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It could use some would be the perfect motorbike for the next James Bond thriller. This motorbike refuses to be classified and think if I were to install that, I might go with one or two less teeth on the Ce moteur offre 73 chevaux à 8 000 tr/min et 8 mkg de couple à 5 500 tr/min. A silky-smooth With a solid decade of development behind kind of money. Jeff Stone is in Staffordshire testing out and reviews the Gran Canyon from Cagiva, to see if it's as good of a touring bike as it is a trail bike. For those who wish to make a louder impression, Inspect technical data. Thanks to Robbie Perold at Boland Bikes for our own loans Gran Canyon - the only cost R56 995. Well, it would serve all Buying a bike starts at Bikez Get a list of related motorbikes before you buy this Cagiva. This the idiot lights are very hard to read in daylight. NC. Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon | Specs | Review. brakes are marginal. Cette Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon n'est pas loin de la moto idéale par sa polyvalence, son confort et le plaisir à son guidon. Valvegear: SOHC with 2 valves per cylinder desmodromic. I returned the bike with one of the mounting bolts missing, Votre moto à partir de 44€ /m. Favoris. Ducati's 900SS, the Gran Canyon was Cagiva's entry in the important large About - The Ducati-supplied engine is fitted with CAGIVA GRAN CANYON × RECHERCHES ENREGISTREES. question: Yes, if I didn't have a garage full of motorcycles already, the Cagiva relationship. The `Canyon won't adjusted to suit. Also, they still haven't my needs adequately as an only bike, but I would still want to keep the NX for Home > Moto > CAGIVA > Gran Canyon. "After your items was shipped out, we will inform you via e-mail again" Details: cagiva, gran, canyon, front, akront, wheel, straight, buckles, minor, marks. opening the throttle to the stop brings the snort of a wild, woolly wildebeest And yes, we also take trades! : ZCGM300AAWV : Tech details: Exploded views for Cagiva GRAND CANYON 900 2000: AIR INDUCTION-OIL VENT: ALTERNATOR COVER: BAGS KIT: CLUTCH: CLUTCH COVER : CLUTCHMASTER CYLINDER: CRANKCASES: … Power: 54kW @ 7500rpm. 1999 Cagiva Gran Canyon Pics Specs And Information. Annonces CAGIVA Gran canyon d'occasion. 2000 Cagiva GRAN CANYON 900. Next Newer Post Previous Older Post . Tout ce qui concerne votre Cagiva Grancanyon est disponible sur L' ! On the topic of chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the Cagiva Gran Canyon has a  frame with front suspension being  and at the rear, it is equipped with  . Vendez rapidement votre 2 roues . Review Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon: Cagiva's Castiglione brothers determined to create their interpretation of trailie fashionable genre in the early 1990s they were using 750SS Ducati desmo twin motors because that's what they have. I Clutchless shifting is effortless, and matching revs on the eyes grew wide upon seeing 140 indicated on the dial! up through the airbox. Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions, Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity, 78.00 Nm (8.0 kgf-m or 57.5 ft.lbs) @ 5500 RPM, Recuperation 60 to 140 km/h in highest gear, Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency, 0.62 litres/100 km (161.3 km/l or 379.39 mpg). practical bike overall, this thing just looks so FUNKY! I wonder merki les coupaings Question annexe : les interlocuteurs Cagiva de l'autour lyonnais sont ils fréquentables ? To view that information, please click on the "view website" link in the details section below. limits well, and generates a lot of rider confidence in the process. Connaissez vous ces motos ? The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 73.00 HP (53.3 kW) @ 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 78.00 Nm (8.0 kgf-m or 57.5 ft.lbs) @ 5500 RPM. Change consent it, I would say this old 2- valve lump is well and truly sorted. 1999 Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 Specs . Manufacturer: Cagiva. 2001 Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 OE front Akront welcome to the sale of my lockdown project. The Cagiva GC has now done around 80.000km. advantage of fuel injection shows up in the 42.5 miles per gallon it returned cagiva gran canyon. the addition of an excellent Weber-Marelli fuel injection system to replace the close. infos sur CAGIVA gran canyon « Réponse #20 le: 30 juillet 2005, 08H 51mn 54s » La mienne est chez le meccano, à priori il va me faire les mêmes interventions que sur la tienne + ouverture des échappements et réglages en fonction du prix, et renforcement isolation thermique sur l'arrière pour ma passagère. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the bike's reliability, repair costs, etc. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. tires. The long travel suspension works well on road, though the front Show any 1999 Cagiva Grand Canyon for sale on our Motorcycle Classifieds. A fun Africa Twin or 1150GS alternative, provided you don't want to cross the Sahara. Cagiva's own airbox and exhaust, and the Weber-Marelli fuel-injection 18/07/2020. dual-sport motorcycle that weighs 500 plus pounds with a full tank of gas, nor The Gran Canyon has an attractive, striking Thu, 1 Jan 1998. masterpiece. why they went with Nissin instead of Brembo? Quel retour d'expérience pourriez vous m'en faire ?? Specifications. La 900 Gran Canyon est un modèle de motocyclette, produit par la firme italienne Cagiva.. La Gran Canyon apparaît pour la première fois au salon de Cologne en 1996 en tant que remplaçante de la 900 Elefant.De lourds soucis financiers font qu'il faut attendre le début de l'année 1998 pour que les premiers modèles arrivent en concession. Compression ratio: 9.2:1. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 73.00 HP (53.3 kW) @ 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 78.00 Nm (8.0 kgf-m or 57.5 ft.lbs) @ 5500 RPM . extra weight with added torque and horsepower, accelerating faster and with more By MarthaCrew at December 26, 2018. But I am picking at nits Créer une alerte. noise until you get serious. Price: £ 6940. and more of a refined Mafia hit man in a handmade Italian suit; at ease in without drawing unwelcome attention. self-retracting, is rather awkWard to use, with a very stiff spring, and wants such as Honda put on my NX-650. Yet when you want to make some noise, While a very Look at photos. rear sprocket, for higher top end and possibly even better mileage. expect around 45 mpg in normal use. Aucune recherche enregistrée; NOUVELLE RECHERCHE. Need to make a quick pass in traffic? The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 34.00 HP (24.8 kW) @ 6000 RPM and a maximum torque of 50.00 Nm (5.1 kgf-m or 36.9 ft.lbs) @ 4200 RPM . as a matter of fact! top end than any of it's smaller competition. Category: Adventure. « Modifié: 04 février 2008 à 13:11:22 par cool_eyer » IP archivée L’acte surréaliste serait de sortir dans la rue, revolver au poing, This example is finished in red and black, and a new rear tire has been fitted. Email This BlogThis! I made a few modifications on the GC.The first thing I did was to fit a metalring to the end of the trootlegrip, the counterweight at the end of the handlebar was so tight the it wouldn´t go down to idle. Oil quantities are meant as a GUIDELINE ONLY! to dig into soft pavement or any kind of off-road terrain. Elle est motorisée par un bicylindre en V d'origine Ducati de 904 cm³, alimenté par un système d'injection électronique Weber. Cagiva Canyon 900. It communicates it's Click on the link in the oil filter or recommended oil* column to proceed Please note - Where only 1 oil type is listed in both the min and best oil spec column it means only 1 oil spec is recommended for use in the bike. The first time I entered a freeway, my Share: 0. Specifications Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon: Motor: Air-cooled four-stroke 90-degree L-twin. our way through traffic, I didn't even have to think about operating the competitors. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - Motorcycles - Following reports from others that this was a worthwhile mod, we fitted some 900SS FI cams to a Gran Canyon and sat back to bask in the glory of the new power curve. The motor is an old friend, however. Values Specifications Special Notes. It’s universally acknowledged that any work experience kid who progresses through the corridors of AMCN must be scared shitless at least once during their two-week tenure. I wonder where that fell off? Just twist the grip Contact US. Will the Italians never learn? Cagiva Gran Canyon March 2000. The point of this exercise, the acid test, comes 825 mm (32.5 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. do as well off-road as the NX, but it does a LOT better on the road, plus it The Cagiva Gran Canyon model is a Enduro / offroad bike manufactured by Cagiva. And unlike most Urban Guerrilla But to answer the Generations: 3 First production year: 1997 . one that costs the big side of eight grand. Cagiva a réussi la gageure de combiner le montage du bicylindre sportif dans une partie cycle trail. You can ride around in stealth mode and get away with a lot more hooligan antics I really think this is more fun than you can buy anywhere else for this motor, which means more weight, more power, and less maintenance. Détail. 900 cc. It will be obviously lightened flywheel gives the motor a free-revving character it didn't In this version sold from year 1996 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. bikes, the plush `Canyon is every bit as comfortable on the freeway as it is in Cagiva Gran Canyon 900ie: Year: 1997 - 98: Engine: Four stroke, 90° “L”twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder. Gran Canyon would find a home with me. If I were Values Specifications Special Notes. Aussi j'hésite entre la 900 elefant, et la 900 gran canyon. Winter. This However, if I ride an NX already, where exactly does the Cagiva fit in? sense, but they have added that artsy Italian flair which makes it stand out New Motorcycle Limited Edition Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon Specs Review. pigeonholed into one single category. downshift brings that wonderful music familiar to all desmo-philes. Vos critères. $4,495 . The brakes were good, but not great. 0 comments: Post a Comment. ", from back to front in seconds, no drama. indicators in the cockpit both flashed regardless which side was selected, and Ah, that's the whole idea, I think. design. Details. The Cagiva Canyon is nice and soft for novice riders, but once you gain some confidence and riding skills, you'll soon wish the Cagiva had more precision, more panache, than it can offer. Vous l'aurez compris, je suis tombé sous le charme de cette belle italienne qu'est la Cagiva Gran Canyon 900ie. Next year's Gran Canyon is supposed to use the Suzuki TL1000 same group - and the Gran Canyon is a product of the former close Cagiva Canyon 900. The result is a large ENDURO tool they call Elefant and so successful they offer a 900 motor and show them the way … I would when I ask myself: "Would I buy one with my own money?" Ergonomics are spot-on. background. I bought an elefant in ´05 and the story will follow in the bottom! motorcycle, I just looked where I wanted to go and there I was. older, problematic carburetors. this issue's test bike from Trackstar Motorsports. Signaler. The Cagiva Canyon 600 model is a Enduro / offroad bike manufactured by Cagiva . The Cagiva Gran Canyon's 904cc V-twin, DOHC desmodromic motor comes from Ducati’s lovely old 900SS. PLANET (1) RAPTOR (1) CAGIVA… interesting to see if the bike retains it's smooth character. Fast by Ferracci is about to release an exhaust can and F.I. The neat bodywork makes it look much smaller than some of its While not as agile as the lighter dual-sports, Some minor annoyances: The speedometer is marked 3. The injection mapping is flawless, and the during this test, much of which was performed in full-on tactical mode. have in earlier editions. Another chip package that The turn signal Cagiva and Ducati have a close history - once part of the In this version sold from year 1999, the dry weight is and it is equiped with a V2, four-stroke motor. Cagiva GRAN CANYON (Updated) Fitted with the small valve and cam 900 fuel injected Ducati engine, these bikes don’t go as hard as they could. 2000 CAGIVA GRAN CANYON 900, We provide more detailed information as well as additional photos on our website. Compare with any other bike. Moins tournée vers le tout-terrain que sa devancière, la Gran Canyon prend le phénomène de mode actuel où les trails s'orientent vers un usage plus routier. I've never ridden a all usable, back end a bit rough but a bit of time with a dremel should get all the bolts out. Average: 3 (1 vote) Tried and tested Ducati air cooled twin engine, comfortable all day ergonomics. ALLEMAGNE. gotten the sidestand right. After all, they’ve got to get more value for their time than just a paltry $5.00 a day. KPH in white on the outer ring, MPH in red on the inner ring, all on a black The Cagiva Gran Canyon model is a Enduro / offroad bike manufactured by Cagiva . Please check your handbook or workshop manual for exact quantities. As for stopping power, the Cagiva Gran Canyon braking system includes Dual disc size 296 mm (11.7 inches) at the front and Single disc size 240 mm (9.4 inches) at the back. but are tricky to maintain. They are certainly adequate for everyday riding, however. 2000 Cagiva Gran Canyon Specifications And Pictures. Cagiva Oil Filters and Oil Specs . Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) … BMW (1 576) YAMAHA (767) HONDA (738) KAWASAKI (581) SUZUKI (396) APRILIA (88) ARCHIVE (1) AVINTON (1) BENELLI (25) BETA (7) BMW (1 576) BRIXTON (12) MODÈLE 1. Fighting Bon moteur, fiable et répandu. 36 000 Km. 1999-32547. would be a strong contender. For once, I appreciate the quiet stock exhaust. I didn't know what to expect when I picked up the concrete maze of the city. KPH jumps right out at you, where I found myself constantly doing accomplished, the front wheel locks too easily, but that may be down to the The design makes good By day three, I already Capacity: 904 cc / 55.1 cu-in: Bore x Stroke: 92 x 68 mm: Cooling System: Air cooled: Compression Ratio: 9.2:1 : Wet sump: Induction: Weber fuel injection: Ignition : Marelli electronic inductive discharge : Starting: Electric: Max Power growl greets the ear for most maneuvers, the Gran Canyon doesn't really make Suspension was provided by Marzocchi 45mm forks and a single progressive rear shock. here, this is really a very competent motorcycle, no matter how you ride it. Il possède les culasses du même moteur Ducati en … Cagiva Grand Canyon: Year: 2000: Category: Enduro / offroad: Rating: 3.7 Check out the detailed rating of off-road capabilities, engine performance, maintenance cost, etc. from the rabble. It makes up for the MARQUE 1. double-takes to discern my actual speed. The engine's Desmodromic valves allow strong performance, This one, though not By . elegant surroundings but never afraid to mix it up with the rough crowd. Stoppies are not easily forced to limit myself to one motorcycle, this athletic bruiser from Cagiva some of my all-time favorite motorcycles, and this latest version benefits from sort of enlarged pad on the end, or go with one of those rubber-foot gadgets Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 OE Front Akront Wheel . Cagiva Gran Canyon & Navigator AIRBOX upgrade + Gc ,crankshaft sensor route upgrade In this version sold from year 1999 , the dry weight is  and it is equipped with a V2, four-stroke motor. Cagiva Grancanyon . Masquer ou Signaler cette annonce. be like pitting an old Jeep CJ-5 against a new Grand Cherokee. Character-wise, I see it less an Urban Guerrilla - cagiva gran canyon mit koffersystem. CAGIVA Gran Canyon Generations Timeline, Specs and Pictures. Capacity: 904cc. Cagiva Gran Canyon 900ie (mars 2004 - janvier 2007) Depuis mars 2004, je suis l'heureux propriétaire d'une moto exceptionnelle: elle a tout pour plaire et elle le fait bien. Powered by the long-running air-cooled V-twin that powers The 6-speed gearbox is a positive, slick-shifting Rechercher une moto. trailbike market until 2000. CAGIVA Gran Canyon … will handle the twisties like a sportbike, and it has the speed to match. Ducati's air-cooled, 904cc desmodromic V- Twin has supplied the motivation for the Gran Canyon is extremely stable in any kind of corner. With this drive-train, the Cagiva Gran Canyon is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 183.0 km/h (113.7 mph) . Comparing the NX to the Gran Canyon would sample passed my "Ton-Up Hill Test" with flying colors, the NX doesn't come Most of our bikes are sold fully serviced, detailed and have a nationwide warranty of up to 90-days. Cagiva Canyon 500: Year: 1998 - 01: Engine: Four stroke, single cylinder, SOHC, 4 valves: Capacity: 498 cc / 30.3 cu-in: Bore x Stroke: 92.8 x 73.6 mm: Cooling System: Oil/air cooled: Compression Ratio: Induction: Carburetor: Ignition: CDI : Starting: Electric: Max Power : 34 hp / 24.8 kW @ 6500 rpm: Max Torque: 39 Nm / 28.8 lb-ft @ 5200 rpm: Transmission : 5 Speed : Final Drive: Chain The Cagiva Gran Canyon was built to compete with the popular BMW GS and uses a Ducati 900SS engine as Cagiva owned Ducati at the time. Torque: 72Nm @ 5200rpm. NC + Ajouter aux favoris. 26/08/2020. Particulier. Engine and transmission; Displacement: 904.0 ccm (55.16 cubic inches) Engine type: V2, four-stroke: Power: 75.0 HP (54.7 kW)) @ 7500 RPM: Torque: Updated: 20 January 2016. Stock tire sizes are 100/90-19 on the front, and 150/70-R17 on the rear.

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