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Simba suggests they take the battle with Scar into the Outlands to finally defeat him once and for all. Kion briefly witnesses Scar's spirit before it vanishes, but is unsure of what to make of it. Nirmala takes Kion to the River of Patience to complete a task for his first step in healing. Current Episode (aired 2 Sep. 2019) Return to the Pridelands Returning home, the Lion Guard finds it has been replaced by a new Lion Guard and the two compete to see who will protect the Pridelands. While Kion, Bunga, Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri are at the mudpots at the edge of the Pride Lands, Scar has Mzingo set fire to the area upon being informed by Shupavu and Njano. When he goes to help them out, he encounters the Outsider lions and their leader Zira, who tries to get Kion to join her side by stating that she knows about more about the Roar than he does, such as its ability to bring a brief rain shower by roaring at a cloud. Simba gathers key leaders of the Pride Lands' different animal communities for the Savannah Summit in order to make arrangements for the upcoming dry season. Ushari seeks to contact a villain from the past: Scar! After a long journey, Kion and his friends arrive in the Outlands and prepare themselves to confront Zira's pride. Know what this is about? The Lion Guard reach an ocean and meet a dolphin named Lumba-Lumba who saves Bunga. Soon Thurston gives Goigoi, Tamka, and Nduli poor advice on how to weaken the Lion Guard as well. Kion and the Lion Guard scare Mapingano away, but the next day, the galagos tells them that Badilli has returned to their tree, due to Mapingano returning. After overhearing Makini talk about the Tree of Life and all of the rare animals there, Makucha decides to go there to feast on all of them. A Monitor Lizard temporarily paralyzes the Lion Guard! Beshte makes friends with a timid okapi named Ajabu who has traveled to the Pride Lands to get away from Makucha the leopard, but the other members of the Lion Guard think that Ajabu is imaginary due to his tendency to hide from others. A big and strong gorilla named Shujaa is sent to the Pride Lands by King Sokwe to assist the Lion Guard in their big fight against the villainous Outlanders. In order for Dandy Claws to deliver presents to Timon and Pumbaa, Bunga enlists the rest of the Lion Guard and the rest of the animals in the Pride Lands to help perform "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" by obtaining the different things and animals for the song by Christmas morning. Fuli and the rest of the guard assure Bunga that Kion will never turn evil. The Guard plays the original Guard which was led by a lion named Askari. Songs: "Fujo" sung by The Lion Guard chorus, "Path of Honor" sung by Simba and Kion, "Bring Back a Legend" sung by Janja, Ushari, and the Hyenas, and "Today Is My Day" sung by Makini. When the Traveling Baboon Show led by Uroho arrives in the Pride Lands to perform their show, they end up stealing the other animals' food. The series premiered on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior while the series pilot movie The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar premiered on November 22, 2015. The Lion Guard Protectors of the Pridelands - The Lion Guard Full Game - Return of the Roar. Trailer The Lion Guard Return of the Roar Disney Channel. Taking Makini's advice, Kion decides to soak in the water to soothe his scar and becomes very relaxed. Zovavu. Tiifu ultimately has become friends with Thurston and helps him get over his fear of the dark using what she learned from Kuchimba. The guard goes back to the mountain to get the message with the gorilla brothers, who are reluctant to face their father. They find out that Badilli has been driven out of his home by the mean leopard Mapigano who has taken over his territory in Mirihi Forest in the Back Lands. After Scar obtains the alliance with Reirei's pack, they work with Janja's clan to cause two different attacks in the Pride Lands at the same time, forcing the Lion Guard to split up to chase them down. Bunga shares his suspicion with Rani and Makini. According to paintings of the past that depict the original guard led by Askari, the secret to defeating great evil is hidden inside. [3] The Lion Guard is a sequel and spin-off to The Lion King and takes place during the time-gap within the 1998 film The Lion King II: Simba's Pride,[4] with the third season taking place in parallel with the film's second act, followed by the final two episodes of Season 3 serving as a continuation to that film. The Lion Guard must align with an unlikely ally when a powerful dust storm called a "Harmattan" slows their search to find the Tree of Life. After traveling through the desert, the Lion Guard comes across a beach with a salty body of water. Jasiri pulls Janja out of the steam vent, which surprises him. With Kion away, Simba leads the Lion Guard to help both Mbuni's ostrich flock and Swala's gazelle herd. When Janja overhears the news from Mzingo and the vultures, he plans to take advantage of this by trapping the Lion Guard between two rockslides in a narrow ravine with Cheezi and Chungu's help. Fuli gets lost and is forced to race a male cheetah. On their way to the Pride Rock, they encounter Vitani who has formed her own Lion Guard and a battle ensues. When the legendary eagle named Hadithi comes to the Pride Lands, Ono discovers that his hero is not what he seems when it turned out that he made up some of his adventures. In addition to this, he has also stated that season 2 is much darker.On August 29th, 2016, the first new character of the series was revealed, Dhahabu. Episodes of The Lion Guard. When they save Kion's sister Kiara from a herd of stampeding gazelle and defeat a hyena clan led by Janja and Mzingo the vulture, Simba realizes that Kion has protected the Pride Lands and is indeed ready to lead his new Lion Guard. The Lion Guard Episodes Ranked. 1 Appearance 2 History 2.1 Battle for the Pride Lands 2.2 The Accidental Avalanche 2.3 Ghost of the Mountain 2.4 Marsh of Mystery 2.5 Journey to the Pride Lands 3 List of Species 4 Locations 5 Visitors Marsh had shown to look similar of the swamp. Mama Binturong pretends to be an animal in need. Along the way, she has to avoid Mzingo's flock of vultures. The next day, Kion completes his task, and he and the guard help the Night Pride fight off another attack by Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora. The Guard helps two Gorilla princes return home. During a rainstorm, Bunga thinks that Rafiki's paintings can predict the future after watching a painting of some zebras run towards a rock formation, narrowly missing the top rock as they run towards it and believes that Kion will fall from a high tree. Watch it on DisneyNow, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. Bunga wants to give Timon and Pumbaa a real Christmas. Eventually, the Lion Guard learns that a binturong known as Mama Binturong controls all of the tuliza in the forest with the help of her porcupine henchmen, and that she has stolen Makini's staff which had tuliza in it. Makucha reluctantly decides to show the guard the way out of his territory. A gorilla ally seems to cause more harm than good! watch 01:38. Now at the Tree of Life, Rani and the Night Pride take the Lion Guard inside to meet Queen Janna, who tells Ono that his cure will take a few days to prepare, and that curing Kion will take time. Kion and the Lion Guard have grown into teenagers and continue to defend the Pride Lands from Scar and his army. Ushari and the hyenas are then able to speak with Scar's spirit in the volcano after dropping the bakora staff into it. The Lion Guard thinks Beshte has an imaginary friend. After hearing Thurston bragging to his herd that he gives advice to the Lion Guard, Cheezi and Chungu take him to the Outlands to impress Scar. 55:30. Overhearing Kion's plans to never use the Roar again, Makuu and his float of crocodiles take advantage of the opportunity and take over the Flood Plains. They trap Makini and the Night Pride inside the Tree of Life and hunt down the other animals protected by the rest of the Lion Guard who are outnumbered. Mufasa instructs him to go to Cikha Escarpment where Kion meets the spirit of the leader of the first Lion Guard, Askari. Kion loses control of the Roar and sends Baliyo flying. Meanwhile, Goigoi tries to keep the Lion Guard from going to Hakuna Matata Falls to see how Bunga is getting on. Jasiri and two hyena cubs need help in the Outlands. Eventually, Kion realizes that Makuu wants to change from his trouble-making ways in order to become a better leader for his float and the Pride Lands. Learning that Kion is unsure of speaking with Mufasa because of his scar, Rani tells Kion that his scar doesn't make him who he is and convince Kion to confide with Mufasa like he usually does. Get behind-the-scenes and extras all on Disney Junior. Meanwhile, the rest of the Guard struggle to find directions to Flat Ridge Rock. Meanwhile, Janja finds himself starting to consider joining Jasiri's clan, which is heard by the skinks who informs Scar. Meanwhile, Simba and Bunga realize that being raised by Timon and Pumbaa is something that they have in common. Kion doesn't believe that such a creature exists, but when Mtoto and his friends claim to have seen it, the guard searches the Pride Lands to find out the truth. Along the way, they have to face Makucha, who he and his leap of leopards are preventing the zebras from getting their water source. View source. While helping the Lion Guard drive away Janja's clan following their attempted attack on a wildebeest herd, Ono temporarily loses his vision in his left eye when he gets dirt in it. The Lion Guard Protectors of the Pridelands - The Lion Guard Full Game - Return of the Roar. Bunga believes Rafiki's paintings predict the future! Kion arrives in time and uses his newly mastered Roar to blow their enemies far away from the Tree of Life. Meanwhile, Mama Binturong recruits Fahari, Jiona, Ora's Bank members, and Smun's prickle to help Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora take over the Tree of Life. Can't Wait to be Queen is the fourth episode of The Lion Guard's first season. The Lion Guard get suspicious when Makuu is one of the attendees and suspect that he might ruin the summit. The Lion Guard, Janja, Jasiri, and Azaad reunite with Cheezi, Chungu, Madoa, and Mzingo's flock, who inform them that Zira's pride has already went to the Pride Lands. S3, Ep3 3 Aug. 2019 The Guard encounters a powerful dust storm! Witnessing this happening, Shupavu and Njano get Hodari to be part of Kiburi's float. The Loop (Movies) Do you like this video? Makucha's first plan of leading the guard off a cliff and forcing Makini to take him, Fahari, and Jiona to the Tree is foiled by Ono's cleverness.

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