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She says that climbing through Spongy is their best option to reach the outside world, much to Match and Pencil's disgust. Dynasty Wiki. Debut She/Her She angrily asks why people do not support her. Four, we could all die! Liy is curious and will always look to discover new things, such as the top of Bell's string. Four and his co-host X first appeared in the 2008 video "X Finds Out His Value". When 8-Ball asks her if she is sad because she did not rejoin, Liy proclaims that she isn't and that she has found her "next adventure". Battle For BFDI is the fourth season of Battle for Dream Island. Did You Know? Check out inspiring examples of bfb artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. She I start the equivalent of Liy from BFB. BFDIA episode 1 chase scene — 508.88 KB (compressed FLA) . Negative relationships Pen was able to make it to the merge in season one, but he didn't get far;he was the 4th eliminated of the 15 mergers. He is best friends with Blocky, Eraser, Snowball, and presumably Coiny. Liy is seen as somewhat of a pushy and rather manipulative contestant. Tags: pen, remote, black hole, pie, tree, liy, bfb, bfdi, team, bfb death pact team pack, assets, fanart, msbonnie, msbonnieart, tpot In "Enter the Exit", she is seen in the EXIT along with Pencil, Leafy, and Bracelety. Four is a number and the main host of Battle for BFB. After the events of Pen, Tree, Foldy, and Stapy at Liy's house, Liy changes the house so it got scarier. Episode eliminated Saw’s handle is now a darker brown. although I use BFB assets for my series Liy the death preventer.. Because it's a multi imaged series if where you don't use assets, it will take longer and look weird when the art is done. When Pencil says that one of the many things the students have to do is to have an "appreciation ritual" for Four, Liy says that the "ritual" is not math. When it is revealed that Liy will be eliminated with 7,553 votes, she makes a speech, revealing that she has saved 2,753 lives out of the 2,763 lives Death P.A.C.T. Tree declines the offer and "leafs". (Leafy Plush & BFB 22 on July 24) • Thanks for 800,000 subscribers! BFB: 63rd (7,553 votes) Slime Ball tries to tell Liy and Ice Cube to stop "abusing" Teardrop, and only Ice Cube stops. A. I'mu'lan-. IDFB Edit. She leaves, hitting Clock and Liy both on her way out. STUPID LIY!In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Liy was first seen with Tree. Many unexplained plot changes have happened to let new characters join the cast and for old characters to return. The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary), List of Battle for Dream Island characters, If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge, jack russell terrier dog riding very fast with speed a skateboard as skater , with sunglasses in summer vacation, taking a selfie with smartphone or cell phone, Purple Girl with Wind Hair and Angry Eyes, After Clock's argument with Bracelety and Fanny, he tells Liy to stop trying to force Teardrop to talk. The show follows 64 contestants, some new, some old, in a competition to win a "BFDI." Bracelety is confused so she explains that they should escape, saying they are strong enough, which Loser and Stapy agree to. Squashy Grapes • Squishy Cherries • Another Name • Team No-Name • W.O.A.H. Some old (2008) assets oldies.fla — 130 KB . Liy, being a light switch, has the ability to toggle her switch. Ice Cube is unsure, but Leafy interjects and says Ice Cube is cool, along with everyone else. Saw now has 16 blades. Battle for Dream Island Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When Loser tells the others that Spongy's holes are stretchy enough to fit all of them, she hops inside him, along with Bracelety, David, Dora, Loser and Stapy. A dark grey number seven. In "The Escape From Four", Liy is first seen in the EXIT, hearing Loser reading Donut's diary. Liy She tries to explain that they should be happy "out there". has saved in total. Bracelety is seen cheering Icy, and Clock asks her why she's condoning Ice Cube's "torturing" (wiggling the vocal cords) of Teardrop. She first appeared onscreen in animated form in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", when she asks Tree to help her get Teardrop to talk. As Ice Cube continues her "abuse" of Teardrop, Liy and Slime Ball have an argument, and Ringy continues to cheer Ice Cube on. Icy apologizes and continues along with Liy to try to make Teardrop talk. BFB Liy refuses, and then Clock asks Icy if she wants to stop. When X appears as well, Liy squishes him and says that he has a different texture than Four. She tells Match and Pencil to help Loser reach Four's mouth, but they both decline her request. Saw’s blade is now a light grey. THANK YOU! She is always drawn in the storyboards with her switch flipped downward, but in the show, her default appearance always has it flipped up. Ice Cube later appears, and Liy asks if she is cool. bfdi bfb bfb 10 bfdi spoilers bfb spoilers bfb 10 spoilers spoilers four 4 leafy liy bracelety eternal algebra class eac exit i was gonna use the show's assets originally but i decided that was too easy..... so they look a bit wonky but hey!! censored profanity Liy appears to be a plastic light switch from the front and a wooden switch from the back. She guesses this is due to a malfunction of Lollipop's fork repellent. Bunch • FreeSmart FreeSmart • A Better Name Than That • Beep • Bleh • Death P.A.C.T. • PUMPKIN 2.0 - BFDI Halloween (BFB 26 on Friday, Nov 6) • If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge Teams She presses her switch, then continues pushing until it revolves around and reveals a toggle switch on the back. BFB Liy Pixel Art This is a simple online pixel art editor to help you make pixel art easily. After she tries to grab his clock hands, Clock finally shakes her hand. The best of The Best of BFB! What's the worst that could happen?? Guys, we have a bit of a problem What now Puffball? She is seen briefly when Michael Huang shakes the camera at a light switch on a wall. Liy is light blue and has her former coloring on her backside. Liy and Ice Cube's experiment is cut off when Teardrop is hit with a fork and chomps down on Ice Cube's legs. A Portfolio of Sorts. Liy is also climbing the pile along with Stapy to help them, but sees half of Spongy's body enter Four's body. Grass used in the intro of BFDIA grass.fla — 70 KB . Upon his arrival, Liy sees Four and asks what it is. I should mention my site contains content that is considered "not safe for work", so keep that in mind, I suppose. She ponders when Four is coming back. She is a plastic light switch. TksahUdlBS wen- foiir.d lylagia bed with their throats cut, and the motlnr on thc lloor in the same rosfB) slss with lier throat cut and a … Liy opens Teardrop's jaw so Tree can wiggle her vocal cords, but Tree doesn't want to d… Thanks for 4 years of Thanks for 4 years! Liy is a female contestant on BFB. Her team is the first safe thanks to Pen. Upon learning that Eraser is climbing Bell's string, Liy declares discovering what lies at the top her "next adventure" and starts climbing, to Bell's dismay. Just before Liy uses one of Stapy's staples that she had just made into a lockpick to exit, Four appears and tells the EXITors to sit. Pencil doesn't know when, and states that he disappears "sometimes". Liy asks Icy again if she wants to help her make Teardrop talk. Bfb pencil (humanized and rl art) Pen bfb (humanized and rl art) W.I.P art (its not a w.i.p anymore, I quit) I quit the other w.i.p art lol, heres new art Some more Unshown art Roblox Acorn girl Thanks for 5k Reads!!

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