Party Ideas ~ Blindfolded Makeovers With Your Kids

Written by: Brassy Apple
Girls putting makeup on each other while blindfolded

Remember the joy of childhood games? The thrill of blindfolded hide-and-seek, the anticipation of pinning the tail on the donkey, and the giggles that ensued? Well, what if we told you that you could combine that innocent delight with a dash of creativity? Enter the “Blindfolded Makeovers” – a delightful DIY craft activity that promises laughter, imagination, and a touch of magic.

The Setup

Materials Needed:

  • Blindfolds: Soft scarves or sleep masks work perfectly.
  • Face Paints: An array of vibrant colors.
  • Brushes: Small, soft brushes for delicate strokes.
  • Willing Participants: Enthusiastic kids (and perhaps a brave adult or two).
  • Your Camera

The Rules

  1. Blindfolded Beauticians: Each child takes turns being the “makeup artist.” Blindfolded, they’ll rely solely on their imagination and sense of touch.
  2. Canvas Faces: The other kids become the “canvas faces.” They sit patiently, ready to be transformed into.. well, something for sure.
  3. No Peek-a-Boo: No peeking! The blindfold stays on until the grand reveal.

The Magic Unfolds

Step 1: Blindfold On

The room hushes as blindfolds descend. Giggles bubble up – anticipation hangs in the air.

Step 2: The Brush Dances

Tiny hands clutch brushes, dipping into pots of color. Cheeks, foreheads, and noses become canvases. Whispers of “Is this your nose or your ear?” fill the room.

Step 3: Imagination Takes Flight

The blindfolded kids channel their inner Picassos. Stripes, stars, smudges, and swirls emerge. Some might opt for rainbow freckles; others go full-on tiger stripes. At least that might be the intent.

The canvas faces remain blissfully unaware of their transformation.

Step 4: The Reveal

The artist removes their blindfold to admire their art. Hilarity ensues. Gasps, laughter, and mirror-checks follow.

Lessons Learned

  1. Creativity Knows No Bounds: Blindfolded, kids unleash their wildest ideas. Who knew a green mustache could be so chic?
  2. Imperfection Is Perfection: Crooked lines, mismatched colors – it’s all part of the charm. Beauty lies in the unexpected.
  3. Shared Laughter Bonds Hearts: These makeovers aren’t just about face paint; they’re about shared giggles, secret whispers, and friendships forged.

Bonus Round: Blindfolded Cupcakes

Extend the fun! For bonus points, or once you run out of unpainted faces; Blindfolded cupcake decorating – because who says sprinkles need precision?

When to Organize a Blindfolded Makeover Event

“Blindfolded Makeovers” aren’t just about paint on faces; it’s about painting memories. So gather your little artists, blindfold them, and let the magic unfold. And remember, sometimes the messiest masterpieces are the most beautiful ones. 🎨✨

Birthday parties are a great time to unleash the blindfolded artist, as well as at a girls youth group, during family reunions, a girls weekend, a slumber party, or for an exciting friday night. Have fun with it!