This review is for the Warner Archive transfer of "Nora Prentiss." After Talbot bungles an operation, Nora announces that she is leaving him for his own good. When she went to work on Nora Prentiss, she had been off the screen for eighteen months, battling Warner Bros. for better scripts and more money. Nora Prentiss ( 1947) An ambitious singer ruins a doctor's life. Jerome and Jack Scholl, in Nora Prentiss , 1947. Merriman searches Talbot's office and finds part of the letter he was writing to Lucy. Editor: Owen Marks Later, Lucy asks Merriman why Talbot was withdrawing large sums of money from the bank. Part of the reward was a chance to work with Vincent Sherman, who had established himself as one of the studio's best directors of women. He places Bailey's body in his car and pushes it off a cliff. To view this content, please use one of the following compatible browsers: An ambitious singer ruins a doctor's life. 8:00 PM Nora Prentiss (‘47) 10:00 PM The Unfaithful (‘47) 12:00 AM They Drive by Night (‘40) Musical Comedies 1:45 AM Shine on Harvest Moon (‘44) 3:45 AM The Opposite Sex (‘56) 6:00 AM Navy Blues (‘41) 17WEDNESDAY DAYTIME THEME(S): GAY HOLLYWOOD PRIMETIME THEME(S): HISTORY OF THE SWIMSUIT Part 2 - Men in Trunks Retrieved January 18, 2018. Film Noir: An Encyclopedia Reference to the American Style ("Nora Prentiss" article, page 214). Cast: Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett 8:00 pm Lolita (1962) 2h 33m | Romance | TV-14 A professor finds himself in a struggle of temptation of desire for a young teen nymphet. Director: Stanley Kubrick. Realizing the harm their affair is causing to Talbot's life, Nora suggests that they end it. Soon, his family starts to worry about his unpredictable behavior. 22, The "Oomph Girl" at her Warner Brothers Peak! Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast: James Mason , Sue Lyon , Shelley Winters . DirectToU, LLC is the seller of all TCM merchandise and is solely responsible for all aspects of your purchase. Here Sheridan is night club singer Nora Prentiss, who meets good Doctor Talbot (Kent Smith) after an accident one evening. In New York City, Talbot learns that his "death" is being investigated. Dr. Richard Talbot: There is. Ann Sheridan on TCM: Kings Row, The Man Who Came To Dinner Schedule (Pt) and synopses from the TCM website: 3:00 Am Naughty But Nice (1939) A college professor turns songwriter and falls for his lyricist. She turned down everything sent to her, including Mildred Pierce (1945), which went on to win Joan Crawford an Oscar. A successful and hardworking doctor, Richard Talbot (Kent Smith) strays from his marriage when he meets Nora Prentiss (Ann Sheridan), a beautiful nightclub performer. In desperation, Talbot starts to write to Lucy, but while he struggles with the letter, Bailey arrives in need of medical attention. Visit my website for all about 1947's Nora Prentiss! by Frank Miller. Director: Vincent Sherman. ^ Nora Prentiss at the TCM Movie Database. 6:00 pm Nora Prentiss (1947) 1h 51m | Drama | TV-PG An ambitious singer ruins a doctor's life. Caen became a noted San Francisco columnist, whose column was published for more than fifty years. And be sure to listen to my podcast, Vanguard of Hollywood.. link]. Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast: Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett Sheilah Graham reported that Ann Sheridan had an infection in one ear during production, and during the final shots of the film, could only be photographed from one side. Jerome and Jack Scholl, in, San Francisco Dr. Talbott (Kent Smith), established as an upright family man and model professional, rebukes his partner in practice (Bruce Bennett) then, working late, meets Ann Sheridan, the title character, quite by chance, in Vincent Sherman’s, Before an evening out, mild Dr. Talbot (Kent Smith) expresses frustration to his wife (Rosemary DeCamp) then, working on the weekend, is surprised when singer Ann Sheridan (title character), whom he treated after a minor accident, stops by to consult, in, Ambitious singer Ann Sheridan ruins a doctor's life in the film noir drama. Nora Prentiss, DVD, Full Frame, Black & White, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound, Suspense-Film Noir, 883316174395 The full schedule for the Day tribute may be found in TCM's press release or on the TCM site. This photo was taken by photographer David Cruz. Patricia Neal! All Rights Reserved. This film's working title was The Sentence. 1947, Here is a set of Lobby Cards from Warner Bros', "Loving her once is once too often!" Then again, that's what audiences expected when they went to Sheridan's films, and it helped make Nora Prentiss another hit for her. Nora Prentiss: If there was only something I could do. To the plot! Love "Nora Prentiss, " Always kills me that in the TCM description of the film for the schedules she is always made out to be the "bad guy." Carried away by a beautiful spring day, Talbot suggests that they go to the mountains over the weekend, but Lucy reminds him that she is taking their children, Bonita and Gregory, to her mother's. Warner Bros.' advertising placed this 1947 thriller squarely within the film noir genre, with its tale of a doctor (Kent Smith) whose obsession with nightclub singer Ann Sheridan destroys his life. The next day, however, Talbot invites Nora for a drive to his mountain cabin, and they begin an affair, despite her misgivings. Jerome and Jack Scholl, in Nora Prentiss, 1947. Today. Upcoming Television Mystery Movies for October 2020 on Turner Classic Movies channel. Nora Prentiss is an overlong melodrama, a story of romance between a married man and a girl. BW- 111 mins, CC, 8:00 PM Lolita ( 1962) Vladimir Nabokov's racy classic focuses on an aging intellectual in love with a teenager. The film kept me on the edge of my seat and was way ahead of me all the time. ©2020 Turner Classic Movies, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company. When Merriman finally arrives at the office, Talbot sternly warns him that he must be available for his patients in case of emergencies, but Merriman responds that leading a life like Talbot's would be too dull for him. She certainly needed it. Nora Prentiss is a 1947 black-and-white drama film noir directed by Vincent Sherman, and starring Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett and Robert Alda. A nightclub singer inspires a doctor to fake his own murder, leading to plenty of complications. Later, the man reflects on the incidents that led to this moment: Stuffy, middle-aged Talbot is married to Lucy, a doctor's daughter, who believes in self-discipline and scheduling. All Rights Reserved. ET with Nora Prentiss, followed by Born to Kill, Dark Passage (Bogey and Bacall), Out of the Past, Race Street, Impact, and finally, The Woman on Pier 13. Sheridan was previously the Star of the Month close to two dozen years ago, in August 1996. The June Star of the Month will be Ann Sheridan. Though known for the grit and reality of Warner Brothers films, this one really takes the cake. tags / Academy Cinemas Auckland New Zealand, Noir City, TCM Recommendations, Pitfall (1948), Ghost and Mrs. Muir The (1947), Vertigo (1958), Ride the High Country, Point Blank (1967), Nora Prentiss (1947), The Unsuspected (1947), Now Voyager, Casablanca, Where Eagles Dare (1968), They Won't Believe Me, Freaks (1932), In a Lonely Place, Bringing Up Baby, Ipcress File The, Big Sleep The … All About the Oscar Winner and Stroke Survivor. JUNE 2020. From Rob Knapp. TM & © 2020 Turner Classic Movies, Inc., a WarnerMedia Company. And they didn't call her the "Oomph Girl" for nothing. After Nora forces Talbot to tell her the truth, she promises not to leave him and gets a job singing again for Dinardo. The cinematography is by cinematographer James Wong Howe, and the music was composed by Franz Waxman. It is in need of a UCLA Film Restoration. And here is the page on my site with plenty of entries about movies and television shows you may enjoy: Cozy Mystery List TV and Movie Section – all you have to do is click on the link to go to that page on my site. It's great that TCM is celebrating her once more and perhaps introducing a new generation of classic film viewers to her work. Sherman also directed leading lady Sheridan in another 1947 film noir, The Unfaithful.The cinematography is by cinematographer James Wong Howe, and the music was composed by Franz Waxman. Nora Prentiss (1947) - The Little Woman's Away Finishing her number, night club singer Ann Sheridan (title character), with her straight-laced new physician Talbott (Kent Smith), grows skeptical, then apologetic, introducing her boss (Robert Alda), then sampling a tune by M.K. We're taking a look at Sheridan's work in film noir with this film at 8pm ET followed by THE UNFAITHFUL ('47) at 10pm ET and THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT ('40) at midnight ET. Cast: Ann Sheridan (Nora Prentiss), Kent Smith (Dr. Richard Talbot), Bruce Bennett (Dr. Joel Merriam), Robert Alda (Phil McDade), Rosemary De Camp (Lucy Talbot). Keep this to yourself. According to the Variety review, the story was based on "an actual insurance case history.". P erhaps the definitive Ann Sheridan film, though mostly overlooked today, surely must be 1947’s Nora Prentiss. Despite intense questioning by the police, however, the man will not reveal why he committed the crime. He almost misses Bonita's sixteenth birthday party and neglects his patients. ^ Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward (1993). Don’t miss Nora Prentiss when it plays on TCM this upcoming Tuesday! Ad line for Nora Prentiss At the office, in the absence of his partner, Dr. Joel Merriman, Talbot examines Merriman's patient, Walter Bailey. Talbot insists that he will get a divorce and go away with her, but is unable to tell his wife. (Paraphrasing here but it's something like how she ruins his life.) Before Talbot can give him an injection, Bailey collapses and dies from a heart attack. 7:45 AM -- Nora Prentiss (1947) 1h 51m | Drama | TV-PG An ambitious singer ruins a doctor's life. That weekend, Talbot goes to the club at which Nora sings. There's no other quite like Ann Sheridan, that is. Not sure if I’ll be home in time for TCM’s 11:00 PM CST Noir Alley with host, noir maestro Eddie Muller.

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