basic political terminology

A suddenly vacated Senate seat filled not by an election but by State government appointment. Derived from the Middle Ages French term of abuse for religious Normans who would frequently use the term “By God”. Any major unauthorized edits will be reverted. The ‘cronies’ of politicians receive favouritism in legal permits, government grants, tax breaks, licences and other forms of state intervention. and is still being written! Cabinet Minister: A person belonging to the cabinet. Jarring: Incongruous, doesn’t seem to fit, seems out of place. Please e-mail any comments or suggestions to Dr. Johnson at . The people who live in these CONSTITUENCIES are called CONSTITUENTS and a person wanting to be voted for to represent them in Parliament are called  CANDIDATES. Book is now popular with both sides of the political divide. With political news and electoral terminologies being difficult to understand and the often misnomer, it is best we know some political terminologies before the upcoming elections commence in seven states - Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. ‘campaigning’ is to try to persuade people to vote for you or your Party. I'm CEO of Every resident in the UK or British National is entitled to vote, but in order to do so you need to be on the ‘Electoral Register’. List of Most Common Political Terms With Their Meanings, Of all topics relating to English Vocabulary, Politics is, without doubt, the most. This has the effect of minimising the chances of minority candidates winning seats. Ongoing work within Parliament is trying to ensure that a position in government is not abused, but it is a difficult one. All those involved in MAKING laws. Cleavage (politics) Client politics; Clientelism; Co-option; Coattail effect; Code word (figure of speech) Comeback (publicity) Common front; Community wealth building; Comrade; Concession (politics) Confidence and supply; Consensus government; Contingent sovereignty; Continuismo; Conviction politics; Cordon sanitaire (politics) Craxism; Crony capitalism; Crony-capitalism index The American state of Nevada is a bellwether state for presidential elections in that, with only one exception, it has voted the same as the whole country for a century. It’s an interesting exercise and surprisingly hard! A concept in American constitutional law to describe a situation where fundamental constitutional principles can be overlooked in exigent circumstances. The minister then answers directly or, within a specific time, provides a written response, which usually is also published online. Otherwise known as the unthinking vote. The underground Moorlocks being the producers of the necessities of life for all, while the above ground Eloi live a banal carefree existence with all needs and desires fulfilled, while slowly becoming dissolute and naïve, little realising they are being kept as a source of food. This usually happens automatically when you pay taxes in the UK. Grass roots: Ordinary people in a society, as opposed to those who are in power. If there are three seats to be won in an election then in theory a quota of 33.3% of the vote (Hare) is needed to win every seat. Deputy Prime Minister: The assistant to the Prime Minister and the person who takes control in the absence of the Prime Minister. It is a fete or happy gathering of people. But, as if that’s not bad enough, once in power, they are under NO obligation to stick to it at all! C.H. Temporary or permanent suspension of hostilities in war by mutual agreement. the American Electoral College to choose the President. Questionable practice in Australian parliaments where some of the allocated time in ‘Question Time’ is used for back bench MPs to ask their own leaders prearranged softball questions. In such decisions, the selected candidates would get one quarter of a vote each, or half a vote, or where only one candidate received the vote, the whole vote. uncompromising and difficult! An act rarely forgiven in Commonwealth countries but common in the USA. If approved at all stages it then becomes an act and thus law. Cabinet: The core leadership of the ruling party. UN-2. Here you are: 15 business English expressions with meanings and examples just for you! Absentee Voting A way people can vote when they can't get to their polling place. To run something: To be in charge of something, leader, owner. Aka  andrarchy or phallocracy. If country A can produce both apples and oranges cheaper than country B, with apples significantly cheaper, it is more efficient for it to concentrate on growing and exporting only apples while importing oranges, even though the oranges imported would not be as cheap as those if home grown. In Australia, it is a proposal ratified by the Governor General and at least one house of parliament, and then approved in a referendum by a 'double majority': a national majority of voters in the States and Territories; and a majority of voters in a majority of the States. A person who accepts, with little critical thought, the conventional or orthodox attitudes of the day. The reason for this is that power would be in transition due to an election being due or being called suddenly due to the success of a vote of no confidence, or some other situation where legitimate democratic government has to be restored. The concerted defensive mode of response a political player sometimes adopts to offset the negative publicity when an embarrassing “situation” develops, such as a controversial comment, evidence of a scandal, egregious hypercritical actions or abuse of public position. Theory advocated in Nevil Shute’s novel ‘In the Wet’, as well as Mark Twain’s short story ‘The Curious Republic of Condour’. Direct government control of a country's economic and social institutions. ‘white left’. Jim Jones drank grape flavoured, but poison laced, Kool-Aid. In the USA those who choose to vote must repeatedly enrol for every election. Meetings play a very big part in the business world. Latin for “to the man”. A limited form of independence where, for example, a state or colony can control its own domestic affairs but has no say over its foreign affairs. To run something: To be in charge of something, leader, owner. Original name given to the secret ballot due to the fact it originated there. All very specific terminology and phrasing. You will probably be understood but you won’t sound fluent, it will sound strange and jarring. The ESL politics vocabulary list on this page will let you learn many words about elections and politics. (TBH full form) on Facebook, Instagram, Texting, Subject and Predicate. Formal and Informal Email Phrases – from Greetings to Closing Phrases! The discipline that applies mathematics, statistics and probability theory to assess risk in human affairs such as insurance, issuing finance, and in some cases sentencing in criminal justice. Ongoing work within, Parliament is trying to ensure that a position in government is not abused, but it is a difficult, wanting to be voted for to represent them in Parliament are called, Now we’re getting close to the big day. For example ‘family values’ might simply refer to programs benefitting a normal nuclear family, or might imply religious values (eg. Foreign Office, the Minister of this department is called the ‘Foreign Secretary’. A carpet bag was a fashionable form of luggage of the time used by northern “Yankees”, political appointees or businessmen, who moved down to southern states during the American post-Civil War Reconstruction era taking advantage of the instability, power vacuum and fire sale prices of the property market. Term originated by British politician and author, Benjamin Disraeli. Israel was unable to become a party to the additional Protocols because political terminology had intruded into … There is often information about politicians or elections in the news, so understanding politics vocabulary will help you understand the news. Simple Subject and Predicate, Examples & Worksheets, 15 Ways to Say ‘You are Welcome’ in Spanish. Technically two parties coming together. No longer practiced ancient writ or act of Parliament to declare someone guilty of a crime and/or subject to punishment without benefit of trial. However in practice, once a candidate has won 25% [100/(3+1)] of the vote, plus one more actual vote, he/she is granted a seat because it is then impossible for three further candidates to also win seats. Justification used by UK Prime Minister Lord Palmerston in 1850 when blockading Athens to ensure a British citizen there was compensated for the property damage inflicted by a violent Greek mob. Aka  “playing the man, not the ball”. First I need to explain the word PARTY as it has 2 meanings. During meetings, important decisions are made, people are promoted, demoted, hired or even fired! For a non-national, even someone speaking at a high level of fluency, this is a minefield with no margin for error! Political Party: An organization that seeks to achieve political power by electing its members to public office. A speech on a particular policy issue would be described as B. if it added nothing to what had been said many times before. A reference to the tragic 1978 mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana where 913 cult followers of Rev. The system of law, as exists in the Anglo-American world, where an issue is argued in court by two opposing sides, the prosecutor or plaintiff, and the defence. Basic Political Terminology (Page 29) State o An area organized into a political unit, and ruled by an Country house retreat of the American president. Aka  participatory democracy. Still exercised in the 20th century in Australian states where a convicted capital felon, Darcy Dugan, was denied the right to sue for defamation and a dangerous inmate, Gregory Kable, was not released after his full prison term was served due to an act of parliament. Opposition advocating free trade as an alternative, from such theorists as Adam Smith, David Hume and David Ricardo, as well as the Anti-Corn Law League, eventually led to their abolition, but unfortunately not before the laws’ exacerbating effects upon the Irish Famine. anti-abortion, anti- euthanasia); ‘law and order’ might refer to a return to the rule of law, or might imply increasing sentences and / or giving police more leeway to perform their duties. Power can take many forms, from brute force to articulate persuasion. Derived from Interstate Highway 495 which circumnavigates Washington forming a “belt”. Giga-fren. Shadow Minister: A minister in opposition to the elected party.

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