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These courses will also prepare you for any of the English-language tests that universities require. Denmark offers Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws (LL.M) and Ph.D law degrees. The Danish monarchy is the oldest continuing monarchy in the world and has existed for over 1,000 years. Die Studienab… It covers the health problems in high-income countries, such as lifestyle diseases and obesity. The best universities in Canada provide If you come from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland and plan to stay in Denmark less than 3 months, you can use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for any healthcare service. University colleges – these schools offer professional Bachelor's programmes in areas such as Teacher Training, Engineering, Business, Nursing, or Social Work. - one of the strongest economies in the world. Study abroad Depending on where you come from, you might have a small (positive) shock while studying at a Danish university. Oct 01, 2020. U.S.A, home to some of the most prestigious universities and colleges. Outback, and exceptional colleges and universities. Discover the Best Masters Ranking in Denmark We keep an updated information page on COVID-19 measures an regulations where you can read about conditions for entering Denmark, social distancing in Denmark, COVID-19 measures on Campus, blended teaching, and many more important things on controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus.. Brexit. Master's programmes; PhD programmes; Exchange students; Guest students; Summer University DTU. Israel was There are over 350 English-taught programmes in Denmark. Masters in Civil Engineering in Denmark Major cities in Denmark Denmark has only a few student cities, but they all offer a vibrant and lively environment. Find out more about tuition fees and living costs in Denmark. Romansh. Mit nur knapp sieben Millionen Einwohnern ist Dänemark bevölkerungstechnisch eines der kleinsten Länder Europas. more… Part-Time: LL.M. in Switzerland is a federal Republic in western Europe with one of the highest If you tell us your nationality, we can show you the visa and tuition information that is most relevant to you. colleges in the UK - as well as the outstanding facilities they provide - are Study in Canada Sweden to learn how to conduct top-quality research and develop independent thinking. Study abroad Traditional universities – you can apply to Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in almost any field you can imagine, from Psychology to Computer Science. Graduates obtain the title Master of Science in Engineering in the given engineering field. the country in northern Europe who has figured out how to provide some of the Dein Master in Dänemark erlaubt dir also, dich in einem hervorragenden Bildungsumfeld weiterzuentwickeln. Study abroad Tuition is free for students from the EU, and fees are certainly not extravagantly high for those from further afield. United States is internationally renowned for top business schools, medical Study abroad in the Netherlands (also known as Holland), the first non-English-speaking LLM Programs in Denmark LLM Programs in Denmark 1-1 of 1 results sorted by 1 University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Law . Danish is the official language but you won’t have to worry about that, because everyone speaks very good English. mesmerizing for international students. Der Studienaufbau deines Masterstudiums variiert nicht sehr stark von dem bekannten Studienalltag in Deutschland. Mit der Nutzung dieser Website erklärt sich der Nutzer damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. The average price for student housing in Denmark ranges between 450 and 670 EUR/month, and it usually gets higher in Copenhagen (800–900 EUR/month). welcoming countries in the world and benefit from lots of opportunities in in Israel and explore iconic sites for European and Middle-Eastern culture. country has four official languages: German (predominant), French, Italian and 6 Universities in Denmark with a Master’s in Public Health Program 1. Still, you will need to know at least basic Danish if you want to work during your studies. Alles rund um deine Studienwahl, kostenlos und Postfach-schonend für dich zusammengefasst. The LL.M degree is internationally recognized as a postgraduate degree taking about one year to complete. Die MASTER AND MORE Redaktion versendet monatliche Newsletter mit Infos zu Hochschulen, Studiengängen und spannenden Artikel rund um das Thema Master-Studium. The number of places available in student halls of residence (kollegier) is usually limited, but if you manage to arrange a room, the rent would be around 250 EUR/month. University of Southern Denmark. University of Southern Denmark. The University of Copenhagen has decided to let … Study in Australia at top business Universities and academic institutions in Denmark… Melde dich jetzt an. Hygge is simply the ability to be fully present and enjoy this moment as much as you can. Eine Bewerbungsfrist im Januar ist in dem skandinavischen Land nicht untypisch. PhD studies in Denmark involve three years of independent research under expert supervision, where you'll have access to the latest equipment and information to complete a thesis. Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking by country. you can also find great Bachelor’s and Master’s degree options. Here are some of the most popular study options in Denmark: Denmark has only a few student cities, but they all offer a vibrant and lively environment. For more information about international qualification recognition, consult the official Ministry of Higher Education and Science website. Outside classes, you can enjoy great leisure time, whether you’ll be biking in the city and the surroundings or attending a concert or other social event. in Australia, known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, the Great Als EU-Bürger kommst du in den Genuss, in Dänemark gebührenfrei zu studieren. Public universities in Denmark are free if you come from the European Union or the European Economic Area. Find International Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Scholarships in Denmark. standards of living. Danes often refer to this snug and convivial wintery feeling as 'hygge'. Study in the Denmark has only a few student cities, but they all offer a vibrant and lively environment. Eine Mischung aus traditionell gehaltenen Vorlesungen und moderner, innovativer Projektarbeit verspricht dir, deine theoretischen und praktischen Kenntnisse weiterzuentwickeln. Interior Design, Product Design, Digital Design, Events Design, Fashion Design and many more are some of the possible specializations for prospective Master of Design students. Keep in mind that some universities don’t have application deadlines, which means you can apply whenever you are ready. best universities in the world. You don't need to buy something, learn something, or do something specific in order to feel Hygge. MBA Lounge  -  Ihr Portal für MBA, EMBA und Weiterbildungs-Master  -, Studienscout NL  -  Studium in den Niederlanden  -, PRAKTIKUM UND THESIS  -  Dein Einstieg in die Berufspraxis  -, BACHELOR AND MORE  -  Finde dein Bachelor-Studium! The Approximately 90% of citizens speak English, so there's no reason to worry about language barriers or being misunderstood. Study abroad Dennoch genießt die dänische Kultur und Gesellschaft einen sehr guten Ruf – und das weltweit. Denn das dänische Bildungssystem ermöglicht Studenten aus allen EU-Ländern ein freies Studium. What Documents Do You Need to Apply for a University Abroad? Study in Europe. Masters in Design in Denmark ; Masters in Civil Engineering in Denmark ; Major cities in Denmark. Danish universities are often ranked among the best higher education institutions both in Europe and the entire world. the world’s highest investment per capita in start-up companies. Exchange student at DTU; International Summer University; Guest students from other Danish universities; Continuing education. The Round Tower - the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. The master's programme is a research-based technological programme at elite level aimed at qualifying the graduate for a knowledge-intensive position in industry and the business sector and in society in general. The cool Danish climate doesn’t offer ideal T-shirt weather. After a good portion of examples regarding the funding of a Masters in Denmark, there is no better time to get to know more about some financial tips that might help for your future Danish student life. Danish higher education combines traditional academic excellence with innovative teaching that will empower you to think, experiment and collaborate your way to new ideas and greater knowledge. Check if your programme requires any of these, or others. Apply for the Studyportals Scholarship and win up to €10000 to cover your tuition fees. The short Danish summers are mild with near-midnight sunsets. Admission to a Master’s programme. Outside classes, you can enjoy great leisure time, whether you’ll be biking in the city and the surroundings or attending a concert or other social event. Provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement. Financing your student life in Denmark. Study in the If you wish to experience one of the world's oldest higher education traditions and have many different education options to choose from, you should have a look at the Master in Denmark programs. What's it like to live in Denmark? However, if you start looking for an accommodation option early on, you can find places for 250 EUR/month outside the city centre. It's a popular concept and way of life in Denmark, which you'll probably adopt very soon after moving there. You can also read more about Denmark. Switzerland is well known for its quality postgraduate studies, but you can also find great Bachelor’s and Master’s degree options. Bedenke aber, dass die Lebenskosten in Skandinavien bekanntlich recht hoch sind. SDC is a university partnership between Denmark and China. Want more? Follow your dream of studying abroad with the help of our scholarship. Study abroad in Finland, a transparent open civic The deadlines for applying to a Master's in Denmark are usually during summer (June-July), or in winter (January-February). If you've decided to study a Master's degree at a university in Denmark, you will have to gather the right documents to prove that you fit the university requirements. Universities and Du benötigst einen ersten, international anerkannten Studienabschluss, sowie einen Nachweis über gute Englischkenntnisse. Advertisement. Watch the videos to learn more. Interesse? inclusive policies. The currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone and there are approximately 7.5 Krone to the Euro. school and engineering schools, dominating international education statistics. November 2020. Most law students continue pursuing an LL.M degree after finishing a bachelor's program to gain expertise with specialized areas of law, such as civil, criminal or judicial. inexpensive or tuition-free degrees to study in Finland. For non-EU/EEA internationals, tuition ranges between 6,000 and 16,000 EUR per year, which is still much more affordable than studying in the US, Canada, or Australia. Universities in Denmark - Check list of 4 universities and colleges in Denmark with their ranking, fees, scholarships, living cost, eligibility. Studying in Poland will provide a solid education which will thoroughly prepare you for work in the most advanced labour markets of the world, at the same time stimulating your own personal development. Das gesamte Bildungsumfeld spiegelt die hervorragende Qualität und den hohen Standard der Wissenschaft in Dänemark wider. Master's programmes Programmes A-Z; Master's programmes A-Z. the “Start-Up Nation”, with education and research. in North Sea Energy Law more… Related LLM News. International standard of living in the world based largely on average levels of education If you don’t meet the minimum language requirements, you will have to improve your skills and scores by taking an English preparation course. Your average food bills in Denmark will reach around 200–270 EUR/month, depending on your spending habits. ranked the 3rd most innovative country in the world. Almost all Danish universities accept these official English exams: Let's take a closer look at tuition and living expenses in Denmark: EU and EEA students enjoy the tuition-free status for all Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees available at public Danish universities. Choose to study in the Netherlands at some of the best Es gibt klassische Hochschulen in Form der sogenannten „Universiteter“, aber auch praxisorientierte Universitätszentren, die einen weniger theorielastigen Unterricht anstreben – also vergleichbar mit deutschen Fachhoch-schulen. Auf NCs und ähnliche Zulassungsbeschränkungen verzichtet man hier in der Regel. Find programmes and learn about tuition fees, scholarships, housing, visa and admission requirements and more. PhDs. Denmark is a Scandinavian country with some of the oldest academic traditions in Europe. Some popular options for international students are IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced language certificates. -, - Denmark Scholarships for International Students from Developing Countries 2017-2018. society, where education is always a priority. And international students couldn’t agree more: Universities in Denmark offer high-quality education with a modern approach to teaching, there are no tuition fees for Europeans, and you can choose from hundreds of Bachelors or Masters in English. Each university in this ranking offers its own specific program to distinguish itself from the other masters. For other health care services, you will have to pay depending on on your type of health care insurance. All the modern universities in the The University of Copenhagen is one of the premier European universities, with a campus in the centre of Denmark’s thriving capital. You can study in Switzerland in English even if the Yup, you've read that right. great degrees and are some of the most welcoming to international students. UK and feel like you have entered a modern-day fairy tale. direkt zur Übersicht der Hochschulen in Dänemark. students have plenty of English-taught degrees to choose from at universities and Write a Successful Motivation Letter for Your Master's, How to Apply to Universities Worldwide and Tips for Being Accepted in 2020. When you arrive in Denmark you will probably notice the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that things generally run pretty smoothly. Study for an internationally recognized PhD, Master's, Bachelor's or AP degree - taught in English. Weitere Informationen. Show how you performed as a student, and be sure to know what your Grade Point Average (GPA) was during your studies. Not to mention you can also find Das Studium ist zudem für EU-Bürger sowie Schweizer und Bürger aus Staaten des Europäischen Wirtschaftsraums (EWR) kostenlos. A blend of stately old buildings and modern sustainable architecture speaks of cities that treasure the old but love experimenting with the new. A Distance-learning master's options provide many opportunities for career advancement. Master of Design graduates specialize in a wide range of concentrations, sectors and areas. Allerdings setzen die dänischen Universitäten sehr frühe Bewerbungsfristen. Click on your favored master to find more detailed information and to add it to your selection of masters. Study in Israel, also known as Study in Denmark. Denmark is a society driven by world-leading research and innovation within knowledge industries such as Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science, Telecommunications and IT. you will enjoy a high standard of living, as well as top-level education at world’s second highest development index. English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Zur finanziellen Unterstützung steht dir gegebenenfalls das deutsche Auslands-BAföG zu. Full-Time: Master in Law (LL.M.) Artistic higher education institutions – specialised schools where you can pursue a degree in Arts, Music, Architecture or Design, you already have either a permanent or a temporary residence permit, one of your parents is from a non-EU/EEA country and is already working in Denmark, Tivoli Gardens – Denmark’s Disney theme parks, The Blue Planet – Northern Europe's largest aquarium, Rosenborg Castle – Danish royal art treasures. Planning on studying abroad in a place where everyone feels happy all the time? You can study in Denmark on fully funded or partially funded scholarships. Ziel ist auch in Dänemark der Bachelor- oder eben der Master-Grad sowie der anschließe… You can choose from a wide range of programmes taught in English, from Natural Sciences and Engineering to Architecture and Design. Graduate Tuition Link (Masters) Graduate Information Link (Ph. You won't find entire halls filled with students; classes are held in small groups, where everybody can focus better and the professors can pay attention to each student individually. anpassen. Search for a Masters at Study in Denmark - Find your study programme. Warum ein Masterstudium in Dänemark? In addition to these Everyone knows that Denmark is the happiest country in the world and no doubt, the feeling of happiness is contagious. A Masters in Denmark means studying at historic European universities - and quite possibly doing so for free. Try a pre-M.B.A., pre-Law, or pre-Medicine programme, as well as any other foundation or preparation courses that will allow you to study in the degree programme of your choice. If you’re attending a degree programme in Denmark, you will sometimes need to prove that your language skills are good enough to participate in the classes and understand the lectures. Des Weiteren erlebst du die Vorteile einer liberalen Gesellschaft – auch in deinem Masterstudium. Academic life at Aarhus BSS. Weitere Portale zur Studien- und Karriereplanung, Informations- und Telekommunikationstechnik, Starte den internationalen MBA in Kempten, Antwerp Management School – Try Out day – fall edition December 2, 2020, Entdecke Radboud University - Virtual Open Day am 19. It can happen when you're by yourself, enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee, or it can happen while playing a board game with your friends. Auch das dänische Bildungssystem gehört mit denen der skandinavischen Nachbarländer zu den besten dieser Welt. What Is a Transcript of Records and When Do Students Need One? Denmark has 14 Nobel laureates, most of them awarded for great accomplishments in literature and medicine. If you study abroad in Denmark, you’ll have a fun and enriching experience that will also help you gain an excellent foundation for your future career. Study in Denmark . Incoming students. Except for dental care and physiotherapy, all foreign students in Denmark have equal and free access to health care services in case of accidents, acute illness or serious evolution of a chronic disease. The learning environment is friendly and relaxed with students and teachers debating openly during class and lectures. and income. D.) 6. Switzerland is well known for its quality postgraduate studies, but in Ireland, the place where literature meets beautiful landscape, innovation and Watch more videos about living and studying in Denmark . Master of Science in Public Health page link; Language of instruction: English; USD’s M.Sc. Compare courses and tuition fees to apply in Denmark … Although it is not an official language, English is incredibly popular in Denmark. The list of documents depends on the specific requirements of universities in Denmark so you might be asked to include additional documents. country to offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees taught in English. You will also have the unique opportunity of meeting outstanding specialists and renowned intellectuals in your chosen field. Fully online self-paced study offers employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies. Examples of universities from Denmark we recommend: Regardless of your chosen university, Denmark provides international students a special website for applications, where you can apply for up to eight programmes. Dänemark nimmt im Bereich der Hochschulbildung in Rankings zusammen mit Schweden und Finnland weltweit einen der ersten drei Plätze ein. What are students saying about your chosen universities? Official gateway to higher education in Denmark. You can also apply for various scholarships to support the costs of studying and living. In addition to being happy, in Denmark, you also have the chance to pursue a quality education in a friendly, safe and innovation-driven environment. one or more reference letters from past employers or teachers; copies of past diplomas or certificates, including your graduated Bachelor's degree; Some form of proof that you can support your stay in the country during your studies. Another major attribute is that beautiful coastline and beaches are rarely more than half an hour away. SDU RIO. What's it like to live and study in Denmark? Masters Degrees in Denmark Famous as the home of the Vikings, Lego and great food, Denmark is also a popular study abroad destination.

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