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Upload. “Very well.” My insides twisted, and the snakes were trapped in this twisting passage inside of me. He says something to you, maybe lore relevant IDK. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Really, this should be possible. In the opening cinematic, it is shown that Aldrich has become an expansive sludge of maggoty black rotten flesh and humanity dregs, filled with both his own bones and the bones of those he consumed.By the time the player reaches him, he will be inert and spread across the floor, using the weapons and malformed body of Gwyndolin to interact and attack. I needed to hear a good scream. A loud cry emitted from Gwyndolin's lips. If you read the Dark Moon items, Gwyndolin is literally being devoured slowly while you fight Aldrich. :(So yes, I suspect he is at least partially aware, especially as he does react to being hit in battle and the item descriptions for Aldrich's rings does say he likes to...prolong things. There is also that hitting Gwyndolin does ~150% damage compared to hitting Aldrich's Body. Gywndolin is gone, and I would've loved a cutscene showing his last breath before the fight. Most underrated MVP in DSIII, considering he was the one who made Yorshka captain before he became Sludge feed. Her boss fight might have originally been optional, but FROM wants to tug our heartstrings. Wow. Well, remember that a certain Ashen One and her silent companion were originally meant to be sacrificed to Aldrich, and there's a really disturbing and unfortunate trend of religious leaders, like Aldrich, abusing children. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, But longer bullshit arrows and a flaming model are ok too i guess /s, That video gives me the crawls.I first saw that after I'd spent a while farming sunbro medals with my pyro character. Aldrich in a nutshell. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Extended sizes from XS-5XL. Nito is, after all, a more important lore figure than Gwyndolin, being one of the big DS1 opening elite 4. Aldrich was feeling quite uncomfortable about his body image, so he got some of dat Gwyndolin as sex appeal. Hi all. That's Aldrich. High quality Aldrich inspired laptop sleeves by independent artists and designers from around the world. Make of that as you will. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. It seems more likely to … It is basically a Gwyndolin of questionable living condition atop Aldrich. I never knew that all those "slimes" or "rotten flesh" were part of Aldrich. The slimes in the CotD and CoC? The sight of this horrifies Ilanya, but greater than the terror, the disgust, is the rage that quickly overcomes her, sending her rushing forward into battle with a furious yell. Pontiff Sullyvahn traps Gwyndolin and uses Aldrich to consume him, thus changing his name from man eater to devourer of gods. When the HP bar hits zero, Aldrich gets the fuck out of dodge, sucking away the floor goo with him, and leaving Gwyndolin on the floor dying. Even-less-of-a-fun fact: All the black sludge and goo you find in Anor Londo? I always thought Gwyndolin was more like a puppet, like literally a corpse moved like those puppets one animates with a hand. Click to Login. Although not sure how entirely accurate that is. Starring Sibel Kekilli (Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth), Richard Armitage (Pontiff Sulyvahn), Elly Jackson (Dark Sun Gwyndolin) and Faran Tahir (Archdeacon Klimt). Inb4 they have this a secret mechanic in ng50. That blob is still sexy as hell though, Gwyndolin or not. Dark Souls 3 Fan Art - Aldrich and Deacon of the Deep by Alina Ogoltsova. Gywndolin is gone, and I would've loved a cutscene showing his last breath before the fight. Unfortunately, FROM originally wanted us to be able to tell Yorshka about what happened to Gwyndolin, as there is a cut item called Gwyndolin's Finger that can be given to Yorhska. The fact that we only beat Aldrich because he is busy eating Gwyndolin. I just read all this thread and wanted to say that I don't think Aldrich ate nito, for the simple reason that we would have been told that. I played ds1 about three years ago and completely forgot what he looked like. Login / Create Account.'re telling me the reason I can spank Aldrich all this time, was because Gwyndolin was his chew toy. There is nothing about that statement I don't love. HM, he has a crown that looks a lot like Gwyndolins. helpless smart luckless Jay. I needed to hear that. Click to Create Account. I did not eat the Pontiff, of course, because he was powerful and loyal and served me. Create Account . What if Gwyndolin isn't completely dead? MIND BLOWN*. Hope they would implement this in the DLC some way. And we have ourselves a nice battle against the dickhead, maybe we can actually hear him speak. Stay logged in . I'm glad that they didn't go that route :D. Eh, I was talking like full removal of Aldrich, bringing Gwyndolin back to firelink shrine, having him slowly heal, in which time you could talk, buy arrows and a few spells, and the more souls you spent on him the more he healed, and end up with a different ending where the ashened one links the fire and becomes remembered as a God, and Gwyndolin is restored to Irithyl, and it becomes a non-hostile area for learning about the lore, and spells and stuff.

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