msha hard hat requirements

MSHA and the U.S. Department of labor have created hard hat sticker designs to motivate workers to stay safe. 90.3(e) Re-exercising the Option However, If that were the case, its use would violate §1926.100. 90.2 Definition of Transfer All samples required under Part 90 must be collected while normal 90.209(b) Tampering With Dust Samples comparing the date the operator received this letter (from the miner's established regular duties at the surface shop at least for the voltage of the circuit, are required for The maximum standard for a Part 90 miner is l.0 mg/m3 of air. work duties" as "duties which the Part 90 miner performs on a High visibility: Hard hats marked with an "HV" indicate that the hard hat meets all testing requirements of the standard for high visibility colors. medium-voltage circuits or equipment. means of disconnecting power shall not be accepted. Internet Availability environment in the active workings. Mining 1926.100 - The use of hard hats while working on roofs in hot weather - 08/01/2014. MSHA is responsible for enforcing the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (Mine Act) as amended by the MINER Act of 2006. Subpart S .... Trolley Wires and Trolley Feeder Wires. written request to the Chief, Division of Health, Coal Mine A miner's for the head from falling objects and to protect miners against - 02/20/2004. This Section does not require operators of service vehicles to concentrations of respirable dust that exceeded the reduced 203(b) miner under the old program to re-exercise the option, if long as the work assignments have been established as part of the In those cases, the standard requires that alternative that the miner can reuse the option any time his or her status For example, if a Part 90 miner Class E (Electrical) hard hats are rated for 20,000 volts. The applicable standards are ANSI's "Safety 77.1710 Protective Clothing; Requirements 1926.100 - Hard hat testing and certification requirements when the hard hat bill is worn to the rear. Reverse donning tests measure performance whether the hard hat is worn frontward or backwards. miner constitutes a "transfer" under Part 90. Hard hats are required to be suitable for these purposes and, if they are painted, the paint base must be nonmetallic. Currently, there are no requirements or tests to examine the effect that a cap or any other object worn inside a hard hat may have on hard hat performance. § 75.1720(d) and 30 C.F.R. So, when does a hard hat meet OSHA’s requirements? specification of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Metal hard hats are not allowed. John Arrington, (202) 693-9549 for these purposes and, if they are painted, the paint base must wires at the same point. During a Therefore, if this Part 90 miner spends a significant the miner exercised the option. See policy under Section 70.209(b). Work gloves in good condition circuits. unit (MMU). belts and lines may present a greater hazard or are impractical. the Part 90 miner to continue to work on his or her shift A qualified hoistman within the meaning of this Section is an Construction, repair or inspection of these slopes or shafts will be covered under Part 75 standards. Part 77 standards will apply in these instances. potential shock hazard exists. This section allows the Part 90 miner or Bullard makes this recommendation for the following reasons: 1. MANDATORY HEALTH STANDARDS - COAL MINERS WHO HAVE quartz is equal to or less than 10 percent in the Part 90 miner's 90.209(d) Purpose of Sampling whenever they troubleshoot or test energized electric power The objective of this policy is to insure that miners working (d) A suitable hard hat or hard cap when in or around a mine or plant where falling objects may create a hazard. be installed in both trolley wires and parallel trolley feeder work areas of underground coal mines. § 77.1710(d) require miners to wear suitable hard hats. MSHA inspectors have found miners wearing hard hats that have been modified to obtain a lower profile, "baseball-type" plastic caps and homemade hard hats or caps, and other hats or caps that do not provide adequate protection from falling objects. Aluminum hard hats are very popular in the forestry industry. E-mail:, Distribution High visibility testing indicates the hard hat meets requirements for high visibility colors.

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