list of minor and major sins in islam

We are obliged to learn about what the major sins are, so that Muslims may avoid them. (An-Nisa :116), 1. Therefore, a mukallaf must know which sins are great, so that he/ she desists from them. To know about major sins, see the following: Grave Sins - WikiShia 1 Major and minor sins in Islam: Sin and consequences of sin: “Righteousness is good morality and sin is that which causes discomfort (or pinches) within your soul and which you dislike people to become informed of.” [Hadith I know many major sins, but what exactly are some minor sins. In this case, a Muslim's conscience and heart help him to know that an act is sinful. (An-Najm :32). Minor sins do not require a specific proportion of small or greater good deeds, but major sins require repentance (tawbah). We have to bear in mind that some major sins are most heinous than another. Not Freeing Oneself of All Traces of Urine, 38. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is any sin, whether minor or major has repercussions onto one’s soul. Forgoing the Congregational Prayer to Pray Alone Without A Legal Excuse, 66. In short, a sin which is technically known as minor does not mean that people should go … Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity and Haughtiness, 22. This is because the Prophet (pbuh) has enlisted Shirk (worshipping others with Allah) though a polytheist will suffer eternal torture in Fire and will never be forgiven. The Talebearer Who Stirs Up Enmity Between People, 46. Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Major Sins and Minor Sins There are two types of sins in Islam –Major Sins (kaba’ir or “enormities”): Any sin entailing either a threat of punishment in the Hereafter explicitly mentioned by the Qur’an or Hadeeth, a prescribed legal Allah, the Almighty says, Allah, the Almighty says, {If ye (but) eschew the most heinous of the things which ye are forbidden to do, we shall remit your evil deeds, and admit you to a gate of great honour.} (An-Nisa :31) iõëºüµŒ9¾&.VPŽ€²h)IÍ Taking People's Property Through Falsehood, 34. Marrying Solely to Return to the Previous Husband, 36. From this book, I will list 33 of the gravest sins in Islam with their proof from the Quran and Hadith: 1. ", Quran: [49:12] "O ye who believe! I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them. Quran: [17:36] "You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. (An-Nisa :31). Major vs. Minor Sins Historically, there was a good deal of discussion among scholars as to what constitutes a major versus minor sin. MAURITIUS. Avoiding major sins is an expiation for minor sins. Scholars of Sacred knowledge are of different opinions about the number of the major sins. The greatest of these sins is shirk (associating others with Allah), which leads to doom with no hope of redemption, and if a person dies in this state he will abide in Hell for all eternity. 70 MAJOR SINS IN ISLAM Allah says in the Qur’an: “If you avoid great sins which you are forbidden, We will expiate from you your (small) sins and cause you … Listening to the People's Private Conversations, 43. 70 Major Sins in Islam Is Islam, sin is defined as “an act against the command of Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).” Muslims should avoid sins and specially major sins because they can take a person to the hell. Muslims see sin as anything that goes against the commands of God (Allah), a breach of the laws and norms laid down by religion. {Allah forgiveth not (the sin of) joining other gods with Him, but He forgiveth whom He pleaseth other sins than .} Nay, ye would abhor it...But fear Allah. For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.". Basically anything you do that is forbidden is a sin and there Slaughtering in Other Than Allah's Name, 59. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of It slowly spoils it, diverting it from the word of Allah and enlightenment pushing it into darkness. Misappropriating Spoils of War, Muslim Funds or Zakat, 26. A Wife's Rebellion Against Her Husband, 49. There are Minor & Major Signs that indicate Day of Resurrection (Day of Judgement or Doomsday) is approaching. "Being forgiven for minor sins does not give you permission to go out and intentionally commit them." Allah, the Most high, promises whoever avoids the major sins to expiate his minor sins. "Avoid the seven heinous sins: Worshipping others with Allah, sorcery, taking a life which Allah has made sacred except in the course of justice, devouring usury, appropriating the property of the orphan, fleeing from the battlefield, and charging believing women, unmindful though innocent, with adultery.� Reported by Bukhari and Muslim. Major and minor sins In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. [1] Islam teaches that sin is an act and not a state of being. Constantly Missing the Friday and Congregational Prayer Without A Valid Excuse, 69. The aim of this article is to sharing a knowledge about sin and avoid those sin. ´ó’=9œ¨8‚.Ž°ì)9‚ec“åekÁ)²Þaõ í۝ÃvêŽX¹{r$IyYÊ;›[. Allah, the Most high, promises whoever avoids the major sins to expiate his minor sins. Accepting Usurious Gain (Interest - Riba), 16. He was a leading scholar and historian. If you have ever committed any There are conditions for a valid tawbah as mentioned by Imam Nawawi: a) to refrain from the sin; As a matter of fact, any sin entailing either a threat of punishment in the Hereafter explicitly mentioned by the Qur'an or Hadith, a prescribed legal penalty (Hadd), or being accursed by Allah or His Messenger (pbuh) is called a major sin. The sins that are rendered definitely haram in the Quran and Sunnah, about which hadd punishment are determined or the sins that are regarded as reasons for punishment in the hereafter, are major sins; the others are minor sins. "The five prescribed Prayers, and from one Friday Prayer to another and from Ramadan to another entail forgiveness for what is between them as long as you do not commit the major sins.� Reported by Muslim, TirmijJhi, Ibn Khuzaymah and Ahmed. The Pimp and the One Who Permits His Wife To Fornicate, 35. These are the 7 major sins. The distinction between minor and major sins is made only when these are compared to each other. Overburdening and Arrogance Against Others, 55. Except for major sins, all the other sins are minor ones. In this text, Allah, the Most High, also promises whoever avoids the major sins to admit him to Paradise. Allah says in the Qur'an: “If you avoid great sins which you are forbidden, We will expiate from you your (small) sins and cause you to enter an honorable (place of) entering. Minor sins done frequently lead to being major in the sight of Allah, this could lead to your scale of bad deeds being greater on the day of judgement. Spying on the Muslims and Revealing Their Weaknesses, 70.

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