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I played on "Louisiana Hayride" when I was 14 in the staff band behind all the great, great entertainers, like George Jones and Johnnie and Jack and Billy Walker - a lot of the country entertainers. Burton has played with many iconic performers, including Frank Sinatra, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. During his ’69 performances, he always introduced James as his favourite guitar player. BURTON: Well, you know, when I got my first Fender Telecaster my mother and dad bought me, the strings were very stiff. Nov 19, 2012 - Fender Telecaster "James Burton" with Elvis. Steven Gaydos ... Elvis Presley, and the Queen of Country Music, Emmylou Harris. Burton has played with many performers, including Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Buffalo Springfield, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. And by doing that, the four strings on the banjo, I realized the third string was actually unwound, and I liked it. James Elvis Burton is Fund Advisor at SSgA Funds Management, Inc. View James Elvis Burton’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. Elvis might say something onstage and, you know, might embarrass me. GROSS: Was there ever a moment where you thought he's really not going to make it; he is not going to be able to go onstage? (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY"). James assumed it would be a session player called Gene Pello, but Muhoberac told James about Ronnie Tutt, with whom he had worked with in Dallas. That's what we like to do. The one true friend I thought I'd found - tonight, the bottle let me down. I felt like I was, you know, kidnapped. GROSS: James Burton, welcome to FRESH AIR. James Elvis Burton is Fund Advisor at SSgA Funds Management, Inc. View James Elvis Burton’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. (Laughter). He was a little crazy, you know? You were in Ricky Nelson's band on the show and in real life. Do you have a story you can tell us? In 1969, Burton got a call from Elvis Presley. Kang and Bruce Springsteen, alongside Orbison. I like the way you talk, my Susie Q. GROSS: So a few years ago - I'm not sure when it was exactly; you can let me know - you were in an accident, and you broke both your ankles, and they were really bad breaks. Guitar on: King Of America, 1986 It was the father's idea for you to do that? He taught me how to play guitar. As Elvis Presley’s guitarist, he created some of the most influential guitar riffs in popular music. You know, he loved guitar. He always keyed off guitar, and he'd always give me looks onstage. In … 1971 Love Letters GROSS: Well, we're going to hear "The Bottle Let Me Down." I did an album with Henry Mancini, and the first thing I asked him on the phone - I said, Henry, if you're looking for somebody to read note-for-note what you write out, you need to call one of my friends. Scheff didn’t want to do it, but he went to the auditions and was just blown away by Elvis’ performance. BURTON: Oh, boy. James Burton Interview - Rick Nelson & Elvis: An important 25-year milestone passed recently. During the taping, John asked if James would consider going out on a European tour. Describe that first guitar that you had. GROSS: So you kept playing with Elvis from '69 until his death, so you weren't put in a position to watch his health deteriorate. My favorite guitar player - my hero was Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and Les Paul, and I wanted to play like them, which I could. He actually hadn't been onstage in nine years. Let's start with a track from the new "Elvis Live 1969" box set. I told him a story. And I said, yeah. Eleven shows from that engagement have been released in a new box set called "Elvis Live 1969." But tonight, your memory found me much too sober; couldn't drink enough to keep you off my mind. While on the phone, Elvis told James that he really loved his playing and that he used to watch the Ozzie and Harriet show just to see James play with Ricky Nelson at the end of each show. What can I say? We always had fun at the rehearsals. What gave you the idea to do that? Just before Elvis died, James was called to play on a John Denver television special. And this is "Believe What You Say." All rights reserved. This video contains outtake footage from both That’s the Way it Is and Elvis On Tour. BURTON: Well, you know, I never saw him do anything or take anything. And Bob Luman was a great singer, and we were in LA doing some rehearsals on some songs to record. At my age, 16, I said, sure, I'd love to. GROSS: Yeah, that's great because probably, a lot of the kids couldn't afford guitars, and like you said, a lot of school music programs have been cut out. The first album they recorded was ‘I Want To Live’. His first recorded track was the Dale Hawkins hit, "Susie Q", in 1957. When I was 14, I wrote a little instrumental. So I was a little nervous about playing it. In 1975, Emmylou Harris had hired both James and Glen D. Hardin for her Hot Band. If we got tired, he said, you go and take a nap, and when I need you, I'll call you. It played so much easier. And I just - I wanted to play so bad. So here is my guest James Burton on guitar. James Burton was born in Dubberly, Louisiana, on August 21, 1939, but he grew up in Shreveport which he refers to as home. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www.npr.org for further information. And if he were here with us and I could hear him say it one more time, I’d probably give you my new guitar. And he said, no, no, no, no. But he said he loved it. Guitar on: King Of America, 1986 The only musician they needed was a drummer. And I said - Red West came to me, the Memphis Mafia guy. In the 70's, Burton was still one of the most in-demand guitar players. The initialism TCB stands for Taking Care of Business, a personal motto Presley adopted in the early 1970s. (SOUNDBITE OF GRAM PARSONS AND EMMYLOU HARRIS SONG, "OOH LAS VEGAS"). I've seen him gain quite a bit of weight and then lose it real fast, which is not good. That was no problem. He was in Ricky Nelson's band on the TV series "Ozzie And Harriet." When Elvis made his landmark return to live performing in August of 1969 at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, he wanted the best. And when I got my first guitar, we sat down. The Original Telecaster Master. This song, "Suspicious Minds," became a number-one hit - Elvis's first in seven years - but he performed this version in Vegas before the single was released. Album Premiere: Benny Hester's Lost 1972 Debut, Featuring Elvis' TCB Band, Plus a Q&A James Burton Biography by Gregory McIntosh His Maple Red Tele, which he used on Ricky Nelson’s records, the Pink Paisley, which was given to him by Fender in 1969, the carved Tele and a Blonde Telecaster. No, it was great. Fifty years ago, Elvis Presley started performing in concert live on stage for the first time in eight years - eight years of making movies and records. James Burton Dishes on Leaving the Shadows for the Bright Lights of Hollywood By Steven Gaydos. 17 Aug 20 It’s so hard to believe it’s been 43 years today since we buried my friend, Elvis. But the Merle Haggard thing, "The Bottle Let Me Down" - Merle was such a great singer, and I just loved playing on his records and playing on all his songs. We all just did whatever we wanted to do, we worked and we helped each other. So that's when I started working on it. Steven Gaydos ... Elvis Presley, and the Queen of Country Music, Emmylou Harris. 1970 That’s the Way it Is 1973 Elvis (Fool) BURTON: Well, you know, he was brilliant when it came to putting things together, but it was kind of crazy, too, because sometimes, we'd go into a session where he would have three organ players, maybe four piano players, two sets of drums, maybe three bass players and 15 guitar players. (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "THE BOTTLE LET ME DOWN"). This is FRESH AIR. And I used to go up to Brian Wilson's house in Bel Air, and we would play all weekend. And he wrote the lyric to this, too, right? A Chat with James Burton. BURTON: It was so heavy, Terry. I taught myself to play, and my teacher was God. I think she was a big band singer, too, wasn't she? BURTON: Well, he wanted to put the song on the show. July 18, 1969: In James Burton’s recollection, “Right off the bat we probably learned 150 songs over six nights of work”. It was like your lick and his lyric. It was obvious that Elvis really admired James. Was that a financial hardship for them, or were they able to easily afford it? Member of: The TCB Band The Confederates. It was amazing. And two weeks later, we had two weeks left in Vegas. We always had fun at the rehearsals. But when I saw my first guitar, that Fender Telecaster I wanted, mother took me down there, and she told my dad that night that when he came home from work that I wanted the guitar. Every time I hit your crystal city, you know you're going to make a wreck out of me. GRAM PARSONS: (Singing) Well, I spend all night with a dealer trying to get ahead, spent all day at the Holiday Inn trying to get out of bed. 1972 Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden He's got that sound, and when he bends the notes, it's just perfect. 1974 Good Times The Official James Burton Website When Elvis didn't show up because he was ill, the producer saw an opportunity to record James' second solo album: "The Guitar Sounds of James Burton". So you played on "Ozzie And Harriet" with Ricky Nelson. And Burton's twangy, precise … James Burton, the host of the International Guitar Festival, presented with his guitar friends and a throng of fans and friends, “A Tribute to Elvis” over two days of celebration. 1977 Moody Blue. If you're just joining us, my guest is guitarist James Burton. And Ricky got his guitar, and I had my guitar and the bass player. He has also played with Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Dean Martin, The Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. Shreveport, LA 71101, Rick Nelson remembered – 2010 Interview, Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, LV Nevada, Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas, Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden, Elvis as Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis. Before I went to work with Ricky, I met him. Your parents brought you your first guitar. GROSS: I read that he rehearsed with weights on his hands and feet so that he'd be... BURTON: He would do that because, I guess, wearing those suits and everything, he had to get ready for it - jumping around onstage. GROSS: Did you feel like a captive or did you enjoy that? So I became the third son. Both models are patterned after mid-century Fender Telecaster guitars played by Burton during … 1975 Promised Land And I said, you got to be kidding. BURTON: It was fun. James Burton is famous in the music world for his work as a sideman. When Elvis didn’t show up because he was ill, the producer saw an opportunity to record James’ second solo album: “The Guitar Sounds of James Burton”. Image: Steve Morley / Redferns. Man, Ozzie said, wow, this is great. After the solid success of Elvis: That’s the Way It Is, and with his career as a movie actor having reached a standstill, Elvis Presley undertook a second concert documentary. That was a little tough for my folks to do that. Move on in, get toe to toe. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. We can't go on together with suspicious minds, and we can't build our dreams on suspicious minds. And Ralph Mooney is featured on pedal steel, and there's some really nice interplay between you on guitar and him on pedal steel. An original Telecaster master still going strong, James Burton influenced generations of rock guitar royalty with his perfectly phrased late-'50s/early-'60s Tele® work with Ricky Nelson, and his later stints with Elvis Presley, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and many others only furthered his … BURTON: Oh, you could bend the string clear across the neck, yeah (laughter). 1971 Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas I got a chance to stretch out a little bit and bend a lot of notes. GROSS: What was it like to come out of the coma? James Burton didn't invent the Telecaster. This lasted until Presley's death in 1977, and James Burton can be seen appearing with Elvis in the movies, Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970), Elvis on Tour (1972) and the television satellite-broadcasted, Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii (1973). And he said, no, it looks great and it sounds great, so play it all you want to. And for the fifth and sixth string, I used a - for the A string, I used a normal D string from the guitar. One night, a little Asian girl came up to the stage, and Elvis asked her if she wanted a scarf or a kiss. James Burton was born in Dubberly, Louisiana, August 21, 1939, but he grew up in Shreveport. I've always had a bottle I could turn to. Earlier, we were talking about how he played on most of Ricky Nelson's hits and was featured in Ricky Nelson's band on the TV series "The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet.". GROSS: And describe your pink paisley guitar that you got for these concerts. BURTON: Well, I found out later. And Merle called me - I guess it was in '66 or '67 when we recorded. James was also turned down by drummer Richie Frost a fellow Ricky Nelson band member. He played with Elvis Presley from '69 until his death in '77, starting with Elvis' stage comeback in 1969 in Vegas. James Burton began working with John Denver in 1977. But my first guitar at the age of 13 - I went professional when I was 14. I enjoyed the solo. So you played in so many different worlds, and one of the worlds you played in was the world of Phil Spector, and everyone who has worked with Spector seems to have a story about how brilliant and how crazy he was. I don't have a clue right now. We're going to rock till we can't rock no more. Singer Rick Nelson perished on December 31st, 1985, in a terrible plane crash in DeKalb, Texas, on the way to a New Year's Eve gig in Dallas. And, you know, Merle Haggard is one of the people who was considered to have originated the Bakersfield sound, a California country music sound that was influenced by rock as well as country. He was accompanied by an orchestra as well as a five-piece band, which was assembled by my guest, James Burton, who also backed Elvis on guitar. Copyright © 2019 NPR. I want him to have it. Elvis asked James if he could put together a band for the upcoming Las Vegas engagement. James Burton September 4 at 8:31 AM Hey guys, It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m so excited to announce it’ ... s a “Play It James” Labor Day Weekend on Elvis SiriusXM Radio with a new episode of The James Burton Elvis Radio Hour, featuring John Carter Cash and classic episodes with our friends Bryan May, Sammy Hagar and … James Burton with Elvis Costello, taping for Spectacle, April 9, 2008. James Burton continued to play with Elvis until Elvis' death in 1977. I'm honored to be here. Ronnie Tutt auditioned and got the job. (SOUNDBITE OF ELVIS PRESLEY SONG, "HEARTBREAK HOTEL"), GROSS: This is FRESH AIR. And so that was the first introduction to doing the "Ozzie And Harriet" TV show. My friend that was - he was actually the vice president of Fender - called me. I picked it up one day to move it off the couch, and I couldn't pick it up. Any letters and other mail can be sent to: James Burton 1971 Country I believe, do believe, I believe, yeah, I believe, pretty baby, believe you're going steady with nobody else but me. I don't do anything to harm my body. At only age 14, Burton went professional, working club gigs and private parties. The first two weeks, I decided to only play my Telecaster that my mother and dad bought me and I played on thousands of records. Many will have spotted the quiet man playing the pink paisley Tele on stage with Elvis during his famous Las Vegas 70s residency, but few seem to grasp the huge influence James Burton has wielded over the history of rock ’n’ roll. JAMES BURTON has played on more number ones than he can remember. After that, she asked Elvis for a scarf and a kiss. PARSONS AND HARRIS: (Singing) Ooh, Las Vegas. And Ricky came in one day on business while we were rehearsing, wanting to know who the band was in the next room playing. 4 Sep 20 “Play It James” Labor Day Weekend on Elvis SiriusXM Radio James stayed with Elvis until Elvis' death in 1977. You can hear him on the new box set, Elvis: Live 1969. In 1953, he walked into a Shreveport music … The program features footage of Elvis from previous concerts along with his supporting musicians and singers live on stage together in Memphis. Elvis Presley has almost been dead as long as he was alive. As Elvis Presley’s guitarist, he created some of the most influential guitar riffs in popular music. The first half consists of live performances of “The Wonder Of You”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Hound Dog”, “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Don’t Cry Daddy”. 1976 From Boulevard Memphis, Tennessee The James Burton Telecaster is a Signature/Artist Series electric guitar made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.The guitar is available in two models, Upgrade and Standard, and both were designed by American country-rock guitarist James Burton along with Dan Smith at Fender. And all the time I worked with him, I never saw any of that. He … A new 11-CD set called "Elvis Live 1969" collects recordings from 11 of those Vegas shows. Well, send it to me. James Burton Interview - Rick Nelson & Elvis: An important 25-year milestone passed recently. So I'm assuming that you left high school to become a professional musician because you moved to LA to be on "Ozzie And Harriet" when you were 16, but you were playing a teenager on this teenage show that revolved in part around Ricky being in high school. GROSS: Well, it was a good investment. Were you aware of that at the time, that a lot of, like, up-and-coming guitar players, including Keith Richards, were watching "Ozzie And Harriet" and being influenced by what you were doing? Photo of James BURTON and Elvis PRESLEY, with James Burton on guitar - performing live onstage Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Elvis than asked, “What do you want?” The girl said: “James Burton.” Elvis started to laugh, and then walked her over to James, who gave her a kiss. James Burton and his famous friends. And I said, really? But anyway, I took the guitar to Vegas with me. But later on, we went back to Louisiana, my hometown, and Ozzie called me maybe two weeks later and asked me to come and join Ricky, be his lead guitar player. 1974 Elvis as Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis GROSS: You know, you've had such a big influence on guitar players. He picked it up from listening and sitting in. Actually, Ozzie hired her to sing in his band. And after the second show, Elvis said, hey, James. If I play steel guitar, it won't play just like him. I believe, do believe, I believe, yeah, I believe, pretty baby, believe you're going steady with nobody else but me. The TCB Band was a group of professional musicians who formed the core rhythm section of Elvis Presley’s band from August 1969 until his death in 1977. James Burton was born in Dubberly, Louisiana, on August 21, 1939, but he grew up in Shreveport which he refers to as home. You know, I was doing, like, four sessions a day seven days a week, and it got pretty crazy because sometimes, you didn't even know who the artist was, you know? The James Burton Foundation, a 501(c) non-profit organization at 714 Elvis Presley Avenue in Shreveport, is constructing the proposed "James Burton Guitar and Car Museum". Eleven shows from that Vegas engagement have now been released in a box set called "Elvis Live 1969.". So, (laughter), so let's hear "Believe What You Say." He came to me and he said, James, you've got to play that new guitar, man. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2001 (his induction speech was given by longtime fan Keith Richards), Burton has … BURTON: It was different, all right. And Sonny and Cher wanted to sing in the background, and Sonny wanted to play the tambourine. We'll just key off each other and forget the audience. Although personnel changed over the years, the original members were James Burton (lead guitar), Jerry Scheff (bass), John … He picked it up from listening and sitting in. Elvis was going back to performing live and he needed a good band and asked if James would put it together for him and he did. And I wanted to try it to see if it would work. GROSS: James Burton is featured on guitar on the new box set "Elvis Live 1969," featuring 11 concerts from his 1969 Vegas comeback. Feb 5, 2016 - Explore Judith Paterson's board "James Burton", followed by 418 people on Pinterest. BURTON: Well, it was probably a little hardship because at that time, the guitar was, like, $350, and, you know, that was a little tight. And we did "Mystery Train," some of the Elvis songs. When you're rockin' with me, don't rock too slow. James is the only band member to also record with Elvis in the studio on all recordings from 1970 on. RT @GovMikeHuckabee: Take a break from depressing news for a few minutes--the legendary Elvis guitar player James Burton and Imperials Terr… 09:48:18 AM January 10, 2019; RT @ElvisPresley: Started a revolution, ended up a King. Today we celebrate the birthday of the one & only Elvis Presley, born on this d… 10:31:03 PM January 08, 2019

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