hedge trimmer starts but won't run

If exhaust is clogged he would not be able to run load at all if it started and it would be obvious from the get go, not after five minutes. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! If I try to restart immediately, with choke at “cold start”, it will kick over as if trying to start. Grip isn’t locked (if equipped with rotating handle). When I put the battery in my trimmer/edger. So you’re ready to get those bushes back in shape, but your electric hedge trimmer won’t start. I took the following steps: I have a Black and Decker hedge trimmer model no. If your hedge trimmer does not start, check the following parts: the fuel lines, spark plug, switch, carb, fuel filter, and ignition module. model no. Their weight is usually around 6kg (13lbs) when their tank is full, and since they don’t use a cord, you can use them everywhere in the garden. When I put the battery in my trimmer/edger. Once you determine that there is an issue with your hedge trimmer, it’s possible to diagnose what’s causing the problem. Contrary to the battery-powered trimmers, the petrol hedge cutters don’t need to wait to be ready to operate, and don’t need expensive replacements after a couple years. It. 2. And they will run well, too. Hedge Trimmer: Won't Start . The key to adding years to the useful life of a yard tool, like a trimmer, is to maintain the tool regularly and properly. Typically, the most common reason that a trimmer refuses to start is that it has simply run out of gasoline. As the unit runs longer, it starts to misbehave. At some point it just stopped starting. ... but it will run for as long as you want. Four easy-to-follow tips on what to do if your McCulloch trimmer doesn’t start. Problems with hedge trimmers often relate to the trimmer not working when you squeeze the trigger, the motor not running, the hedge not being cut properly and overheating. Hey all - I have a really new Poulan Pro PR2322 gas hedge trimmer, maybe 10 hours on it, that just won't start and run anymore. We can help you find the right part to replace. Hedge Trimmer Info Gardening is passion for all of us. Solution 1: Spark Arrestor. Runs perfectly for 10-15 minutes then dies as if it is starving for gas. The Ryobi HT26, model number RY39500, is part of the line of hedge trimmers designed with the homeowner in mind. Don’t be shy. The clutch allows the engine to run without always engaging the gearbox. If your Ryobi CS26 trimmer won't start, the first thing to do is verify that you're using the correct starting procedure. Had new fuel lines last year, mostly ok til now. I want run. Inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage. I've recently acquired an HS80 hedge trimmer that looks like it has had little use, but has been giving me fits. Before considering any other solution to this problem, fill the fuel tank to capacity and try starting the trimmer again. I have an Echo SRM 225 Trimmer. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the engine to stall or run roughly. I have a Ryobi hedge trimmer which has always been a bit tricky to start but after a few extra pulls has always run fine (only had it a year or so and used it maybe 10 times though). Some Helpstart in the 2 stroke mix, used in my 4stroke mower. 1. It is a Craftsman. Line … Hi I've recently borrowed a ryobi hedge trimmer but it was low on fuel so I've mixed up what I thought was 2 stroke fuel ( 1st time ever) but they now won't start I'm not mechanically minded in the slightest and I'm scared I've not mixed the fuel right. What to Do When a Ryobi 4-Cycle Trimmer Won't Start. Trimmer is 4 … Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines - Stihl HS 45 hedge trimmer won't run - I can start the engine, but it won't accelerate to operating RPM. Hi, I started finding this strimmer difficult to sart and would not run at full throttle, as if the choke was on. 01 - Spark Plug. It won't be the exhaust port if he is able to run it for 5 minutes before it starts to die (I assume it runs under load in those first five minutes). If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode is burned away or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at … Trimmer: Won't Start . Featuring a 26cc 2 … If cleaning the carburetor isn’t effective, rebuild or replace the entire carburetor. I would guess a fuel problem or an air leak. Tried adjusting what i assumed was the carburettor air / mixter screws, now will not start / run at all. I bought an cordless electric Hedge Trimmer last year from Argos. My weed trimmer starts but won't stay running. How to Troubleshoot a Ryobi HT26. When I started the season it would start then quit, but re-start at a later point. Cutting the grass with a lawnmower only completes half the job - which is where the grass trimmer comes into action. Stihl manufactures trimmers with two-cycle engines as well as ones with four-cycle engines, and both require a mixture of gasoline and oil. When it stopped working whilst I was cutting the hedge in the Autumn I just thought it needed re-charging and charged it with the supplied battery for a few hours. Petrol hedge trimmers are also lightweight and easy to move in every direction. If your trimmer is not working and does not start, some of the following parts might be causing this problem: the ignition module, fuel filter, fuel lines, primer bulb, and carburetor. also said the … Common solutions for: Poulan Pro Hedge trimmer starts then stalls . is 536773400. It starts on the first pull and idles fine. Here are 4 common causes: 1. Echo trimmer dies after heats up. The Trimmer’s Engine Won’t Start. Thanks My Stihl Weed Trimmer Is Dying at Full Throttle. My Ryobi CS26 Won't Start. My Mculloch/Husquvarna strimmer starts fine, but after 5/10mins won’t run smoothly on high throttle and eventually stops. It will idle, but won't run at high speed. Stihl Hedge trimmer won't start. Press those things all the way down. Ryobi makes a good trimmer for the average homeowner. The Toro Push Lawnmower Does Not Turn Over. Trigger/switches aren’t fully depressed. When I pull the trigger, it revs up and the blades move, then it bogs out in 10 seconds or less. 2. won't rev up until its run for 5-10 mins 3. won't re-start after fuel fill up (motor still warm) 4. dies out on certain angles regularly 5. won't stay revved, bogs down (not on a load either) The dealer claims he has cleaned and adjusted the carb. Echo Trimmer Won't start. Any suggestions on how to repair my Stihl Grass trimmer. Here's a description of the problem: The unit starts fine, and once it warms up a bit, it will transition ok - not stellar, but maybe a little hesitation - but it won't stall. I checked and tweaked the hi, low, and idle adjustments, checked the air filter, cleaned the muffler, replaced the spark plug, poked out the carb, which then started leaking, so I got a new carb and replaced the fuel filter too. If your engine runs, but the trimmer blades do not move when the throttle is engaged, the clutch may be broken or improperly tensioned. Common solutions for: Stihl Hedge trimmer won't start. Lastly, using a petrol-powered hedge trimmer will also let you move freely and refill quickly, but you will be smelling the fumes all along, ... 2.- It won’t start when hot. Full disclosure I left the fuel in it all winter. How to fix my Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer that won't re-charge ? My Petrol Grass Trimmer Won’t Start A well-kept garden is a true reflection of your attention to detail. Thought it might be mixture problem. Our repair and symptom guide can help you fix this problem and better identify what is causing it. The clutch is attached to the crankshaft, and engages the gearbox to start rotating once a certain rotational speed is reached. Most Stihl trimmers run on an oil/gas mixture, ... My String Trimmer Starts, But Won't Stay Running. If your fuel filter is clean, or if you replace it and the trimmer still won’t start, it’s time to get a little more invasive with the next step in our troubleshooting guide… Clogged Carburetor When the carburetor is the problem, it’s common for the string trimmer to start but die quickly or cough as it tries to start but never rev up to full throttle without dying.

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