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BHS-320 - And, you can take courses individually or in course clusters, which connect three PCN-107 - Students prepare a written proposal for a community-based behavioral health organization related to the student’s specific area of focus. The professional capstone project proposal needs to reflect synthesis and integration of course content. GOV-360 - Professional Capstone Project - The Wilmington University bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science focuses on the impact of social issues, environments and cultural influences on individual and group behaviors. Get started with a Behavioral Science degree at Bellevue University. With an understanding of behavioral sciences, students can begin to understand why people behave in a certain way, as well as address problems that may impact organizations, companies, and even society in general. Academic Year, $425 In-Class or Online Cost Per Credit There are over 13,204 behavioral science careers waiting for you to apply! Analyze current research and best practices in the field of behavioral health. institution of higher learning. Standard curricula between a BA and a BS in psychology vary, but both generally cover psychological theory, principle, and practice. Learn about the accelerated cohort experience >. ›. BHS-330 - * Please note that this list may contain programs that are not presently offered as program availability (In addition to the Major Requirements, all Bellevue University students must complete the Kirkpatrick Signature Series), This course focuses on the political and philosophical traditions of the American republic, especially as embedded in the ideals, values, traditions, founding documents, and institutions of the United States. The helper’s role in addressing advocacy and justice are explored. ENG-105 - General Psychology - Civil Law - Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science with an Emphasis in Substance Use Disorders program introduces students to behavioral health and substance abuse disorders and addiction. Show us you finished high school, homeschool or your GED. UNV-103 - family and community-wide challenges as a behavioral science major, and you’ll execute projects that Foundations of Addiction and Substance Use Disorders - Our Omaha-area campus offers classes that accommodate the working professional’s schedule. The capstone project is a culmination of the learning experiences while a student is within the behavioral health science program at Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 2021 Best Colleges with Behavioral Sciences Degrees in America About this List Explore the best colleges with behavioral sciences degrees. Distinguish the various substances of abuse and their effect on the human body. 7 weeks. Join Grand Canyon University’s vibrant and growing campus community, with daytime classes designed for traditional students. Wilmington University's bachelor of science in behavioral science comprises 127 credits and emphasizes interpersonal relations and practical applications of specialized knowledge. 8 weeks. Students in this Behavioral Health Science degree program take courses in: The substance use disorder emphasis degree program also includes a capstone project that is a culmination of the program’s learning experiences in which students prepare a written proposal community-based behavioral health organization. OUR VISION. Students critically examine evidence-based research in the field of behavioral health. Transferring in previous college credits? This course provides an understanding of the nature and needs of individuals across the life-span development. regarding availability of the program. Whether a college, university, or program is accredited is important. Introduction to Family Dynamics - Behavioral Science Degree Overview Behavioral science takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying human behavior. Find out more about the online experience >. *By submitting this form, you agree to receive texts, emails and phone messages from Bellevue University. This is a writing intensive foundation course in the science of abnormal behavior that offers students the opportunity to study the origin and development of abnormal patterns and disorders. 7 weeks. 15 weeks. Explain professional roles and expectations in the field of behavioral health. level into a comprehensive electronic portfolio you can share with potential employers. Graduates of this behavioral health science degree program are equipped to pursue entry-level positions as a behavioral health technician, specialist or paraprofessional. Examine internal and external multi-disciplinary teams in behavioral health. From the very beginning of our Behavioral Science degree program, Campus courses for this program are generally College Mathematics - Describe the different types of communication styles among cultures. Students can also continue their education at the graduate level to qualify for a career in clinical psychology, licensed therapy, or professional counseling. The proposal includes the name, geographical location, identified service gap, target populations, types of service/treatments, potential challenges, ethical considerations, and supervision/oversight considerations. Technical Support ›, Foundations for Professional Success in Behavioral Science, Multicultural and Diversity in Human Services, Social Deviance and Psychopathological Perspectives, Counseling Microskills for Human Service Professionals, Treatment Strategies and Ethical Considerations. U.S. History Themes - PCN-360 - SOC-220 - Prerequisite: 60 Credit Hours. 3300 West Camelback Road - Phoenix, AZ 85017, Criminal Justice, Government & Public Administration, $8,250 + $687.50 per credit above 18 credits, Summer Traditional Undergraduate Rate (except pre-licensure nursing cohorts), Online and Professional Studies (all programs other than those listed above), Active Duty and Active Reserve (Online and Professional Studies), Doctoral Programs (includes dissertation courses 966-970), Doctoral Programs - Active Duty and Active Reserve (Online and Professional Studies), The foundations of addiction and substance abuse, Report writing and researching in behavioral health, Understanding trauma, abuse, domestic violence and addiction, and family dynamicsÂ. 1000 Galvin Road South They will also examine ethical codes and organizational policies. Skills and modalities relevant to working with families in the behavioral health field are explored. It offers a brief overview of trauma, informed care assessment and treatment, and ethics associated with working with trauma victims. CWV-101 - No matter what path you follow in behavioral science, your success will be about the lives you impact. This includes behavioral health, health services management, health services, and other agencies including, but not limited to, government, private and public entities. Certificate demonstrating that the student has passed a state authorized examination recognized by the state in which it is awarded — equivalent to a high school diploma. Practical experience is provided in the application of statistical methods. 8 weeks. Start your application >. Human Development - of the program and taking one course at a time with the same group of peers online—having more collaborative Dom.Violence,Child,Elder Abuse-Fam w/Addiction &Substance Use Disorders - Description and Outcomes. This course is a study of elementary theories of probability, distribution, and testing of statistical hypotheses. 7 weeks. The accelerated cohort path will allow you to share expertise from your varied backgrounds and gain knowledge that makes This course offers an overview of various types of trauma, and effects of traumatic experiences within the physical, emotional, sociological, cognitive, and spiritual domains of a human being. Bellevue University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission ( 7 weeks. Health and Behavioral Science Careers The healthcare sector is expected to grow by 30 percent by 2020, more than twice as fast as the general economy. It is an interdisciplinary program that can prepare you for several career options like being a police officer, a social science research assistant or a survey researcher. The Bachelor of Science in Counseling with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse leads to licensure and includes fieldwork to help students put theories into practice. While the cost per credits are listed below, the average campus student pays only $8,600 per year* in tuition after institutional scholarships and grants. The foundation for learning is established for professional skill development through practical experience with the University's four essential learning outcomes– communication, problem solving, collaboration, and citizenship, emphasizing a focus on behavioral science. When you submit this form, our staff will be in touch within 48 hours. Evaluate the Code of Ethics and specific state laws and rules for behavioral health. courses around one theme, building skills as you go. 15 weeks. This course pays special attention to technology and its effects on lawmaking and ethics in behavioral health. Social Problems - The following courses have different lengths: As part of our commitment to keeping tuition rates competitive, GCU has kept campus tuition costs frozen since 2009. 402.293.2000 A behavioral science degree joins the natural sciences and social sciences together to create a broad understanding of human behavior. BIT-200 - Prior to beginning a cohort-based major, you need to: Possess an associate degree or 60 semester hours completed with a grade of "C-" or Discuss the current DSM manual and ICD codes for behavioral health. It uses cognitive science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and even artificial intelligence (AI) to explore and analyze human actions, habits, and intentions. Behavioral science can help you gain an understanding of people's behaviors through courses in social sciences such as sociology, psychology and political science. If you are interested in a broad understanding of human behavior, you could consider a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science, with courses that include psychology, sociology, the study of communication and conflict, as well as gerontology. At Bellevue University, Examination of these areas strives to offer an overarching framework to guide students and gain perspectives for working with multicultural populations in the behavioral health field. U.S. History Themes - English Composition II - You’ll study a spectrum of individual, Report Writing, Research, and Information Literacy in Behavioral Health - 8 weeks. Examine various behavioral health emphasis areas and their role in behavioral health. The low-stress way to find your next behavioral science job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Understanding Trauma - Report Writing, Research, and Information Literacy in Behavioral Health - Submit an Application for Admission, completed, signed, and accompanied by the $50 processing fee, Get your questions answered about the Behavioral Science Degree, Understand your financial aid and scholarship options, Map out a schedule that fits with your priorities. Counseling theories are useful guides for human service professionals because they identify key factors in assessment and treatment. The Behavioral Science Program’s Concentration in Human Services provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to obtain specialized knowledge within the field of Human Services. Study the science of relationships and start on a path that changes lives. Theoretical models studied include psychodynamic, existential, Gestalt, person-centered, cognitive and behavioral therapy, family systems, and narrative- and solution-focused therapies. degree or 60 semester hours completed with a grade of "C-" or higher from an accredited Identify treatment modalities and strategies that promote client wellness and independence. 15 weeks. The counseling degree is specific to counseling and addiction, while a student receiving this behavioral health science degree may have added flexibility to pursue different pathways. Talk to us to see what that means for you, specifically. BS in Behavioral Neuroscience: Psychological Science Track. Traditional counseling theories, as well as more recent approaches to counseling diverse groups are analyzed for ethical and practical implications. This writing-intensive course provides a broad understanding of ethics, legal standards, and responsibilities in behavioral health. Here’s how it will go: Prior to beginning the cohort-based online Behavioral Science Degree, you must possess an associate Earning a degree is an investment in yourself, and we want to help you make sure it’s a wise one with a generous credit transfer policy and competitive tuition rates. Students in a behavioral science bachelor's program learn the methodologies that are needed to observe behavior and gather information, as well as the science … 7 weeks. The Behavioral Sciences major lays the foundation for this understanding and allows cadets the opportunity to map a path of study through a diverse menu of courses aligned with their professional and educational goals. 7 weeks. English Composition I - 15 weeks. BHS-440 - 7 weeks. With undergraduate bachelor degree opportunities ranging from anthropology to environmental design to sociology, students will become well versed in the field of behavioral science. BHS-420 - Anthropologist. Other more specialized counseling theories and techniques are helpful for ethnic identity issues, family problems, and recovery from substance abuse. Christian Worldview - Discuss the history and current trends of behavioral health. The foundation for learning is established for professional skill development through practical experience with the University's four essential learning outcomes communication, problem solving, collaboration, and citizenship, emphasizing a focus on behavioral science. This course provides foundational knowledge in theoretical approaches to counseling. Each of the many professions involved in human services approaches client and community needs from its own specialized perspectives and uses tools for assessment and treatment that vary from uses of media to prescription medications. As a result, the country has an increasing demand for educated healthcare professionals to serve in growing fields such as: Students who pursue an education in behavioral health science can prepare for careers that center on helping … PSY-380 - Degree specializations within each bachelor's program, considered briefly below, also allow learners to distinguish between curricula so they can opt for the degree that best meets their needs. If you are interested in a You can start the application and save your progress as you go. Streamlined preparation for graduate study in Human Services or Clinical Mental Health Counseling. At the successful completion of the Bellevue University Behavioral Science undergraduate degree, graduates If you’re transferring from another institution of higher education, you must submit an official transcript from each accredited institution you previously attended. Per Hawaii requirements: It is hereby stated that students residing in the State of Hawaii will be charged Hawaii General Excise Tax on all transactions. Analyze the importance of privacy, security, and confidentiality with patient medical and health records. If the predefined course is a part of the major, students need to take an additional course. Employers ask if a college, university, or program is accredited before deciding to provide tuition assistance to current employees, evaluating the credentials of new employees, or making a charitable contribution. 7 weeks. Whether you earn your Behavioral Science degree online or on campus, we’re here to help. Analyze the different clinical and documentation skills to be an effective member of an interdisciplinary team. Students earning either degree must complete one foreign language through the 102-level, and all students are encouraged to pursue a balanced program of study. Our Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience offers a rigorous undergraduate education with an emphasis in clinical, systems and behavioral neuroscience, development, neuroplasticity, mental health disorders, research methodology, statistics and data analysis, plus foundational STEM courses needed to compete in the fastest-growing medical and scientific careers. Foundations of Addiction and Substance Use Disorders - Bellevue, Nebraska 68005 Elements of Intercultural Communication - 7 weeks. Market Research Analyst. Our broad selection of electives allows you to select courses related to your major or expand your perspective in other areas of interest. Group Dynamics and Process - North Carolina Central University’s Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to prepare students for the demands of a diverse, global workplace and helps meet the current workforce need for flexible problem solvers who transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries as they seek solutions to real world challenges. Discuss the role of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment when working with behavioral health clients. Take one class at a time and get to know a consistent group of peers as you earn your Behavioral Science Degree. BIO-220 - ENG-106 - ENG-106 - *2019-20 tuition rates for all courses begin June 1, 2019, *Traditional campus undergraduate students are required to take a minimum of nine (9) credits in the Traditional Campus format during the Fall and Spring semester. Examine the use of emerging brain technology for behavioral health. Our flexible online courses are designed to bring quality learning into a format that fits your schedule, without sacrificing meaningful faculty feedback and collaboration with peers across the country. Prerequisite: BHS-350. you a better professional. 7 weeks. 15 weeks. Transfer credits must be from a regionally accredited college or university. With a bachelor's or associate's degree in behavioral science, you can find entry-level employment in numerous professions, including social work and other community services. BIO-220 - Immerse yourself in a full undergraduate experience, complete with curriculum designed within the context of our Christian worldview. The Capstone will culminate in the successful completion and presentation of an e-portfolio that will demonstrate integration and mastery of identified program goals. More Contact Details › Communicate appropriate evidence-based concepts to successfully navigate complex human systems and implement services. In addition, this course explores theoretical approaches to group work. 8 weeks. The course addresses grief and loss as it relates to addiction, death, and dying. experiences and graduating with a stronger network to start your career. COM-263 - Protect and serve Californians by setting, communicating, and enforcing standards for safe and competent mental health practice. Explore our broad range of course options >. Understanding Trauma - This course will explore evidence-based conceptualizations of both normal and disordered mental states, together with an examination of the etiology, development, manifestation, and potential treatment of mental disorders in infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Organizational Behavior and Management - Christian Worldview - PCN-373 - an in-person learning experience as you earn your Behavioral Science Degree, you can get what you need to help you be successful. Dom.Violence,Child,Elder Abuse-Fam w/Addiction &Substance Use Disorders - If you do not meet this requirement, you can build your credits directly with Bellevue University. The Behavioral Science Capstone reflects on professional identity and development in the human service field. 15 weeks. BHS-420 - Students will learn to work across a range of human needs through a spectrum of courses covering current social issues, working in the helping professions, and theories of personality. Graduates of Grand Canyon University will be able to use various analytic and problem-solving skills to examine, evaluate, and/or challenge ideas and arguments (mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, physical geography, ecology, economics, theology, logic, philosophy, technology, statistics, accounting, etc.). Students who want federal (and sometimes state) grants and loans need to attend a college, university, or program that is accredited. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the various documentation styles used in the behavioral health field. Civil Law - communicating, and collaborating) needed for professionals in the field: Current students please login to BRUIN and select “Academic Progress” for your curriculum requirements. In this degree program, students gain skills for a career as a behavioral health technician or other behavioral health-related professions. CWV-101 - BHS-490 - A behavioral scientist must hold a four-year bachelor’s degree, preferably in behavioral science, psychology, clinical psychology, or sociology.Not all universities offer specialized behavioral science degrees at the undergraduate level, so related fields may be the best option. It considers the manner in which change can renew the vitality of a republic. Environmental Science - Students are required to take 3 credits of English grammar or composition. 8 weeks. All Californians are able to access the highest quality mental health services. Elements of Intercultural Communication - Most bachelor of arts and bachelor of science graduates take advantage of this by seeking employment. Behavioral science is the study of human behavior. Human Services professionals will be most effective if the strategies they use are validated by clinical research. These competencies, essential to an effective and satisfying life, are outlined in the General Education Learner Outcomes. A Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science program is offered in both online and on-campus formats. Among GCU’s five critical competencies: effective communication, critical thinking, Christian worldview, leadership and global awareness, perspectives, and ethics. Describe current theories, approaches, and techniques in the field of behavioral health. Complete assignments day or night — whenever it works for you.

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